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September 14, 2010

September's Featured Artist: Stephanie Miller!

We are so fortunate to have Steff as our Graphic 45 Featured Artist.  She is exploding with talent and creativity plus she make these fantastic YouTube videos. Steff has created this wonderful mini album using our Steampunk Debutante paper collection, black policy envelope album, and almost all of our Staples. 

Steff - With a Grin - 1


Steff - With a Grin - 2

Steff - With a Grin - 3 

Steff - With a Grin - 4

We asked Steff to tell us a little about herself, this is what she had to say.

About me:
Stephanie Miller (With A Grin)

"I'm a Wife/Mother/Me! All at once... I am all three of these! And I love it!"

Here's my "How I Got Started In Scrapbooking" (short) story:
It started with a computer hard drive crash! Not mine, thankfully, but it made me madly rush home and tell my husband I NEEDED A "FULL PROOF" BACK-UP to my regular back-up!" Yep, He looked at me with that 'what are you talking about' look and said the one thing that pushed me right into this exciting world of scrapbooking. He said, "Steff, WHY!? Seriously, you don't even SEE these pictures after you take them!" HOLY SMOKES.. He was right! I had taken hundreds (shh.. thousands) of photos and they just sat on a hard drive. I had always said I'd print out the 'best ones' and put them in an album. But ok, honestly, it sounded like a chore to me! I was supposed to grab one of those standard boring albums and spend hours filling them up with pictures and maybe if I had enough coffee in me I'd put in names and dates in that little spot they give you! It made me think.. If I DIDN'T WANT to spend the time putting the pictures in a traditional photo album.. WHO would want to PICK IT UP AND LOOK through it?" So, that's how I got started! Long story short.. I was determined to SHARE/SHOW my photos and make the PROCESS FUN! I went to the scrapbook store and was amazed at all the scrappy happiness that would 'enhance' my photo's! I LOVED IT! I BOUGHT IT! I went home with it! And then I MADE MY FIRST MINI album! I wanted to create an album that would attract a person's eye. I wanted to make them WANT to PICK IT UP and look at it!! And in all this scrappy fun, I found my scrappy passion.. creating with gorgeous papers, prints, embellishments, etc.!! I love creating and have discovered there is no right or wrong way to scrapbooking .. just enjoy the process! Gather your scrappy happiness (gorgeous products) and get busy!

So thats how I got hooked, I LOVE THE PROCESS from beginning to end! And BONUS: Now I CAN'T WAIT to print out those special photos and get scrappy busy! I know.. YOU KNOW exactly what I'm talking about! :) Thanks for reading and I'd love to hear what pushed you into your scrappy passion!

Please click the link to watch this inspiring video.
Scrapbooking Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante Mini Album (BlueMoon DT Project)

As always, thanks for all of the great support.

Happy Papercrafting!

Team Graphic 45


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Steff, what an AMAZING album—thanks so much for sharing your SCRAPPY PASSION!

that's our girl! yayaya!

Great album....thanks for sharing your passion!

Wowzer! I love this album - what a fun story about why you started scrappin'!

xoxo, Christie

Steff, you certainly have an artistic knack for layering and embellishing to make this a fantastic album! I would definitely want to browse through this album more than once.l

I love Steff creations, she is one of my best inspiration on youtube channels ! I love everything she makes !

I LOVE this album! Great job!!!

i've subbed to Steff youtube channel for a while now. she is so talented. congrats on getting well deserved recognition.

Steff -

I am in awe of your work. This is just a beautiful piece of art! So very lovely. Thank you for sharing with us.

Elaine Allen

Stunning and amazing! I am in love with the project!!!!

Absolutely love the Steampunk envelope album Steff—the video does such a great job showing all the intricate details!! Keep up the beautiful work.

Best, Aimee

Stefers...I am honored to know you and your abilities to create beautful-ness out of anything you pick up. G45 knew a GREAT one when they saw it! Incredable papers and embellies....GREAT design....:o) Your so talented and amazing my friend...:o)

Perfection girl! I am in awe of your artistic talent!

Steff, I love this mini, and the video. I look forward to watching your videos in the future!

Charee Nicole Filimoehala

Love this album! Who am I kidding I love all of Steff's albums! Keep up the great work!


Thanks for all the great comments.. but I have to say... when you have G45 product to create with ...MAGIC HAPPENS!! :) Happy G45 Scrapping! :)

with a grin,

What a fantastic album.

You are so blessed in a way that others can see. You touch lives in a way you will never know and that is why you have such an awesome following. We are all setting on the edge of our chairs to see what the next project will be!

Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.

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