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November 05, 2010

Prize Friday and Mobile Maddness!

Hello Happy Crafters!

It's Prize Friday! You know what that means! We're ready to announce the TWO big winners of this week's contest. We asked you to send us a comment on what inspired you to start crafting. We got over 100 posts, all of which were truly lovely to read. So many touching stories! And just so you know, we choose our winners each week at random. When it comes to personal tales of inspiration, it wouldn't be fair to deem one the best. They are all beautiful and each help to kindle our collective creativity. Plus its a fun opportunity for us to use our trusty random number generator. Ooh! So thank you all so much for sharing your amazing words of wisdom.

This week's big winners are Dee Cee and Sharon D. And I might note the interesting coincidence that both of their names have a "D" in them. Here's what they had to say about what started them crafting.

"A couple of years ago two friends of mine who were heavily into scrapping asked me to a Friday Night Crop at a local senior center. Life hasn't always been easy. I started going through pictures and after a bit put them away. I said to myself, "I'm not ready to review the past."; "I'm can't handle this!"; "You can keep your old scrapbooking"; and other things I can't even mention. I called my friends and told them I wasn't coming. They were disappointed, but as friends do, they understood.As I put my photos away, I did find one thing I thought I could do and went. I didn't have any scrapbooking "stuff," but when I arrived there was a shopping bag full of necessities waiting for me. When the night was over I was hooked. There was a newspaper reporter there and guess who was on the front page of the Living section of the Sunday paper.

It's been several years, several thousand dollars and several hundred hours of table time with my paper, embellishments, Cricut, photographs , memorabilia and good friends and I'm still at it. No matter how much I have spent on scrapbooking, it's a lot cheaper and more effective than any therapy could ever be!"

-Dee Cee

"I always loved art in school & it just progressed from there. With much help from my sister who has always been crafty, she's encouraged me to try different mediums & to step out of my comfort zone."

-Sharon D

Sharon D and Dee Cee please email us at info@g45papers to claim your prize! And congrats!

We have another amazing treat for you today! It's a marvelously fun tutorial by the brilliant Tracey Locher, design team member extraordinaire, and she'll be showing us how to build a Hallowe'en In Wonderland inspired mobile. Sure, Halloween was just last week, but don't let that stop you from putting our Hallowe'en in Wonderland collection to use! After all, ANY time is a good time to be in Wonderland! So, take it away Tracey! DSC_2317 whole from under
I am THRILLED to share with you the steps to create a fun and zany "Hallowe'en In Wonderland" inspired mobile.  As soon as I saw the new line by Graphic 45, this project popped into my head.  I immediately thought of the movie scene where all of the card soldiers were trying to catch poor Alice... the cards were flying this way and that... and little Alice finally got away.  I thought a hanging mobile would be a fun way to make those cards fly again!

 A few notes... don't be afraid to try "off the page" projects.  And don't be afraid to embrace the creative process during a project like this.  This project started as a vision in my head... oh... it was spectacular!  Although it didn't turn out how I envisioned it at the start, the changes that occurred during construction made it even better!  Let's jump into this whimsical and silly Alice mobile!

 Step 1... Create your frame.  Instead of doing a traditional circle hoop for the mobile, I wanted it to be the shape of a playing card.  We used the dimensions from a real card and multiplied it until we had the size we wanted.  My darling husband put the frame together for me (thank you, Sweetheart!) 


Step 2 - Paint your frame and set it aside to dry.  The paint I chose was black, but it actually turned out on the green side, which I totally loved! 

Step 3... Creating the roof of cards.  I cut a piece of chipboard that was just a bit bigger than the wooden frame because I wanted the roof to hang over the wooden frame just a bit.  Then I folded up about an inch on the two long sides to ground the starting and ending rows. (See more detail below)  I determined that I would need 4 playing cards per row.  Be sure to have the cards overlap by at least 1/2".  I knew this project was going to be mailed across the country, so the roof had to be strong!  The overlapping of the cards will keep them rigid and less likely to cave in!


 You can see in this photo that the two outer rows were adhered to the chipboard that had been folded up.  Also, the cards hang below the level of the chipboard for a nice edge to the roof.  All of the cards were taped together with my ATG gun...and it worked perfectly!

Step 4... The Roof.  The construction of the roof was the most time consuming part of this project.  Once the two outer rows were in place, the inner rows could be installed.  I used a hearty line of hot glue to adhere each row of cards to the rows next to them.  Also note that the rows are not lined up, but skewed just a bit.  This is a "Wonderland" project, after all!  Don't forget to put down a fun patterned paper on the chipboard before starting to glue down your rows.


