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December 27, 2009

I could not wait, I had to get my scissors on the Le' Romantique papers!

I dont know if I am going to get in trouble or not, I was told I could do what I wanted while the girls were out of town and since they won't be back until Monday I figure I can post something that I made with the new Le' Romantique papers.

This is my sneaky way of showing off more of this beautiful paper before the full reveal.  I hope I dont get in trouble, they might not give me any more paper!!  That would be awful and torturous, but I just had to share!



I started with a Tattered Angels Glimmer Board, covered it in Cherub Pink and sanded it, then I layered some of the yummy Le' Romantique papers.  They are so beautiful.

Your Secret Agent,



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Wow! I want it right away!! So GORGEOUS!

Absolutely, fabulously gorgeous! Can't wait!!!

Wow, looks very good!

That is so yummy! I love that pink colour!

Candy -

What a great project! You've done a lovely job with these papers, this is just so pretty. And those papers are outstanding! Can't wait to get my hands on them!! Thank you for sharing and I hope you don't get in too much trouble - LOL!

Elaine Allen

Uh oh, I just drooled on my keyboard! Stunning.

What a beautiful wall hanging. I love the way you designed the layout. This paper is so exciting!

I must say it's a gorgeous collection!!! Can't wait to see them in real...

Oh my!! Black with pink - yummy!

So beautiful.

ohhh so pretty!!!

This is just beautiful! I love what you did with these papers - and awesome sneaking while they are away!!!

That's gorgeous!

Fantastic. Can't wait to get these papers!

sharon L

So beautiful!! Can't wait to use them!!

This is gorgeous. I really really need this line of papers

Thanks so much for sharing! Romance is definitely in the air.

If you get in trouble, I'll bail you out. Goodness gracious, but that's some beautiful paper and color line. Love is in the air.

I think your spy days might be over!

Keep up your sleuthing efforts because I am hooked!


Dear Secret Agent,
You are certainly tantalizing us...and combining the papers with such wonderful products...looks like these would be mah-velous papers for Valentine's, hmm?

This has to be my fave collection as these are my fave colors to scrap with and I love the style! So antique and elegant!

Holy cow! I want this line!! It is so beautiful!

this is beautiful!


Lovely line! I'm still working on my wedding album (got married on valentine's day) and this is truly beautifull and fits my album perfectly! Love the way you worked it!

holy cow! that's gorgeous!!!

The appreciation is of beauty in irregularity, in lines that suggest rhythm and movement and gesture.

Considering that a lot of people use their names and wedding date this is the best location to stray from the crowd.

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