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April 21, 2010

Graphic 45 Returns From Down Under!

Aimee and Diane just returned from Australia and cannot stop talking about their wonderful experience, which in turn is making me crazy jealous!  I have looked through the hundreds of photos, heard all of their wonderful stories, and have decided to share with you their top five favorite highlights!

  • First and foremost - the people were all so amazing.  Everyone was so delightfully friendly and easy to make connections with. Aimee and Diane both expressed to me how many wonderful people they got to meet and how many new friends they have made. 

Diane Sherry Mendoza
Diane and Sherry Mendoza at the Junk Yard. 

  • The Scenery, absolutely breathtaking, from Boni Beach to the Sydney Opera House.  It was impossible not to fall in love with the Australian landscape.

  • The entire Creative Block event.  It was so well put together, even down to providing tea and pastries everyday at 10am and again at 2pm!  Hats off to the entire Print Blocks crew for creating such a positive experience,  not only for us the manufactures, but also the attendees.

Diane teaching

Diane teaching the A Proper Gentleman Policy Envelope Album.  Aimee postboard
Way to go Aimee, you hold that poster board with style and grace!


  • Dinner at Andrew and Simone's (the owners of Print Blocks - our Australian distributor) beautiful home.  They invited all of the manufactures over to their house for a delicious dinner.

Aimee lorraine bate
Aimee spending some quality time with her new friend, Lorraine Bate. 

  • The shopping - of course!  The two favorites were the Historic Queen Victoria building and the Junk Yard (thank you Sherry for taking us to your favorite spot)!

Junk Yard
Diane wanted to take it all home with her. 

  • Aimee's last statement: "and of course all of the one on one time I got to spend with mom."

I do have to admit one of the best job perks is all of the traveling we get to do together, and meet all of the wonderful people in the industry.  Next stop summer CHA in Chicago! 

Take care and happy papercrafting!

Charee Nicole Filimoehala


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And it was an absolute pleasure having them here in Australia - they are both so very genuine and simply beautiful and it was a pleasure to meet them both!

hello! class looks fun! when is Graphic 45 going to California particularly in San Francisco? I would love to attend your class!

I love the wonderful pics. My favorite places to go are junk yards and antique shops!!!!
Thanks Charee for the great post.
Laura De La Rosa
G45 Design Team
The Vintage Key

Thank you Charee for the great travelogue. (The only thing that would have made the trip better, is if you could have been there with us!)

Aimee and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity we had to visit INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL Australia and for wonderful new friendships that will last a lifetime!

We are hoping to be able to start doing more traveling and teaching more classes all around the globe. I am keeping my fingers crossed to be able to go to San Fran!

Charee Nicole Filimoehala

Thank you Diane and Aimee for visiting us down under, it was lovely to meet you both, I am thrilled to be on your design team. Its so much nicer to be able to put faces to names!

Australia is on my Top 5 list of places I HAVE to visit!! Looks like a wonderful trip! Oh, and those old iron pieces at the Junk Yard... I would have HAD to get them in my suitcase... somehow... ;-)

My "bucket list" also has Australia on it! I have some cyber pals there now, and am pretty sure I could get a free bed from time to time. I'd love to be able to visit one day. That junk shop looks amazing! Makes me miss my dad as we used to "junk hunt" together when I was a kid.

It was so lovely to meet you both Diane and Aimee and I so enjoyed helping out in your class. (That's me in the white creative block shirt in the classroom pickie). Hope to see you back here one day soon.

xx Deb

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