I built up the roof to 3 1/2 layers.  Several of the rows on the top were different shapes and sizes, again, it is a "Wonderland" project and I wanted it to be a bit odd.  I also covered some of the cards with paper from the "Hallowe'en in Wonderland" line, and some I left as playing cards. Don't forget to add patterned paper to the bottom of your roof BEFORE adhering it to the wooden frame... just trust me! ;-)

Step 5... The Trim.  I had originally planned to only put one layer of crystal trim around the edge of the roof.  However, as I hot glued the roof to the wooden frame, there were sections that did not lie down perfectly, leaving gaps between the bottom of the roof and the wooden frame... totally not cool!  So I grabbed the lacy trim to go over the crystal trim and cover the gaps.  Problem solved... and I actually like the lacy trim better than just the crystal trim!  


Step 6... The Teapot and Cup (and spoons).  I knew that I wanted something fun to hang, suspended, from the center of the mobile and I had a great idea!  I went to Toys R Us and purchased an inexpensive plastic tea set.  Then I went to Home Depot and purchase silver spray paint and a short piece of clear rubber tubing. 


I took the teapot, cup and saucer and 4 spoons from the tea set and gave the rest to my daughter as a special surprise (bonus... embellishments for my project AND thankful kisses from my daughter!).  I spray painted the tea set items and set aside.  (Surprisingly, the silver spray paint worked beautifully!  No dripping and it was very resistant to scratching!) 

 I used my hot glue gun to secure the tea cup to the saucer.  Then my husband helped me drill small holes into the saucer and the top of the spoons so they could be suspended with fishing line. I used a bit of brown paint to paint the INSIDE of the clear rubber tubing to create the impression that tea was flowing from the tea pot into the tea cup.  I added a bit of clear glue on the inside of the tea pot and the "flowing tea" was secure.


To create the whimsical look of tea spraying from the tea cup, I hot glued some green floral foam inside the tea cup.  Then I took several feathers and poked them into the foam until I achieved the desired look.  The "pouring tea" is not secured to the tea cup (again, because the project was going to be mailed to CHA Chicago and back).  However, the tea cup and the tea pot were suspended to be sure that the "pouring tea" would line up properly when hung.

Finally, I cut hearts from "Hallowe'en In Wonderland" papers and black Bazzill Cardstock.  I cut out some of the fun "Jabberwocky" cards, distressed and inked them.  Each suspended piece of the mobile has double sided hearts and/or cards (double sided so the fishing line could be adhered between the hearts/cards.)  I added some fun trim to hang the project (use a staple gun to be sure the trim will hold the weight of the project.)  I added some crystals and this project was done!


Whether you create an Alice In Wonderland inspired mobile or not, I hope this tutorial provided you with some tips and inspiration for your next fun project!  Make it a curious day!

-Tracey Locher

Thank you so much Tracey for this sweet and spirited craft project! Every day is a good day to make a mobile! We hope you all have an inspired and relaxing weekend! May your crafts be plentiful!

Team Graphic 45



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Congrats, winners!

Tracey! Every time I see this project I want to swoon. You are so creative and your ability to think out of the box is amazing! It's a wonderful project. I still cannot get over the pouring tea!!!!

Tracey, that is a fabulous project. I even have a coupon from toys r us. Great job!

Congratulations winners! Thank you to everyone who participated, it was awe-inspiring to read your stories! Hope to hear more from all of you in the future.

Love the mobile Tracey—we had sooo many compliments at CHA!!

What a fabulous idea! I love how the tea is pouring into the cup and "splashing"! Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration!

congrats to the lucky winners!!!
wonderful project by tracey!
thanks for sharing and have a great weekend! *hugs* steph :)

Congrats ladies, and I love the mobile.

Congrats Ladies!!!!
Tracey your mobile is AWSOME!!!!
I luv how Crazy and Mad it is!
Laura De La Rosa

You both deserve to win. Your projects are truly amazing.

This project was spectacular in person, beautiful work Tracey!

that is some mobile, wow

What a fun, funky project! Thanks for sharing it with us.n

Have heard that the Graphic 45 DT are coming out to Australia to host a few classes soon, what does a girl need to do to register?

I fell for this project the minute I saw the feathers. It is truly an awesome work of art.

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