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October 31, 2012

Enjoy a Fun & Festive G45 Tutorial To Brighten Your Halloween!

Corner detail

Hello G45ers,

Happy Halloween! This fabulous holiday is finally here! People of all ages (and a few lucky pets) are dressing up in fun costumes, candy is being handed out and fun is being had by all. We adore Halloween and so we thought we'd share a very special Happy Haunting tutorial with you on this fine day. It's a gorgeous altered matchbook box that is just perfect for displaying your favorite Halloween snapshot! This is such a great project and so much fun to make! It's just the thing to get you in the Halloween spirit! So sit back, relax and enjoy today's very special Halloween blog from Graphic 45! First up we have a special announcement for all you G45ers in Washington State!

Attention all Washington State residents, we have special news for you!  Click here to see:


And here we have the fabulous Happy Haunting Matchbook Box tutorial by Lynette Carroll. This fun tutorial is available for both the 8x8 and 12x12 Matchbook Boxes. You can download either tutorial below or simply follow along with Lynette's great instructions here on our blog! Have fun and enjoy!


by Lynette Carroll

Download Happy Haunting 8x8 Matchbook Box

Download Happy Haunting 12x12 Matchbook Box

Happy Haunting Altered Art Matchbook Box


12 x 12 Altered Art Matchbook

Happy Haunting Trick or Treat 12 x 12 Paper

Happy Haunting Enchanted Garden 12 x 12 Paper

Happy Haunting Pumpkin Time 12 x 12 Paper

Happy Haunting Midnight Magic 12 x 12 Paper

Happy Haunting Word Play 12 x 12 Paper

Happy Haunting Jolly Jack-O-Lantern 12 x 12 Paper

Happy Haunting Jeepers Creepers 12 x 12 Paper

Happy Haunting Bewitched 12 x 12 Paper

Happy Haunting Fright Night 12 x 12 Paper

Happy Haunting Alphabet Stickers

Graphic 45 Happy Haunting Stickers

Geometric Metal Door Plate and Knob Staples

Metal Button Staples

Stamped Metal Brads Staples

Misc – Dry Adhesive

Misc – Foam Mounting Tape (Optional)

Misc – Distress Ink (Optional)

Misc – Black Sharpie Marker



Many of the decorative elements in this album can either be adhered flat or with foam mounting tape for dimension.  If adhering these pieces with foam mounting tape, adhere a piece of scrap cardboard to the back first to strengthen the paper (this is a great use for you paper pad covers).  Many of the stickers on this project have also been adhered with foam mounting tape for dimension, to complete this step, brush some powder the back of the stickers first to remove the adhesive and then add a strip of foam tape.




Turn a piece of the 12 x 12 Midnight Magic paper over so the clocks are facing down and the side with the fences are facing you.  Find the center of the page and cut out a square 8 ½” x 8 ½” from the center of the paper and set to the side.  Ink the edges of the black paper to remove the white core (or you may use the black sharpie marker to color the black paper edges).  Cut 5 strips from the Word Play paper 12” wide x 1” high.  Cut one of the strips in half and join the two pieces onto the ends of two of the remaining strips – matching up the lines on the paper.  This step extends two of the paper strips long enough to go around the two long sides of the Midnight Magic paper.  Adhere one of the 12” long strips of stripe paper to the top of the black Midnight Magic Paper (on the back of it) and the second one to the bottom of the Midnight Magic paper showing ¼” of the stripe paper.  Now take the two strips that you made longer and adhere one strip to each of the two sides of the Midnight Magic paper and trim the edges.  This step forms a stripe border all the way around the Midnight Magic paper.  Adhere this paper frame you have just made to the top of the Matchbook Box.

To complete the box, cut three pieces measuring 12” wide x 2” high from the Fright Night Paper.  Cut one of the pieces in half and adhere each of these two new pieces to the two remaining 12” wide pieces, once again you need to make these strips longer than their original 12” to cover the bottom and top ends of the box.  Cut these two new pieces to fit the length of the top and bottom of the box and adhere them in place.



