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Mar 22, 2015 5:00:00 AM

Find Peace in Creativity with Rhea Freitag


Rhea Freitag has such a stunning sense for altered art. Her configuration trays, boxes, and creations are always so brilliantly detailed and every embellishment looks like it was placed where it was meant to be. Her work is stunning, and today you get to know a little more about her creative process, how she finds it therapeutic, and her crafting forte. The National Craft Month interviews continue!

An Interview with Rhea Freitag! #graphic45 #nationalcraftmonth

An Interview with Rhea Freitag

1. Why do you craft?

Crafting and creating for me is therapeutic.  I lose track of time when I am making things and I find myself very much at peace when engaged in creative activities.  I have learned that I also love the craft of publishing my blog as this allows for photography, composing text and hopefully inspiring others.  

2. What do you feel is your crafting forte?

I feel my creative strengths lie in altered art, book making and assemblage.  I strive to create pieces that tell a story, invoke memory and engage the observer interactively through movement.  Many of the objects in my work have personal meaning to me as I love symbolism.  

3. What inspires and motivates you to be creative?

Working on design teams has been a huge motivation and inspiration for me, right along with the stress relief I mentioned earlier.  Designing  in a creative group, inspiring followers and collaborating with different companies has all really helped me to grow leaps and bounds since I started my creative journey.  Having these assignments (sometimes way out of my comfort zone or media!!!) pushes me to try new things and get even more creative.  

4. What do you do with your projects once they're complete?

Most of my finished works are stashed around the house.  I also often give things away as gifts to family and friends if the subject matter suits them.  Since I have so much stuff, I have recently also been dragging more to my office at work.  Probably the most fun thing I have done with some of my finished work is abandon them for others to find as a random act of kindness.  

Graphic 45 Art Display Buffet by Rhea Freitag #graphic45

Graphic 45 Art Display Buffet by Rhea Freitag #graphic45

Mantle art display by Rhea Freitag #graphic45

Graphic 45 Art Display Mantle by Rhea Freitag #graphic45

5. What is the funniest craft disaster you've ever had?

I cannot recall one that is funny thus far!

We love your altered projects and love your amazing displays! Thanks for sharing with us, Rhea!

Now, Rhea shows you how she makes her altered masterpieces! Learn how she creates this amazing shadowbox.

"For this assignment the team was asked to create a project in their favorite style and create a tutorial.  Since I really enjoy assemblage work and shadowboxes, I decided I would show folks how easy it is to create a complex piece.  There is a Snapguide to show off all my little secrets to making an assemblage with lots of interest.  I used Raining Cats and Dogs as my paper of choice and I adore how whimsical this one turned out! Cheers!" ~Rhea

Learn how to make this gorgeous shadowbox with a tutorial from Rhea using Raining Cats & Dogs #graphic45

Check out How to Make a Small Shadow Box by Rhea Freitag on Snapguide.  

Rhea's Snapguide Tutorial

Amazing pieces of Rhea's Raining Cats & Dogs shadowbox #graphic45

Amazing pieces of Rhea's Raining Cats & Dogs shadowbox #graphic45

Amazing pieces of Rhea's Raining Cats & Dogs shadowbox #graphic45

Make this amazing shadowbox with a tutorial by Rhea using Raining Cats & Dogs #graphic45

Amazing pieces of Rhea's Raining Cats & Dogs shadowbox #graphic45

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8x8 Raining Cats and Dogs Paper
Raining Cats and Dogs Stickers
Washi Tape Set
7 Gypsies Shadowbox
Artful Dwellings Die
Metal and Resin Embellishments

Arlene's Steampunk Spells Fall Tray using G45, Petaloo, and Xyron #graphic45

Here's a great altered printer's tray from the vault for extra inspiration! For our Southern Hemisphere G45ers, this is just perfect for you as you enter into the fall season! This is a gorgeous printer's tray by DT alumni Arlene Cuevas using Steampunk Spells, Petaloo, and Xyron products. Amazing!


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Gorgeous! Thanks so much for joining us this Sunday. We hope you have a fabulous day and enjoy this fabulous inspiration.

