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April 18, 2013

A Very Special Birthday Blog!



Hello G45ers,


Today is a very special birthday celebration on the blog! Our very own Director of Operations, Aimee Filimoehala, is celebrating a birthday today! She is such an amazing lady and we're so glad she is one of the great leaders of the Graphic 45 Team!

We have gotten together a fun interview of Diane Schultz, Aimee's mother, and Charee Filimoehala, Aimee's sister. This should be lots of fun!


Interview with Diane Schultz for Aimee's Birthday :

1. You had mainly sons, and then were blessed with Aimee as your first daughter. Were you so happy to have a little girl?
Diane: After having four sons, I had pretty much given-up on having a girl. Because my children were born C-section (under general anesthesia back then), I got to be surprised, incredulous and thrilled three or four times as I surfaced in and out of anesthesia. When they finally laid my beautiful baby daughter in my arms I couldn't stop crying!
Aimee and Diane and the Louvre
Aimee and Diane at The Louvre in Paris

2. What is one of Aimee's defining characteristics that differs from your other children?
Diane: Aimee was born "knowing" what she wanted—even at two or three she was very determined. That trait has served her well. She has always worked hard and been undeterred in achieving her goals.
Aimee shopping for inspiration
Aimee shopping for inspiration in a local consignment shop in Portland.

3. Aimee and you were the sole employees of Graphic 45 when it first began. How was it to start a business with Aimee?
Diane: Launching Graphic 45 was hard work involving long LONG hours—but we laughed a lot and had so much fun doing it. I think we realized it was the beginning of an amazing significant journey and how lucky we were to be sharing it as mother and daughter—together.

4. What wishes would you like to share with Aimee today?
Diane: I am so proud of and grateful for my "Meemers"—she is an extraordinary woman! I wish her strength, clarity, courage, acceptance, peace and great joy in continuing to follow her own unique path.
Charee and Aimee Filimoehala (from left to right)
Interview with Charee Filimoehala for Aimee's Birthday:
1. Aimee and you are very close, and she was also your only sister in your large family. Were you such good friends all growing up?
Charee: Yes, Aimee has always been a best friend, and at times like a second mother to me.  However, when Aimee became a teen the last thing she probably wanted was having her pesky little sister following her around.  As she matured and exerted her independence she became an even greater role model to me.
Photo 3
Aimee age 5, Charee age 1
2. Rumor is, Aimee had you carry her around when you both were little. Tell us a little about that funny story. 

Charee: Aimee has always been a health nut, and to get me into her workout routine she would have me give her piggy back rides up and down the stairs.  It was a sister sister strength training program.   
3. How is to work with your sister Aimee in the Portland office? 

Charee: Working with family is a great blessing.  Aimee is one of the hardest working people I have had the opportunity to work with, in the last 4+ years she has taught me invaluable skills.  Plus, we get to create new products, travel, teach and meet great new people, and we get to do it as a family.  
4. Does Henry have anything special up his sleeve for Aimee this birthday? :)
Photo 1

Charee: I wouldn't be surprised.  He's always has something up his sleeve (most the time it's kisses.) 
5. What would you like to say to Aimee in honor of her birthday? 

Charee: Happy Birthday to my sister, boss, best friend, and Auntie Mimeers!  Remembering all of the good times we have shared so far, makes me excited about the days/years to come.  I look forward to the giggle fits, the long late night talks, pedicure, and holidays filled with boardgames and green bean casserole. Enjoy your travels on this joyous day, I love you!
Photo 2
Charee, Aimee, and Diane at Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
We certainly do wish Aimee the BEST birthday! She is so fantastic, a wonderful hard worker, and always with a smile and a laugh. We hope your birthday is as great as you, Aimee!
Next, we have a couple birthday cards found on Pinterest which are perfect on this blog birthday celebration!

First, we have this Secret Garden "Happy Birthday" card found on Pinterest, but it was pinned from the Scrapbook.com Gallery. This card was made by user, TheCharmedOne, and uses Secret Garden simply beautifully!


