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November 28, 2009

Tim Holtz Rocks Some Botanicabella

We love when Tim Holtz is playing with our papers.  Here is a video with Tim using the new Rock Candy (uhm, kind of like that name, I think he luvs me!) Distress Stickles.  I love this product and used it in our last post on the Tattered Tag.

I got a few emails about how to use the Rock Candy stickles, so here is a great video by Tim Holtz.  Watch the whole video, the Botanicabella line is used in the second half.  

Would you like to win a bottle of Rock Candy Distress Stickles for yourself?  Then comment on this post by telling us which piece of Graphic45 paper Tim used in the video and you could be randomly chosen by December 10th and WIN!

Happy Crafting!

Candy Rosenberg


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OOOh I so want to try it!! I have his glossy accents and love the effect!! I believe he is using the Botanicabella paper!! The main one with the butterflies all around the rim but the cool cut out options in the centre. (I think that's what its called??)

I'd love to try some of that! He's using this one: http://www.g45papers.com/papers/bb-f-botanic.jpg

I bet that video is even more interesting when your computer has a working sound card....

he used the butterflys on the botanicabella paper

tim is using BOTANICABELLA paper :D


best regards :D

Tim is using Botanicabella paper.
So cool!

Tim used Botanicabella - Botanical News paper. thaks for the chance to participate.

TIm Holtz Rocks my world!!! What a creative man! I love that he used the botanicabella paper....those butterflies and the seahorse turned out awesome.

Tim is the man! He's just so awesome and cute! LOVE his tutorials.

Um, is this a trick question? lol. The paper is Botanicabella from the Botanicabella paper line of Graphic45. Sooo in love with this paper too. Love the little bits and pieces and of course the butterflies! *swoon*

How cool is that Rock Candy Stickles too! Love that you can use a heat gun on it as I am one of those impatient scrappers that can't wait for things to dry.

Thanks for the chance to win such cool giveaways! =)

Nina from the Philippines

Candy -

Tim is using the Bontanicabella sheet from the Botanicabella line of papers. Such beautiful paper as are all the Graphic 45 papers. And Tim, well . . . he is just so creative.

Elaine Allen

http://cifrovoefoto.blogspot.com/2009/11/blog-post_15.html thise!!!!
I like your paper very much! and Tim too!
welcome to my blog!
my lovely work from your paper http://cvetichka.blogspot.com/2009/11/blog-post_1596.html

Looks like Botanicabella Botanical News Paper - Tim rocks!

I love Tim Holtz, I love Rock Candy, and I love Graphic 45!!!

Tim is using the Bontanicabella sheet from the Botanicabella line of papers.

Love all Graphic 45, all T!m Holtz and rock candy too! Tim is using the Bonanicabella sheet from the Botanicabella line. Gorgeous stuff!!!

Two of my absolute favorite products together - Graphic45 (this being Botanicabella) & Tim's Rock Candy! I LOVE playing with Rock Candy, in both forms!

Botanicabella's the paper.I can't wait to get Tim's rock candy distess stickles and paint.

Tim used the Botanicabella paper (I really
like the effect on the seahorse). Thanks for
a chance to win a bottle of Rock Candy I
have never tried it.
Debbie Nelson

Love Graphic 45 & Love Tim Holtz! He is using the wonderful Botanicabella paper. Ohh, I cant wait to try this technique!

oh, Tim Holtz is amazing as usual :)
he used tis paper http://www.g45papers.com/papers/bb-f-botanic.jpg

Love this new line from Tim Holtz! Have not been able to find it anywhere, so would love to win some! Tim is using the 'Botanicabella' paper from G45.

I can't wait to try this it's too cool : )
I just have to get the botanicabella paper and probably the rest of the line too! Thanks for the chance to enter,

He used the Bontanicabella sheet from the Botanicabella line of papers, my favorite one with the butterflys!

I love your papers and the blog. Tim used Botanicabella paper. Great effect he got from using the Rock Candy Distress Stickles!

Yup, it's the Botanicabella paper. Don't ya' just love that Rock Candy stuff!!


I have never used Rock Candy Stickles and the Graphic 45 paper is Botanicabella. Beutiful paper!

I know, I know!!! It is Botanicabella, which I *love*! I am in love with the Rock Candy, what an amazing product!

Cool stuff! I'm hoping that Santa Baby leaves some Rock Candy in my stocking this year cause I've been a good girl, I think.

He used Botanicabella from the Botanicabella Collection.

the "loverly" Botanicabella paper!!!

it's Bontanicabella! Love tim holtz and rock candy too!

he rocks with his rock candy!!! and so does graphic 45 with their papers!! he used here the beautiful botanicabella G450045, the butterflies...


He so used the butterflies on Botanicabella


Tim is using Bontanicabella sheet from the Botanicabella Graphic 45 line! AMAZING!

Rachel :)

Oh I know, it is the Botanicabella paper!

Botanicabella G450045. Love the crackle!

TIM THE MAN is using the botanicabella paper #4500045 LOVE IT

He's using Botanicabella paper. What an awesome video! :D

That beautiful paper is Botanicabella. Love the paper and the Rock Candy products!!

Tim Holtz and Graphic 45 ... could it get any better? The paper he uses is Botanicabella.

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