Your Pals in Paper,

Graphic 45

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Mar 21, 2015 5:00:00 AM

Learn to Love Fussy Cutting With Tati Scrap

Tati Card7

We love having the talented Tati Scrap on our team! Her cards and projects are always stunning fussy cutting masterpieces. She creates such stunning 3D scenes with just paper and glue. Today, you'll get to know this fabulous designer just a bit better. Enjoy!


An Interview with Tati Scrap

1. Why do you craft?

Everything began on April 2013 when I found some ilustrations of  Graphic 45 “French Country”. Luckyly I got them in the USA cause in my country was impossible. In two weeks I received them, then I took my scissors and I did my first pop-up card.

2. What do you feel is your crafting forte?

I love the fussy cutting in minis,cards and altered art.

3. What inspires and motivates you to be creative?

A lot of things, I can see a clock and think how can I put it on a box, or on a piece of wood with lights and butterflies…...

4. What do you do with your projects once they're complete?

I have my blog and use the social media (facebook, instagram). In my house I have a closet to keep some of the projects.


5. What is the funniest craft disaster you've ever had?

Not one at the moment!!!! But be sure that when it happens you will be the first in knowing it...


We love your fussy cutting masterpieces, Tati Scrap! Thanks for talking with us!


Now, Tati Scrap shares a brilliant card using An ABC Primer! This card is just fantastic.

"Love the pop-up cards..and this, with the amazing reedited ABC Primer collection, it´s pure love!!" ~Tati Scrap

Learn how to make this brilliant An ABC Primer card with a tutorial from Tati Scrap #graphic45

Check out How to Make a Pop-Up Card With G45 ABC by Tati Scrap on Snapguide.  

Tati Scrap's Pop-Up Card Snapguide

The 3D magic of this card is just wonderful by Tati Scrap using An ABC Primer! #graphic45

"Hey Diddle Diddle" - a gorgeous ABC Primer card by Tati Scrap. Make it yourself with her tutorial #Graphic45

See the pop-up fun inside this ABC Primer card by Tati Scrap! Love this #graphic45

Oh wow, what a great card! Learn how to make this ABC Primer pop-up card with a tutorial from Tati Scrap #graphic45

An ABC Primer pop-up card by the amazing Tati Scrap! #graphic45


Supply List:

ABC Primer Deluxe Collector's Edition
Stickles: Platinium

See more An ABC Primer projects on our Pinterest board below. The opportunities are endless with this great collection!

Follow Graphic 45®'s board An ABC Primer on Pinterest.

Thanks for joining us today! It was such a joy to get to know Tati Scrap more. Join us tomorrow for more interviews and tutorials!

Happy Papercrafting,

Graphic 45

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Mar 20, 2015 5:00:00 AM

Get to Know the Creative Imagination of Nichola Battilana


We love the imagination of Nichola Battilana! She truly is an incredible artist filled with innovative ideas and gorgeous designs. Today, you'll get to know more about her. Plus, she shares a Botanical Tea treat and tutorial filled with techniques and details that reflect her love for altered art!

An Interview with Nichola Battilana for National Craft Month #graphic45

An Interview with Nichola Battilana

1. Why do you craft?

It keeps me sane! If I go a few days without creating something I get really grumpy. Really. Just ask my husband. For me, it’s also a way to communicate and connect with others and a source of income.

2. What do you feel is your crafting forte?

Altered art or mixed media and sculptural paper items. I love cards and ATC’s and collage. I have a lot of respect for layout artists because that is definitely my Achillies heel.

3. What inspires and motivates you to be creative?

Everything! People, old stuff, beautiful things, nature… you name it. I see something out in the world and an idea pops into my head and I run to find my paper, scissors and glue.