Next, we found this fun Le Cirque card on Pinterest, which had also been originally shared on the Scrapbook.com Gallery! This is by Scrapbook.com user, Asassyscrapper, and she uses Le Cirque so wonderfully and we love this sentiment!


Thank you for joining us on the blog for this special birthday celebration for Aimee! Also, thanks to our amazing G45ers who make such beautiful creations with our product! Amazing work and we cannot wait to see you tomorrow on the blog!


Happy Papercrafting,

Your Friends at Graphic 45


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congratulations and thanks for beautiful products to make art with

Happy birthday Aimee, hope you have a great day. Thank you graphic45 for the inspiration.

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Aimee. Thanks G45 for all the things y ou do for us crafters. We love you all.

Happy Birthday Aimee!!! Wishes for a beautiful day!

Happy birthday Aimee! Have a wonderful sunny celebration!

Happy Birthday Aimee, have a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday Aimee, I hope that it is everything you dreamed of and more. You have helped make one of the best companies in the world...in my book...which really is the only one that counts. Thank you and I can't wait to see what you come out with next. -Amy

Happy Birthday! I pray that there are many more!

Happy Birthday!

What a beautiful post!! Happy Birthday to Aimee!!

Happy Birthday Aimee! How nice to read such lovely things from your mother and sister. Have a good day.

Happy Birthday to Aimee!!! I met her at the first CHA I attended. Later I found out it was Graphic 45s first time also. They make me feel like a member of Graphic 45 family and admire all that they do!!
Loved the blog post!

Happy Birthday, Aimee! Beautiful cards as always, designers. Great job.

Happy Birthday Aimee! Enjoy your special day!

this is a great day make the most of it

Happy Birthday. Hope it is a day filled with sunshine and happiness.

What a wonderful posting today. I am pregnant with my third child right now too. Both of my two are girls so I am hoping for my first little boy. :-)

Happy Birthday, I hope your day is filled with love, laughter and all things that bring you happiness.

What a wonderful post. So great to see the photos and read the sentiments from the family. Here's hoping Aimee has a beautiful birthday today!

wishing you a most spectacular birthday! :)

Happiest of Birthdays Aimee!

Happy Birthday Aimee!! Hope you have fun and laughter filled day!!



Happy Birthday, Aimee! Thank you, from the tips of my crafty little fingers, for all the long hours, hard work and unseen effort you have put into making your wonderful product. May the joy we feel every time we create with Graphic 45 roll back over your life like a refreshing wave of inspiration and love. Wishing you all the best on your birthday and throughout the coming year.

Happy Birthday Aimee! Many happy returns of your special day today... thank you G45 for sharing a wonderful post!

Sending you a prayer with best wishes and tons of blessings ...many thanks and of course lots of love on your special day. You have brought joy to so many for just having a great company and designers who inspire us all...and all I could hope for is to share my appreciation.
Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday Aimee! The interview with your Mom and Sis made me cry. I just lost my Mom to cancer. Your Mom sounds like an extraordinaroy woman as do you. Enjoy your Special Day and the love that surrounds you.

Happy Birthday, Aimee!

Happy Birthday Aimee! Hope you enjoy your special day.

Both cards are so pretty. I love the SG collection!!!

Have a great day! Awesome cards :)

Happy Birthday Aimee have fun and don't let them work you to hard!

Lovely cards!

Happy Birthday enjoy this special day take care and have fun

Happy Birthday! What great cards you received!

Happy Birthday Aimee!Enjoy your day. Thank you to you and your family for Graphic45, without your line of products what would we have to inspirer us!

Happy Birthday Aimee!

Thank you for using one of me Secret Garden cards for your feature on the blog :) I feel honoured! I've also sent this to your gallery a few weeks ago. Congrats to Aimee on her birthday! Have a wonderful day :D

Happy Birthday Aimee! I hope you have a great day.

Happy Birthday Aimee! Have a great day!

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