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September 05, 2012

Enchanting Crafts Featuring Nutcracker Sweet!

Nutcracker Sweet Altered Art Box

Hello G45ers,

Welcome to another splendid day of crafts and smiles here at Graphic 45! We have some delightful treasures to share with you! Today is all about our enchanting new holiday collection Nutcracker Sweet. You are going to see the most divine creations from Alberto Juarez and Jim, The Gentleman Crafter. Today's crafts are full of so much joy and inspiration. We just know they're going to brighten your day. So lets get to it! First up is this gorgeous piece of home decor by Alberto Juarez. This is such a lovely idea and it looks fantastic! It combines jubilant holiday cheer with the elegant ballet theme in Nutcracker Sweet. This piece was made using the brand new Graphic 45 8x8 Matchbook Box! Alberto even created a downloadable pattern to show you how to create the beautiful ballet slippers! Here is what he had to say about this splendid work of art!

"I made this painting as decoration for Christmas or for a girl's room using as a base the matchbook 8x8 box, with the Nutcracker Sweet collection and making some dancers with the pattern attached. I printed and cut two pieces of each, one on each side, for both ballerina slippers." Alberto Juarez

Alberto Juárez Graphic45 Nutcraker 1

Alberto Juárez Graphic45 Nutcraker 2

Alberto Juárez Graphic45 Nutcraker 3

Alberto Juárez Graphic45 Nutcraker 4

Alberto Juárez Graphic45 Nutcraker 8

Alberto Juárez Graphic45 Nutcraker 9

Download Ballerina Slippers Pattern

8x8 Matchbook Box
Metal Button Staples
Nutcracker Sweet 8x8 Pad
Snowflake Waltz
Nutcracker Sweet
May art pink ribbon
Imaginarium diecuts
Art glitter glimmer
pink glimmer mist
Want2Scrap pearls

Next we have another incredible Nutcracker Sweet creation. It's a gorgeous altered art box that contains a whimsical holiday scene. This was one of the gorgeous pieces created by Jim, the Gentleman Crafter that was on display in our booth at CHA. This piece also highlights some fabulous uses of our new Antique Metal Door Pulls, Ornate Metal Key Holes and Ornate Metal Label Holders! It's a world of wonder! Behold the holiday inspiration from Jim, The Gentleman Crafter!

Nutcracker Sweet Altered Art Box

Nutcracker Sweet Altered Art Box

Nutcracker Sweet Altered Art Box

Nutcracker Sweet Altered Art Box

Nutcracker Sweet Altered Art Box

Nutcracker Sweet Altered Art Box

Grapic 45 5x8 Altered Art Box
Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet: Sugar Plum Fairy - Interior Wall Paper
Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet: Beautiful Ballet - Interior Roof
Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet: Clara's Dream - Top and Bottom Border Pieces, Gable, Candy Ornament for Tree
Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet: Endearing Sentiments - Exterior House
Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet: Nutcracker Sweet - Fussy Cut Nutcracker, Clara, Drape, Border
Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet: Holiday Magic - Nutcracker, Clock, "N"
Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet: Gingerbread Delights - Interior Wallpaper, Exterior trim
Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet: Festive Fairytale - Art on interior Wall
Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet: Land of Sweets - Roof
Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet: Christmas March - Interior Tree Ornaments, Top and Bottom Base
Graphic 45 Metal Door Pulls
Graphic 45 Metal Key Plate
Graphic 45 Metal Label Holders
Graphic 45 Metal Button Brads
Graphic 45 Metal Stamped Brads
Small Glass Mirror
Copper Foil Tape -Mirror
Jolee's - Candy and package embellishments
Brush pine tree
Assorted wooden Balls
Red and Black Paint

That's all for today, G45ers. We hope you all enjoyed today's enchanting Nutcracker Sweet crafts. Big thanks to Alberto Juarez and Jim, the Gentleman Crafter for their amazing work today. We have more goodies in store for you on tomorrow's blog. Don't forget to leave us a blog or Facebook comment this week for your chance to win this week's wonderful blog prize! Thank you all so much for stopping by today. We hope to see you again tomorrow!