4. What do you do with your projects once they're complete?

I am VERY fortunate to have a space in my house which acts as a sort of showroom. A few times a year I open up for people to visit. In the summer I get quite a few people poking around, trying to find the pixies and faeries that live here. Some of my work get’s put on etsy, some goes to shops, some of it I hoard :)


5. What is the funniest craft disaster you've ever had?

I glue my fingers together on a regular basis. I have accidentally ironed my leg. I have sewn projects to my pants. I frequently apply things upside-down. The funniest thing that ever happened was when I was building something in my yard, looked at my arm and saw a terrible rash!



I was certain I was going to die! I felt faint! Then I realized it was from the spray paint I’d used 10 minutes earlier.

Oh dear! Glad it was just a crafty false alarm! Tricky spray paint. Ha, thanks for sharing with us, Nichola!

Now, Nichola shares a beautiful Botanical Tea Mixed Media Box and tutorial. Enjoy this awesome project!

"I’ll say my forte is mixed media or altered art... but really it’s just playing with paper. I’m also fascinated by miniatures and love to create little worlds. Sooo, I thought that I’d create a little tea house with Botanical Tea inside a Mixed Media 5x5 Box and show you how to make your own too. This project is easily adaptable and you could create a whole little town if you like. Perhaps a pet shop with Raining Cats and Dogs, or a train station with Come Away With Me. You could also adapt this project into a dollhouse for little crafters by keeping the embellishments and fiddly bits to a minimum." ~Nichola

Learn how to make this beautiful altered Botanical Tea box with a tutorial from Nichola #graphic45

Check out How to Make a Miniature Botanical Tea House With G45 by Nichola Battilana on Snapguide.  

Nichola's Snapguide Tutorial

Love the details on the inside of this awesome Botanical Tea altered box by Nichola! Magical! #graphic45

Learn how to make this Botanical Tea house with a tutorial from Nichola! #graphic45

Beautiful banners and layers on this Botanical Tea house by Nichola #graphic45

"A Cup of Tea warms the soul like a good friend" from Nichola's Botanical Tea house #graphic45

We could live here! Botanical Tea house by Nichola #graphic45

What's inside? Click to see this magical creation by Nichola! #graphic45

Botanical Tea house by Nichola which you can also create! #graphic45

Botanical Tea house by Nichola #graphic45


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Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Robin's Egg

Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Hello Friend

Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Herbal Infusion

Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Love Notes

Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Banners

Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Tags & Pockets

Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Chipboard 1

Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Chipboard 2

Graphic 45 Mixed Media 5x5 Box-Ivory

Graphic 45 Ornate Metal Keys

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Tiny faux flowers
Petaloo Petites Teastained Pink
Petaloo Botanica Petites


Now, let's announce our winner from our contest this week! Our randomly chosen winner of the $60 Time to Flourish prize pack is...


-Tina McMurray

Congratulations, Tina! Please email joanna@g45papers.com to claim your prize. Thanks for taking part in our challenge, G45ers!

Thanks for joining us today and congrats again to our winner! Join us this weekend for more fun National Craft Month interviews. See you tomorrow!

Happy Papercrafting,

Graphic 45

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Mar 19, 2015 5:00:00 AM

Discover Your Personal Style with Nadya Lifa

Baby2bride book box graphic 45_ nadya lifa 4

Nadya Lifa is such an incredible designer and she makes such whimsical, beautiful projects filled with mixed textures, gorgeous color palettes, and luscious layers. Today, we'll get to know Nadya a little better and she'll share a brilliant altered Baby 2 Bride project with a tutorial. It will simply make your day! Enjoy this wonderful interview.

Headshot_Nadya Lifa

An Interview with Nadya Lifa

1. Why do you craft?

I discovered the world of scrapbooking 4 years ago and since I can`t stop. I love to scrap, because in this area there are plenty of techniques and materials, I can reveal different sides of myself, I can try and learn something new all the time. It is so inspiring. It inspires not only create, but also to live! Every day for creating beautiful things, boxes, cards, layouts, albums, leaving memories of the family.

2. What do you feel is your crafting forte?

There was a time when I was scared to start something: scary the first time to make a card or LO, scared to take on the first album. But when you hold in your hands these magical things that you created, you realize that nothing is scary! Now I find it hard to say that I love to do most, I like to create the same cards, albums, boxes, layouts, fabric altered projects - everything. I think that the main thing - to decide with your favorite materials and style that will open your all sides in maximum.

