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February 11, 2011

Graphic 45 Design Team Call!!! (yes, it's finally happening)

Hello Crafters!

Okay, okay, real quick, we wanted to announce the winner of this week's blog contest. We know you are just dying to read all the details about this year's design team auditions. This week's winner, chosen at random, is a very devoted fan of Graphic 45, the fabulous Moe Mahoski. Moe, congratulations on winning this week! Please contact us at info@g45papers.com to claim your prize! Many thanks to everyone who entered this week's contest. There will be more chances to win on Monday so be sure to stop by our blog and say hello.


Well, you beautiful crafters, it's that time! Graphic 45 is building a new team for 2011! We are looking for a wide variety of skills, so now is your chance to show us what you've got! Don't be shy, get out the scissors, grab some adhesive and get busy!

As a Graphic 45 design team member you will receive:

* A box of Graphic 45 product supplied every three months including new products before they are released!
* Receive product periodically from our education partners and for blog hops.
* Your name, bio and headshot featured on the Graphic45 main website.
* Prominent exposure on the community site, blog, main website gallery and other media.
* Possible teaching, publication and manufacturing opportunities.
* Eligible to participate in creating projects for trade shows, such as CHA and other venues.

What are we looking for?

Graphic45 paper and products are unique and vintage inspired, so we are looking for a variety of team members that can produce high quality cards, layouts, altered art, videos and home decor projects that show off our papers and embellishments.

Our team is education based, so we will need you to have good photography skills, the ability to create tutorials with instructions and size images for blog and website use.

This call is open to International and domestic applicants.

How do I apply to be on the team?

Our design team search will consist of two rounds. Please read the entire contents of both rounds, as there is quite a bit of information.

First Round:

 Email the following to submissions@g45papers.com  by March 1st, 2011.

* Full contact information: include your home address, phone number, email address,  blog/website address.
* Tell us a little bit about yourself and what your think your design strengths are.
* Tell us why you want to be on the Graphic45 design team.
* List any companies that you have designed for in the past or with whom you currently work. Please keep in mind that being on a team past or present is not a requirement.

Post a minimum of 10-15 Graphic 45 projects that you have created to your blog. Email us with the link to your blog that features your 10-15 Graphic 45 design team submissions. You must have a blog on which to post your submissions in order to audition for our design team. When submitting your G45 projects for consideration, be sure to make a page on your blog that is just your submissions for the Graphic 45 Design Team call. One page that displays all the work you are submitting for your audition. Please don't send just a link to your blog. While your work may be splendid, it's much easier for us to get a sense of what you can do with our papers if we can see your submissions on one single blog page. You can then include the link to your blog that includes all of your submissions when you send us your audition email.

We will be choosing 25 finalists from all applications. These 25 finalists will be announced on March 4th on the blog and contacted with additional information on our final round.

Final Round:

The 25 finalists will be required to send 1 layout, 1 card, and 1 altered project directly to the corporate office in Portland, Oregon for review by Graphic45 staff including Diane Schultz, the CEO and designer of our products. Please note: We WILL be returning the projects to all of the applicants following the call.   Keep this in mind when creating your final projects, they must be mailed by March 11th in order to receive in our office by March 18th.

Once we receive all projects, we will review them and make the announcement on APRIL 1st and get the design team boxes out!

We look forward to seeing what you bring to table, show us what you got! Don't be shy, we are looking for a variety of skills and you may be who we are looking for! We are so excited to see your Graphic 45 creations!

Ecstatically Yours,

Team Graphic 45


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finally!!! OK, taking the wee ones to school but come nap time - I'm all over this!!! :>

Congrats, Moe, on the win!

Well, sign me up for one more year! {grin}

To all who apply: This is flat out the BEST team out there! The papers are so fantastic it makes creating things easy. It will be the most fun you ever have! Best wishes to all the hopefuls!!!

WOW! What an amazing opportunity!!!!!!

Well a very HAPPY Friday !!!!!!!
First off....... T H A N K Y O U !!!!!!
I really WON? And what a TRULY great
gift !!!!
I agree this is THE best ! And now you
KNOW, W H Y, I want to come and join in all of your fun ! I would be truly
honored to a part of this warm and wonderful company !!!! Thanks so much, for considering my "style" .
This makes me SO happy!!!
As ever, Moe
P.S. Thanks Gloria,for YOUR thanks!