Happy Papercrafting!

Team Graphic 45


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OMGH - I could do this with some of DD"s old ballet slippers which I have been saving for YEARS!!!!

Just WOW!

Wow! Beautiful projects!

I need a granddaughter to make those cute ballote shoes for. My grandsons would not appreciate theme.

Wow! Absolutely amazing works of art!!

OMG Alberto and Jim you guys are amazingly talented my oh my absolutly love your work!
Those dancing shoes would be such a gorgeous gift for my little niece who loves dancing thanks for the wonderful inspiration hugs Amy :)

Jim an Alberto have such amazing talent...love the nutcracker house...the ballet slippers would look nice On a Xmas tree.

This is so pretty. I wish I had the talent to make something like this with all details. My daughter would love this.
Every year it is challenge to find her a new nutcracker.

Wow! These projects are amazing! Can't wait to get this paper line!

Truly amazing!!!

Great to get inspiration for home decor pieces. Jim and Alberto rocked the house with these!

Wonderful creations and great ideas. Thanks for sharing them all.

OMYGOSH!!! These are AMAZING!!! I am in love with the ballet shoes!! I can't wait to play with this collection!!!

Wow!! Great projects!

Just beautiful! Absolutely love this paper collection.

Very ingenious!!

Outstanding stuff today! The ballet shoes are fabulous! Seriously in awe!

What amazing projects!

I'm camping out on my LSS doorstep until Nutcracker Sweet arrives. Already have the structure of several projects waiting for the paper! Now there are two more fabulous samlples to inspire new ideas. Thanks, guys!

I love the Nutcracker Sweet box. It is so bright and cheerful. Can't wait for the paper to get to the store.

Uh, that should obviously be SAMPLES! They're so amazing, I couldn't type.

I see a lot of WOWs in the comments: that seems to sum it up.

Oh my word! What awesome projects.

ALBERTO!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!! Took my breathe away! And Jim: I just started watching your YT vids and you are incredibly inventive!! Wow...you both hit it out of the park!!!! Jaw dropping work you two!!

simply speechless!

thanks for such amazing inspiration,

Beautiful work by both artists! I am amazed at the creativity shown by the members of your design team. I am in awe!

OMG! Beautiful project

Jim and Alberto are amazing!! What an inspirational pair these 2 Men are. Wow. Thank you for your talent and inspiration.

OMWow! Two amazing gentlemen!!!

Beautiful work!

Talk about different artistic styles using the same paper! Both incredibly amazing! Love the feminine touches on Alberto's creation...so representative of the ballet. And Jim's is also incredible, showing the other side of the Nutcracker. Thanks for sharing these with us today

Happy Hump Day!

SHUT UP!.......I CAN'T CLOSE 'MY' MOUTH! where do your ideas come from? these are the most...and i mean...THE MOST awesomest i've seen!
i'm getting my hands on this nutcracker sweet...any way i can!

Simply stunning!! Alberto's ballerina slippers are so beautiful and elegant. Jim always has the most amazing altered art and boxes that open up to a magical scene. Alberto and Jim are so creative and I love everything they create. I can't imagine how beautiful their work is in person.

As usual, these are absolutely amazing.
These two guys are incredible. I'm speechless...

Absolutely fabulous. Speechless.

I am so excited to get my hands on this line. You all have given me some great ideas for my grand daughters first Christmas. Thanks, keep up the creativity.

It's a battle of the boxes....and the winner is? Tie, they are both great, love the way Jim did the look of wallpaper in the scene with Clara.

Wow, Jim your project is Stunning!!! Alberto yours is so Pretty! Great job Guys!!!!

Jim is a great carpenter and creative genius

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