3. What inspires and motivates you to be creative?

Most of all I am inspired by the colors and combinations of colors, and even music. I often find interesting combinations and think about these colors: “Oh, would look great together in a postcard!” Sometimes I write these ideas, because inspiration around us and  we have not time to get done all the project, which wants to do! I love to listening to the music, it makes me to the correct way, and I find it easier to work!

4. What do you do with your projects once they're complete?

All the works I give to friends and family or leave to myself. In all my rooms of my house there are my projects, I like the fact that they decorate the apartment and radiate positive warm! I love handmade things, they are so cool and more soulful than factory things.

Layouts I put in a big beautiful box,albums are on the shelves, as well as boxes. More than often I give cards to my friends.


5. What is the funniest craft disaster you've ever had?

At home I have 2 biggest helper: a cat Carolina and a dog Milena.  ISomeone sit on my knees every time, when I work. All the most funny moments associated with them, they love to brings his orders. The most favorite is when I do an LO and display all the details, and Caroline comes in and impertinently lie down on the project, sweeping  by legs all the details!!!  Milena when she was a little puppy eat two of my album, I was happy that I managed to photograph them before Milena turned them into a junk! Sometimes I spilled coffee on my work, but I believe that there is nothing wrong and it is always possible to turn a minus into a plus!


What a sweet distraction! Love this, Nadya. So great to get to know you better!

Now, enjoy Nadya's gorgeous project. She shows off her love for crafting so beautifully, and bonus: There's a tutorial!

"This project is fully reflects my attachments in scrapbooking: I love the fussy cutting,shadowboxes, love working with fabric. That's all - my passion!


First, I took a terrific Graphic 45 Staples Book box, I have fitted it with a fabric, edge of box I painted in pale pink color and paste over the entire surface of paper items. I also decorated the cover with paper elements from amazing Baby 2 Bride Collection, and from pieces of fabric I weaved a braid! Of course, not without shadowbox! I love them! I took out a wooden box (with a chipboard), I painted it and added details of lace and paper. I stick the shadowbox to the cover  inside, it turned out great!

It was very girlish, feminine soft box! It will be a perfect box for memorabilia of a little newborn girl! Just try it with my Snapguide tutorial and the best of the best G45 materials! Love you!" ~Nadya

Try this beautiful baby box using Baby 2 Bride with a tutorial from Nadya Lifa #graphic45

Check out How to Create a BabyBox for Baby Shower by Nadya Tana Lifa on Snapguide.  

Nadya's Snapguide Tutorial

Gorgeous fabric, layers, and fussy cutting on this Baby 2 Bride box by Nadya! Try it yourself with a tutorial #Graphic45

Welcome baby with this gorgeous Baby 2 Bride altered box - try it yourself! By: Nadya Lifa #graphic45

"Cherish" - check out this gorgeous altered Baby 2 Bride box by Nadya #graphic45

Try this beautiful project yourself! Click to see the tutorial #graphic45

Oh, how glorious! Make this yourself with a tutorial by Nadya using Baby 2 Bride #graphic45

Supply List

Graphic 45  Baby 2 Bride Deluxe Collector's Edition
Graphic 45  Precious Memories  Cherish

Graphic 45  Precious Memories  Sugar and Spice

Graphic 45 Staples  Book Box

Spellbinders Die
Acrilyc paint
Wooden Shadowbox

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Thanks for joining us today! Tomorrow, we have more great interviews and amazing projects. See you then!

Happy Creating,

Graphic 45

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Magical Altered Art with Miranda Edney


Many of you know the amazing Miranda Edney. She is such a talented artist - from altered art to mixed media to anything she tries, she makes unforgettable projects! Today, to continue our National Craft Month interviews, we'll find out what makes Miranda ticks creatively. How fun!