Cut-out pieces

Using the photo as a guide, cut out three clocks (one medium and two small) from the Pumpkin Time paper, the large pumpkin hanging from the largest clock on the paper, the little girl sitting on a pumpkin and an additional sunflower and leaves from the Jolly Jack-O-Lantern paper and the witch with the green dress on and the witch with the white dress on from the Trick or Treat paper.

Powder the back of four Halloween postage stamp stickers from the sticker sheet and place foam mounting tape on the back. 

Corner detail

Using the photo as a guide, lay out all the decorative pieces (the additional sunflower and the witch with the white dress are for the inside of the box).  Once you are happy with the layout, begin by adhering each piece one at a time.  Some of the elements have foam tape on the back of them to give the project dimension but this is an optional step.  Cut one of the small clocks in half vertically down through the 12 and 6 and adhere it to the right side on the top of the box on the Midnight Magic paper and cut the second small clock in half horizontally between the 9 and 3 and adhere this clock to the Midnight Magic paper at the top edge of the box.  Remove the back prongs from a Stamped Metal Brad and adhere to the center of the large clock in the bottom left corner of the box.



Box Layout

To complete the inside of the box make a layout following the instructions below and then adhere the layout into the box.  Cut the top strip from the piece of 12 x 12 Jeeper’s Creeper’s paper.  This will form the background of your layout.  Cut a piece 6” wide x 9” high from Enchanted Garden paper.  This piece of paper is adhered to the Jeeper’s Creeper’s paper approx with either adhesive or foam mounting tape.  Center this piece top to bottom on the background paper and then bring it in approx the same amount of space from the right edge the background paper.


Cut a piece from the Trick or Treat paper 8 1/2” wide x 8” high.  Cut a strip of the “Halloween” sentiment from the Midnight Magic paper and adhere it to the bottom edge of the Trick or Treat paper.  Trim off the edges.  Adhere the Trick or Treat paper to the layout, centering the right side on top of the green Enchanted garden paper and once again bringing it in from the right edge approx the same amount.  Cut a piece of Jolly Jack-O-Lantern paper 8” wide x 5” high and adhere it to the Trick or Treat paper.  From the Bewitched paper, cut a strip 3” wide x 6 ½” high and adhere it to the right side of the layout on top of all the previous layers.  Cut a piece of Word Play 6” wide x 5 ½” high and adhere it to the layout with regular adhesive or foam mounting tape for dimension.



Door Plate

Cut a strip from Enchanted Garden 1” wide x 5 ½” high and two small pieces approx ¼” square.  Adhere these pieces to the center of the door plate to cover it.  Using a sharpie marker, color the four metal brads that came with the door plate black.  Once they are dry, insert them into the holes and bend back the prongs.  Adhere the metal door plate to the layout with foam mounting tape.  Remove the back prongs from three Metal Button Staples.  Adhere the letters to spell out “BOO” from the Happy Haunting Alphabet Sticker sheet with a stronghold adhesive after you have powdered the back of the stickers to remove the original adhesive.   For this step use the capital B and the two lowercase O’s.  Once the letters are dry on the Metal Buttons, adhere them with a stronghold adhesive to the Metal Plate.  Adhere the metal Door Plate to the layout with two layers of foam mounting tape for extra dimension.  Adhere the round clock sticker from the Happy Haunting Sticker sheet to the Door Knob in the same way you adhered the “Boo” letters.  Once this is dry adhere it to the layout with a stronghold adhesive.  Add the small witch cut-out and sunflower to the bottom right corner of the layout as shown.

Wow, thank you Lynette Carroll for that fantastic tutorial. We hope you all enjoyed today's fun and festive Halloween blog. We also hope this Halloween brings you fantastic memories that will last a lifetime! Don't forget to take some photos! Please join us again tomorrow for more exceptional crafts right here on the Graphic 45 blog. We wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween!

Happy Papercrafting!

Your Friends at Graphic 45



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