unique papercrafting graphic 45

December 28, 2013

Graphic 45 Presents a December Place in Time "Happy Holiday Time" Card


Place in Time "Happy Holiday Time" Card


PlaceInTime-DecCard1 (1)-1

PlaceInTime-DecCard1 (1)-2

PlaceInTime-DecCard1 (1)-3

Download the Place in Time "Happy Holiday Time" Card Project Sheet


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Fabulous card!

Beautiful card

Wonderful card!!

Marvelous card!

Love it! TY!

It was nice seeing such a sweet card. Thank you.

where can i buy this sheet with the santa?

Love the vintage look of this card.

Wonderful card!! Thank you.

Beautiful card here Gloria, you´ve jsut made another gorgeous creations here again. It is sooo beautifgul in every little detail.

I love this one! You can't go wrong with stars. Thanks for sharing, Jess

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