An Interview with Miranda Edney

1. Why do you craft?

I craft because it makes me happy! And because it's a way to express myself and give a unique gift to those I love. It all started years ago when I wanted to make my honey something sweet to tell him "I love you." After that first album ( all done with construction paper , markers, and a cheap photo album ) I was hooked! I wish I could share pix with you of that first album LOL! Of course I look at it now and get a giggle, but ya know what, it is still my honey's favorite piece! Crafting is also very therapeutic for me. Few things make me happier than escaping to my craft room :)

2. What do you feel is your crafting forte?


This one is easy Lol.... ALTERED ART! I love all forms of crafting, but altering pieces is where I am truly happy and comfortable! I get such a rush when I find a unique piece that I feel can be fancied up! I'm always on a treasure hunt!

3. What inspires and motivates you to be creative?

Ya know I really thought about this question, and I do get inspired by a lot of things. Ultimately though, I honestly get inspired by the pieces I find to alter! As soon as I find something, my mind goes to work figuring out what I can do with it. Where can I place paper is usually the first thought, and my mind soars from there. If I am doing a simple project then just getting my supplies out and taking a good look at what I am going to use inspires me, and gets my gears moving. I also get very inspired by other crafters, there are a few ladies that just blow my mind with their incredible work ( ahem… one of my teammies for instance, Nichola Battilana!). And Pinterest of course! I get inspired on Pinterest a lot, and it's usually not by looking at crafts. A picture, a wedding cake, some vintage camera, things like that get my creative energy going.

4. What do you do with your projects once they're complete?

I have many ways that I display my pieces, they pretty much take up the entire house. But half of what I create is for other people. So I gift them out.  I do sell some items as well. Sometimes I will get a comment from someone who is just in love with a piece for a particular reason, and as long as its not a piece that I am attached to I love to surprise people and gift it to them.

5. What is the funniest craft disaster you've ever had?

Honestly, I cannot think of a single stand out disaster! I have had lots of little mishaps, like accidentally gluing things shut, like boxes ( okay I am busted! There have been a couple occassions when I went on and took pix of the box , glued lid and all LOL). I have terrible luck with adhesives! I love using Fabri Tac , but I cannot tell you how many times I accidentally left the bottle on its side, only to come in the next day and find the entire contents oozed out. And of course I love to play with it, because it is like rubber Lol. Little things like this happen often. I ALWAYS get paints and mediums all over my clothes, and hot glue in my hair.  And I have had plenty of project fails that never saw the light of day. So don’t think you are alone on that :)

You are one talented artist, and we loved getting to know you better, Miranda! 

Now, Miranda shares an amazing altered Baby 2 Bride box with a great tutorial to go along with it. Amazing!

"My favorite projects are of course altered art! Nothing makes me happier than creating these pieces! Graphic 45 has  a nice variety of pieces to alter! Especially with the new releases! Window Shadow Boxes, Mixed Media Albums, and their Boxes that are so fun to work with! This is an older box from them, and I have a process video for you to watch. Hugs!" ~Miranda

Try this altered box by Miranda Edney using Baby 2 Bride! #graphic45


Miranda's YouTube Tutorial

A beautiful Baby 2 Bride altered box by Miranda! Check out her video for this great project #graphic45

Gorgeous mixed media on this glorious Baby 2 Bride altered box #graphic45

"Love" Baby 2 Bride altered box by the incredible Miranda #graphic45

Butterflies, flowers, lace, and more on this gorgeous mixed media masterpiece by Miranda using Baby 2 Bride #graphic45

Gorgeous Baby 2 Bride altered box by Miranda #graphic45

Supply List

Baby 2 Bride Deluxe Collectors Edition
Graphic 45 Staples
Ornate Metal Keys
Shabby Chic Door Pulls
Graphic 45 Mixed Media Box Ivory
Tim Holtz Box Feet
Metal corners
Recollections Wooden Embellishments

Today, there's also extra inspiration over on the Paper Crafter's Library Blog! Go take a look at a brilliant project by Rhea Freitag!


Go Visit the Paper Crafter's Library Blog!

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Thanks for joining us today! We hope you have a fantastic Wednesday.

Happy Altering,

Graphic 45

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