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March 18, 2015

Magical Altered Art with Miranda Edney


Many of you know the amazing Miranda Edney. She is such a talented artist - from altered art to mixed media to anything she tries, she makes unforgettable projects! Today, to continue our National Craft Month interviews, we'll find out what makes Miranda ticks creatively. How fun!



An Interview with Miranda Edney

1. Why do you craft?

I craft because it makes me happy! And because it's a way to express myself and give a unique gift to those I love. It all started years ago when I wanted to make my honey something sweet to tell him "I love you." After that first album ( all done with construction paper , markers, and a cheap photo album ) I was hooked! I wish I could share pix with you of that first album LOL! Of course I look at it now and get a giggle, but ya know what, it is still my honey's favorite piece! Crafting is also very therapeutic for me. Few things make me happier than escaping to my craft room :)

2. What do you feel is your crafting forte?


This one is easy Lol.... ALTERED ART! I love all forms of crafting, but altering pieces is where I am truly happy and comfortable! I get such a rush when I find a unique piece that I feel can be fancied up! I'm always on a treasure hunt!

3. What inspires and motivates you to be creative?

Ya know I really thought about this question, and I do get inspired by a lot of things. Ultimately though, I honestly get inspired by the pieces I find to alter! As soon as I find something, my mind goes to work figuring out what I can do with it. Where can I place paper is usually the first thought, and my mind soars from there. If I am doing a simple project then just getting my supplies out and taking a good look at what I am going to use inspires me, and gets my gears moving. I also get very inspired by other crafters, there are a few ladies that just blow my mind with their incredible work ( ahem… one of my teammies for instance, Nichola Battilana!). And Pinterest of course! I get inspired on Pinterest a lot, and it's usually not by looking at crafts. A picture, a wedding cake, some vintage camera, things like that get my creative energy going.

4. What do you do with your projects once they're complete?

I have many ways that I display my pieces, they pretty much take up the entire house. But half of what I create is for other people. So I gift them out.  I do sell some items as well. Sometimes I will get a comment from someone who is just in love with a piece for a particular reason, and as long as its not a piece that I am attached to I love to surprise people and gift it to them.

5. What is the funniest craft disaster you've ever had?

Honestly, I cannot think of a single stand out disaster! I have had lots of little mishaps, like accidentally gluing things shut, like boxes ( okay I am busted! There have been a couple occassions when I went on and took pix of the box , glued lid and all LOL). I have terrible luck with adhesives! I love using Fabri Tac , but I cannot tell you how many times I accidentally left the bottle on its side, only to come in the next day and find the entire contents oozed out. And of course I love to play with it, because it is like rubber Lol. Little things like this happen often. I ALWAYS get paints and mediums all over my clothes, and hot glue in my hair.  And I have had plenty of project fails that never saw the light of day. So don’t think you are alone on that :)

You are one talented artist, and we loved getting to know you better, Miranda! 

Now, Miranda shares an amazing altered Baby 2 Bride box with a great tutorial to go along with it. Amazing!

"My favorite projects are of course altered art! Nothing makes me happier than creating these pieces! Graphic 45 has  a nice variety of pieces to alter! Especially with the new releases! Window Shadow Boxes, Mixed Media Albums, and their Boxes that are so fun to work with! This is an older box from them, and I have a process video for you to watch. Hugs!" ~Miranda

Try this altered box by Miranda Edney using Baby 2 Bride! #graphic45


Miranda's YouTube Tutorial

A beautiful Baby 2 Bride altered box by Miranda! Check out her video for this great project #graphic45

Gorgeous mixed media on this glorious Baby 2 Bride altered box #graphic45

"Love" Baby 2 Bride altered box by the incredible Miranda #graphic45

Butterflies, flowers, lace, and more on this gorgeous mixed media masterpiece by Miranda using Baby 2 Bride #graphic45

Gorgeous Baby 2 Bride altered box by Miranda #graphic45

Supply List

Baby 2 Bride Deluxe Collectors Edition
Graphic 45 Staples
Ornate Metal Keys
Shabby Chic Door Pulls
Graphic 45 Mixed Media Box Ivory
Tim Holtz Box Feet
Metal corners
Recollections Wooden Embellishments

Today, there's also extra inspiration over on the Paper Crafter's Library Blog! Go take a look at a brilliant project by Rhea Freitag!


Go Visit the Paper Crafter's Library Blog!

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Thanks for joining us today! We hope you have a fantastic Wednesday.

Happy Altering,

Graphic 45

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WOW, Miranda's box is amazing! Her tutorial has given me inspiration on how I want to decorate the G45 Album I won (to be gifted to my girlfriend for her birthday), so many thanks:)

Fab! Love this box - beautiful colour scheme too! xx

What a beautiful box! Thanks for the inspiration, Miranda!

You make it look so easy! Beautiful!

LOVE this pretty altered box! Especially the paper curling up on the edge! What a great touch! TFS!

Yay! I have been impatiently waiting to see Miranda, she is in my opinion, the top creative of peeps out there!! Luurvve everything you do, Miranda, you know that! What sets her apart too is (& I am lucky to have followed & occasionally pm'd her for years) such a beautiful, generous person inside & out! This altered box is absolutely stunning (of course)! I am rather behind at YouTube but as soon as I can, will catch up with you there. Looking forward to following you (in a non-stalker type way, lol) for many more years to come.... :))))))

Beautiful and inspiring artwork, Miranda! Thanks, G45.

What a beautiful project! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us.

That's a beautiful box.

Thank you for sharing this lovely project and your thoughts, Miranda...I am off to see what can be done to change one of the umpteen boxes I hoard.

Miranda is so creative when it comes to altered art pieces. I don't think she ever sleeps, ha!ha! Her mind doesn't, that's for sure. It's always a treat for the eyes when I see a new piece that she's created. G45 and Miranda are a great match.

Wow! Beautiful box!

What a gorgeous and elegant box. Someone will be doing a happy dance to get their hands on this lovely box for their daughter! Thanks for sharing your art.

Absolutely gorgeous.

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