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October 14, 2010

Graphic45 "Hallowe'en in Wonderland" on Creating Keepsakes Blog!

The beautiful "Hallowe'en in Wonderland" collection and the story of "Alice in Wonderland" come together in this creative pairing of a huge recycled book from Secret Storage Boxes and a Punky Sprouts album, created by Candy Rosenberg, to make a "spell book" of sorts. 

Here is a SNEAK PEEK, in order to see the entire project, you will need to visit the Creating Keepsakes Blog today!

Leave a comment on this post and tell us what your little ones, whether they be two legged or four legged, are wearing this Halloween and you could win a Hallowe'en in Wonderland paper pad!

 "The vibrant colors of the paper really bring out the "cute spooky" in this spell book and companion story album, this is one of my favorite projects and so happy to share it with you." - Candy

Hop on over to the Creating Keepsakes Blog and see more of this project. 

Team Graphic45!



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As always, another beautiful creation by Candy!!!!! Love the Halloween in Wonderland!
All 4 of my grandsons are going to be Star Wars characters.

Oh Candy, you always create the most beautiful projects! I'm still working on my kids costumes, they want to be satyr's (half human half goat?) go figure.

very nice project.. my little one really hasn't made his mind up.. he goes to pick one out and get to counter to pay and he says no and runs back and puts it back..we have done this three times in the last two weeks so far...the life of a 5 year old ..lol most likely he will be Batman, he is in that faze right now.

I love your Halloween paper! My son is going to be Michelangelo (Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles) and my 3 year old daughter is going to be Minnie Mouse. She LOVES Minnie Mouse.

my DS going disco this year.
my little puppy is dressing up as a hot dog ;)

Really GREAT Paper! I blogged about it a while ago when it was first released. LOVE IT! Wishing my local store would get some of it in!

This Halloween paper is by FAR the best I've EVER seen! It's absolutely stunning! What I couldn't do with it, sigh... So beautiful! Our little ones are already playing witch for quite some time, so that's what they'll be this Halloween!

Love love this paper! My son is going to be a shadow and my little girl is going as Snow White.

Oh and my kiddos are going to be "Jane" from "New Moon", Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, and a pink sparkly cowgirl.

One of them wants to be a horse trainer. The other 4 haven't made up their minds yet. Teenagers always leave things til the last possible second!

i am a huge fan..luv all the paper collections! We have a 7 mos old pup and I'm trying to convince my hubby we should dress him up for Halloween. So far, I'm losing the battle. LOL =)

What a fantastic addition to my G45 stash :) This is one of my favorites!!

That book is just amazing!! Candy is certainly working her magic with your papers! ;)
My black cat would be the perfect Halloween side-kick to my own witch hat and orange wool cloak by just showing up in her usual "black dress". Unfortunately, she's totally refusing to play the part. I suspect that she feels that Halloween is somewhat prejudiced against black cats so she's boycotting the holiday? (But she totally loves Christmas!! :)

Awesome little altered book project, I love it!! My little gremlins are going to be Bumblebee (Transformer) and Ironman... Ironman seems to be HUGE this year! Love, love G45... you guys ROCK! :-)

Halloween yumminess...I made a tag and am working on s mini. I would love some more stash

This one of my favorite papers. I took a class on this group of papers, I came home and created a second book.

, It should be a combination, Grapic 45
and creating keepsakes, the teaching magizine.

Love this paper...my little pommie will be wearing a guy pirate and I am a girl pirate..the little 3 lb pommie will be dracula....he evern hisses on command...he is sure to get us lots of candies for the grandies.

My oldest daughter (17 yrs old) is being Meg Griffin from Family guy ( dad approved, not mom) my 9 yr old daughter is being spock, i know she just loves the movie.
And my 6 year old son is darth vader.

You KNOW what I think of your papers! No one compares...the BEST!

This is by far the best Halloween paper collection to come out this year! And I don't see it as being a passing fad! Everyone loves Alice! It's not just for the holiday! I want to use it for a Classics mini-album for my grandkids too!

I love all paper collections by G45, but this one has to be my favorote


Wow the project is really great. Love the book with compartment and the little booklet inside of course is really cute also.
Ok little ones are not so little anymore. My son is 19 and off at college so he is up to something for Halloween but I am not sure what yet.
My four legged one... Probably not going to have her wear anything for Halloween unless I can sneak for a short time. My husband isn't crazy about me putting stuff on her but I do once in awhile.

Candy, wonderful altered project, but then again I never expect anything less than that from you! Hayden will be Iron Man. Uggh, can't make him scary. Our 6 month old puppy will be a ballerina, lol - pink tutu and head bow. :) Give my hugs to Diane and the girls for me!


Fabulous take on Alice in Wonderland. Your papers are always amazing, and such high quality!
My children are grown and I have no grandchildren, but my youngest (who is 26) will be dressed as an Army Private this Halloween. He is currently stationed in Afghanistan. I sent him a box full of silly things to celebrate.

Awesome project!! My little ones are 20 and 15, but yes they are dressing up. Kyle is going to be an LOL (Little Old Lady) complete with dress, walker, shawl gray wig and combat boots. It is a riot!! And Taylor is going to be some sort of a monster, he has evolved from being a cute little monster to one with lots of blood, he is pretty spooky!! Happy Halloween to All!! Be safe.

My youngest daughter wil be a wich!!!! Not a very scrarry one but more a funny wich. With her cat on a broom. and by the way she loves the movie of alice in wonderland, the original version. Ad I am totaly in love with this beautiful papers!

Greetings from Holland.
(scrap) lijn

My kiddos, Jonathan, Noah, and Eden, are going as their namesakes from the Bible!

Oh, I LOVE this paper! The colors are amazing!
My kids are all grown, but I'm thinking I'll be Alice the Witch this year. You're too old to love Halloween!

I love Graphic 45 paper!!! It gives me so much inspiration. My little Chi/Pom will be a pumpkin and my grandsons are George and the Man With The Yellow Hat (2 & 4 1/2). So cute.

My littlest Granddaughter who just turned one is going to be the cutest little ladybug you've ever seen and her Mommy just loves Alice in Wonderland so please enter me in the drawing!!!

Love love love it!!

Oh my goodness, Candy, that is adorable! I love the new Punky Sprouts albums! And this Halloween line is the best by far!
My granddaughter is so excited to be a princess....she has alreay 'worn out' two tiaras, so Grammy is keeping the 3rd one at her house until closer to the holiday! She has also been wearing her sparkly silver glitter shoes to school, to the park, and anywhere else she can. Hope they last till the 31st! My 2 yo grandson is going as a pumpkin, if he will put on the costume. Otherwise, he is wearing his Superman pjs! Thanks for asking!

we have two black and white furry felines. they want to be black for the day. i think they are just going to pretend.

I am in love with the Halloween paper. It's gorgeous. My son says he wants to go as the Mad Hatter!!!!!

HMG, this collection is too beautiful, congrats, I can't wait to have it!!!
My sons will be Mommies for Halloween :D

wow i love this paper really captures the halloween spirit

My daughter is going to be a pirate girl! We bought the cutest little outfit for her last week & a hat to match!

The Halloween site is wonderful, I love it. it looks great

Our little Gus is going to be a fireman.

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