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March 05, 2010

Drumroll, Please..............

WOW!  That is all that we can say.....the tremendous amount of talent that is in this industry is very humbling.  We loved reading your bio's and the reasons why you scrapbook; where you are from and visiting your blogs and learning about your families.   Then there is the beautiful layouts, altered projects and a few other fun items thrown in... this has been an amazing journey for our entire team!

Thank you to everyone who applied to be on the Graphic45 design team, we so appreciate the time, hard work and heart that goes into it. 

So with no further ado, let's announce the TOP 20 FINALISTS!

Christie Bryant 
Tammy Roberts 
Rae Barthel 
Jade Moore
Gloria Stengel
Tracey Locher  
Tami Bayer  
Jennifer Barna 
Laura De La Rosa 
Angela Beavers 

Gabrielle Pollacco
Trisha Ladoucheur 
Mariska Hoffman
Monika Martinson 
Jenny Svennson 
Camilla Ekman 
Nicole Greguric 
Jane Tregenza
Tomoko Takahashi 
Andrea Gomoll

Each of these applicants will receive an email with instructions on proceding to the next round, shortly. 

Congratulations to these Top 20 Finalists!



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Congratulations to the Top 20 Finalists!! Especially to Jenny and Camilla! wtg!!!

What a FABULOUS list of people! CONGRATS to all of you (and especially to the names among you that are my frieeeeeends!! *does the happy dance for* :))

Congratulations to all finalists!!! You did a good job.

Congrats ladies.

Congratulations, ladies! I am excited to see the name of a friend on this list! Good luck to all!

Congratulations everyone! Can't wait to see the amazing things you come up with this year.

What a beautiful thing to wake up to this morning. Thank you for the opportunity. I'm doing a huge happy dance right now!!!

Whohooo - doing the happy dance as well - thanks so much :) I'm really looking forward to the next round!!!

WTG Jade and Laura!! Good luck girls :) x

HOLY COW... HOLY COW!!! I just shouted to the rest of the family, "I made the TOP 20!!" (because that is all I've been talking about for the past 2 weeks) and my 5-year-old started doing the happy dance! (I've trained her well!) ;-) I CAN'T WAIT to see what the final round will be!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!! THANK YOU!!! (Holy Cow!)

OMG so excited to see my name here. So happy that I made the top 20 and look forward to round nr.2. Thanks so much a doing a happy dance as well.

I am so excited about being on this list! Wooot!

Congrats, everyone!

Lots of amazing talent - congrats to all, especially to the ones I "know"! ;o)

I can't believe I am on the list!!!!! Wooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!!!
Wow Good luck to all of us in the final round!!!!
Laura De La Rosa {Laura Loo}
The Vintage Key

Congratulations everyone! Can't wait to see all the lovely artwork to come!

Wohooo! I'm so excited and so honoured to be on that list!!!
WOW!!! *doing a happy dance and smile from ear to ear*

wow!!! what a group of talent!!!

I got so excited my post got lost!

I cannot even believe I see my name up there. Like Tracy, it's all I've talked about all week! I am walking in the clouds. What a great bunch of talent and I am so humbled to be part of this list! Yahoooooo! Congrats to everyone!

Wooohhooooo two of my favorite scrap friends made the list! Congrats Gabi and Camilla!

Woohoo! Congrats Tami B!

holy macaroni!!!! my name is listed above.... woooohoo!!!! to say i am excited is an understatement!!!! thank you sooo much for the recognition, looking forward to the next round! congratulations to all of the finalists!!
~rae barthel

Yippee!!! I can't believe I made the short list!!! This is sooo exciting!! thanks so much for this opportunity!! ....and congrats to the rest of the 20!!


woot woot ladies!!!

Congrats!! Woohoo to Jenny, Tami B. and Trisha--you ladies rock!!

Congratulations everyone on making the top 20 - I know how hard it is to select a design team so good luck to you all in the next round :) Happy scrapping!!!! Cheers Melanie

OMG....WOW I'm over the moon with excitement to be part of the Finalists...Thankyou so much...Can't wait the Round 2...Congradulations to all the other finalists...Cheers Nicole

OMG!!!!! I'm in the finalist!!!! Wow, I'm sooooooo excited!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity and congrats to all the other finalists!!!!!

Wooo Hoooo So Fantastic to see Jane Tregenza in the finalists WTG Jane!!!

Congratulations to the finalists, good luck to all

:) :) :)

So very excited to see this awesome list of talented ladies!! Huge congrats to all of you!

How fantastic Tami B. to see you on this awesome list...but not at all surprising since it is such a natural fit! Enjoy the adventure ladies!

one word .... WHOHOOOO :) big shout of congratulations to Jane Tregenza!! Amazing talent from 'down under' :)

Good luck Jane from hereon in ... and congrats to the other finalists too!

cheers to all of you and good luck as you move on the final round!

WOW! There is some pretty incredible talent listed above. I am honoured to be in the running. Good luck girls!

wohooo!! huge congrats and good luck for round two to my girls andrea, camilla, jenny and mariska!!

Congratulations everyone. I can't wait to see what happens next and all the beautiful creations you come up with.

The Paradise friends are cheering wildly for you, Christie Bryant! We're busting our buttons!

Congratulations ladies. Fingers crossed for our very own Nicole Greguric, who never ceases to amaze me with her talents. Looking forward to seeing all your creations. Sue and the Team at Scraploot in Sydney

sniff sniff...but huge congrats to the top 20 finalists.

C'mon Aussie C'mon....Well done Jane Tregenza - what a wonderful talent. Good Luck in the finals. Congrats to everyone.

Congrats to all ladies... wow... many new names.. I love the talent here!

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