Wow guess I get to work -- I only have 3 completed projects or will my christmas tree ornaments count as one each?
I no longer have my store-- so I should have plenty of paper to make a few more!
SO happy to try this one.

Wowee...I'm so excited about this...Graphic 45 is definitely on my list of fav manus and how amazing would it be to serve on the G45 DT. Thanks for this great opportunity. And huge congrats to you, Moe! Enjoy your prize:)

I agree with Gloria! Graphic 45 is an incredibly wonderful and generous company to work with! Good luck to everyone that applies! I've been watching the gallery all year and there are soooooo many talented crafters out there... get going with your submission!!! :-)

way to go Moe, you are such a delight!!! enjoy your win.

March the 5th to March the 18th is not enough time for international applicants to make and send in designs. It can take 2 weeks for post to get from Europe to America.

uauuu uma grande oportunidade!

Moe Parabéns!

I think Tara Orr NEEDS to be on your team, just my 2 cents!

Very excited to read this this morning :) Have been waiting for the DT call now to go and start creating :) YAY :) :) :) Just the boost I need this morning :)

How fun! Crossing my fingers for all the ladies applying for the new DT! Graphic 45 is such an amazing company (and an amazing family). If you are lucky enough to be chosen for the DT, you are in for the biggest treat of your life!
Good luck!

Congratulations Moe and good luck to
those who try out for the Design Team.

Congrats Moe on your winnings!!!

I have to say that I am grateful for the wonderful Graphic 45 family & friends we have made this year. I would love to try out for another year, but I have this new beautiful baby girl coming . I will take a small break and try for the next years to come♥ Thank you G45 for the opprotunity to be a part of such an amazing company and DT. Good Luck to all who apply.

I adore G45 and I have been waiting with baited breath for this call but I really dislike that the 25 finalists have to physically sent their products to G45 headquarters and do not even get it back.
For international applicants that will cost and arm and a leg to send, not only that you don't even get product to create with and no mention if you get reimbursed should you be unsuccessful??? So the finalists do all the work, G45 has some fabulous projects to show off and the unsuccessful designers are out of pocket...
Sorry, but G45 have gone down in my estimation

prejudice takes 10 or 15 projects to be done?
projects are published on my blog?
can be seen by all?
What should I write on the blog in the project that is designed for your dt?
thank you sSmona

whooohoooo!!! Going to work soooo hard for this one! ;-)))

Good Luck to all that apply! Hands down the bestest folks to work with and for... and I don't even need to say how amazing the papers are to work with. I cant believe its been a year its been fantastic and a honor!!!

I have 2 questions!!!

Do the items for round 1 all have to be new? Or can I also post projects on my blog I've done over the last year or so??

And my second question: for the second round, do these 3 items you need to send also be new? Or are we allowed to send in the items also shown on our blog with the first round??

( I ask this because of the limited time-especially for the second round)

Hilde - I think we're probably ok with posting any projects for round 1, but I have the same question as you on round 2.... do they have to be all new? Can the 'altered item' be a mini album or did you want a true altered item ? (and did I miss this or was it always the '3' projects?? I swear I saw only '1' initially..... ;>


I wish I didn't already have so many obligations, Maybe next year!

I've also been waiting for this call. There are so many wonderful products from Graphic45 and I'm crossing fingers on this one.

Also Good luck to you Tara, I so adore you and your work!!!

Wow. It seems like you have to spend a lot of money just to apply for this DT. I won't be applying because I think the requirement to PAY to ship you 3 projects that I won't be getting back is ridiculous. The 3 projects and the shipping will cost me more $$ than the free product I would be getting for being on the DT. I have never heard of a requirement like that.

What a fabulous opportunity! I just received several pads of your amazing papers and will now get cranking! I've been dreaming of working for you!

I just wanted to say WHAT AN INCREDIBLE opportunity G45!!! I love your company!

I happen to know a gal who would do wonderfully on this team!! Erika Taylor... she'd be a fabulous fit! :)

Good luck to all who are aplying for the design team, I have loved my year with this amazing company and the products they send in their boxes off sets any cost to you in regards to having to post projects to them. I was more than happy letting them keep my final project, as it was used as part of their display all over USA.

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