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August 04, 2010

How about some more CHA photos to share! Letting off some Steam, Punk that is!

If you did not attend the CHA, then you may not know that our theme was "Steampunk", so our entire crew dressed in this theme with lots of gears, metal, corsets, hats and fun embellishments.

Aimee and Charee...I think I am going to have to nickname Charee "punkadoodles" she is so darn cute!

Madame Diane putting the finishing touches on the booth just before it opens.  The amount of detail that is involved in putting this booth together is mind boggling.  Did you see that hat?

 Aimee, I know you are up to something...just cant figure it out! 

A shot of the "Steampunk Debutante" portion of the booth.

 I am not sure what is more stunning, the booth or these ladies.  Diane along with her daughters, Aimee and Charee take a moment to breathe and take a photo together.

And the whole Graphic45 crew: John, Aimee, Diane, Charee, Candy and Stan.

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments about the booth and the crew, we are so thankful to each of you for being a fan of Graphic45!

Happy PaperCrafting,



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What a fine looking group and the booth was fabulous.....

You all look wonderful, and full of fun!!!

What a gorgeous looking group of people! You all looked as if you had a blast!

Elaine Allen

You all look so great! I just bought some of your paper and I just had to look you up on the web! I love the Steampunk booth! You must have been very busy at CHA, looking so unique. Love it!

Yay Candy it was so much fun hanging with you all... the photos are awesome!

One word - HEAVY. Those hats are more than they appear to be! The neck strength of this good-looking group is not to be under-estimated!

wooooowww.......soooo cooool

wow what a fantastic hat looks like it was a good long party, booth looks lovely

What fabulous hats! You all looked amazing - what fun attire!

You all looked great!

This is such a cool line! I can't wait to get some! Your pics are amazing! I love your hats!

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