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May 01, 2010

We are having a contest! We need your help!

Howdy everyone,

First of all, I hope that your interNational Scrapbook Day was fun and you got lots done, visited with friends at a local crop or online.  We also hope you did a few layouts and projects using Graphic45 paper!

So listen....we are having a little contest. 

I bet the girls here in the office that I can get 500 new Graphic45 fans in ONE WEEK!  They don't believe me, but I left with a big box of paper and the OK to give it away!  So that is exactly what I am going to do!  You dont have to ask me TWICE!

So here is the plan.  Log into your Facebook page, then visit http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=49782532635 and invite all your friends to be a fan of Graphic45.  Once you have done this, come back here and leave a comment with your name and tell us what your favorite collection is.  We will randomly choose NEW fans and then come back here and pick some winners from the comments!  So get busy and start inviting! 


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You will definitely reach your goal!!! I am now a fan on Facebook and I tried to invite friends but something went wrong so I will try again in the morning.
My favorite line is Playtime Past. I love it!!!
Andrea MacDonald

Hi I'm Esther from sunny Singapore. More aptly Scorching Singapore. Done! Invited friends to become friends to become fans! Fav collection is Communique!

Hey Candy, I am now a fan, and I am inviting my friends to be fans but I bet they all already are!!! I have a hard time choosing my favorite line - I am currently making an album for Uncle Ray out of A Proper Gentleman (he is, he always wears his Bowler Hat).


hi, i have a scrapbooking shop in south africa and we just love graphic 45!

i have invited everyone on scrapaholics facebook page and all my friends.

i'll mention it on the blog too www.scrapaholicsblog.blogspot.com

no doubt you'll reach your goal, and more

oh yes, favourite range is probably domestic godess


Thats not fair - I have a new favourite every week...right now - Le Romantique!!

Done! Some of my friends are already fans too. I no doubt you'll reach the goal.
It's no so easy to choose..
Right now I love Transatlantique.
Thanks for the chance to win.
Regards from Spain. Cuchy

hello, I am Magdalena from Poland - I have invited all my scraping friend from facebook.

I have to collection of Graphic45 papers, that I love the most - Fashionista and le'romatique

thanks for the chance to win


Ok..done..I invited the 85 of my friends who werent fans already!!
My favourite is...(can I say every range??) LOL..naw..I guess i cant pick one..Im tied for On the Boardwalk and Domestic Goddess..is it bad to love them all??LOL..ok..nup..cant pick just one..
Good luck with your goal!!!
Love, Deb Godleyxx

Hi from Utah!
Just became a fan and invited friends to do the same. I'm crazy in love with Times Nouveau. Those type key papers and Route 66 Die Cut tags speak to me.

Yes, just happened, i have invited al my friends
good luck!

Invited friends...joined myself....LOVE YOUR PAPERS!!

Favorite.....Baby 2 Bride!

U've invited all my crafty friends. My favourite collection has to be Le Romantique

I am currently using domestic goddess for my ancestors scrap books but I have almost run out and would love the on the boardwalk collection to continue with my family history

Hi, I joined up on facebook. I love so many of the collections but have been working on 'kid' pages and I love the Playtimes Past Pages, especially 'I think I can'.


Invitations have been sent out :D
My favourite collection... I think there's a tie between Times Noveau and Domestic Goddess, though Le Romantique is to die for too.

My invites are out there. This is so incredibly exciting. 500 in one week, you got it, no prob.
My fav is a tie between about 4 lines, Christmastime Past, Le Romantique, Domestic Goddess and Playtimes Past.

I've sent my invitations out! How can I pick a favorite, I love them all. I was working on an altered recipe box using Domestic Goddess as a gift and could not get hardly any papers for it. Everyone I know loves G45! My favs are Comminique, Domestic Goddess, A Proper Gentlemen and Christmas pastimes.

My current favorite is Le Romantique, but they are all fabulous!

I invited all my facebook friends to become your fan , Love all graphic 45 but I have to say my fav is fashionista and le romantique, thanks for the chance to win PP

I just joined your group on FB and invited all of my scrapping friends! My fave collection is Reniassance Faire!

Done! And a favorite collection, so hard to pick just one, but I do love vintage Christmas, so I'd have to go with Christmas Past.

done! I would love to have more G45 for my stash - it is so awesome! I love the Christmas Past and Renaissance Faire.

Hi!!! I invited all my facebook friends to become your fans! And may favorite collection is le'romantique.
Thanks for chance to vin PP.

They are now invited!! Good Luck on reaching 500 ~ I hope you make it!

I love On The Boardwalk!! Now off to invite some friends!

Im a fan now! My favorite is the Boardwalk collection!

you will reach your goal. i am a fan. :)

all the papers are gorgeous but I think my fave is Le Romantique :-) I have invited all my crafty friends to join the club :-)


I'm a fan and have sent invites out :)
My favorite line is Times Nouveau

I am a fan and my favorite line is Domestic Goddess!

I am now a fan on facebook & invited my friends to become friends! I love the boardwalk collection!

I am a fan, I invited over 20 people to become fans, and my favorite line is Times Nouveau!

I'm now in your Facebook fan club :)

Ann Cicilie Flått

I've been a fan since the beginning on fb, and have invited my friends to become one, too. :) Love, love G45! If I had to pick one, probably Paytimes Past. You're asking the impossible, you know! ;)

Oh, sorry, forgot to post my favourite line!

It has to be Le' Romantique right at the moment :)

Ann Cicilie FLått

COOL! I've invited 12 friends to join - hope they do!

My fav line? Communique - though, you don't have a line I don't like! *lol*

all done!

my fave line is Renaissance Faire....but I love them all!!!

i shared on my page and invited a whole lotta friends. i don't have a favorite line of G45, it changes with what i am working on. i can't get it locally, so the little paper tat i do have left i seem to be hoarding a little more than normal, LOL. i am sure you will reach your goal.

Great incentive! I invited lots of my scrappy friends! Pick a favorite line??? How do I do that?? They are all fabulous! I have used a lot of Domestic Goddess and Proper Gentleman lately....but I also love the Playtime Past and I never found any of it :(

Awesome contest! I'm a new fan on your Facebook page and have just posted it on my Facebook page as well!

My favorite line is Playtimes Past. Thanks so much!


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