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December 27, 2010

Walkin' On the Bad Side: Artist Spotlight on the Amazing Sherry Cheever

Hello Crafters!

We hope you had a lovely holiday! Hopefully your refrigerators are overflowing with yummy leftovers! Before we get to the main course of today's blog, we wanted to announce this week's contest! Yeah! With New Years Eve just a few days away, we thought it would be nice to share some our hopes for the new year! Tell us one of your big hopes for 2011 and you'll be entered to win a fantastic Graphic 45 prize bundle! This week's prize includes a fabulous 12x12 Paper Pack of our A Proper Gentleman collection, an 8x8 Le' Romantique Paper Pad, a Fiskars Small Level Punch, and two sets of Graphic 45 Staples! Ooh! Share your positive energy and ambition with your fellow artists and you could win! All you need to do is leave your comment on today's blog. Start the new year off right with high hopes!

We have a special treat for you today, way better than leftover pumpkin pie! Today we're featuring the craft talents of Cherry Cheever aka Bad Sherry whose wizardry with paper is out of this world. We discovered Sherry's craft blog a while back and were stuck not only by her obvious artistic porous, but also her great humor and enthusiasm for her craft. One look at Sherry's blog and you know she's just a really fun lady, the kind of artist that truly knows how to enjoy life. While she prefers to be called an Ink Artist more than a Crafter, its clear that her expertize extend far beyond ink. Her art is prolific and always stunning. May we introduce the fabulous Sherry Cheever!


"I’ve been crafting all my life, starting as a little girl making potholders, painting, knitting, etc., and eventually went on to minor in art while in college.   I seriously started stamping and paper crafting in September of 2005 and soon realized that I had found a creative outlet that let me work with my art background.  After working with a number of whimsical/cutesy images for a number of years, I found that my niche was really altered art and vintage projects, so I gave up working with the whimsical/cutesy images and started making projects in a style that I love – vintage and/or distressed.  I fell in love with Graphic 45 paper the first year they were at CHA and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  Since then, Graphic 45 has been a staple in my paper crafting projects.  I love the vintage colors and images used in the paper and I think that I look to it more often than others, because I’m truly an old soul at heart.   I’m at my creative best when I have ink on my fingers and I’m sanding away on a project.  I love taking new things and making them look old and Graphic 45 helps me do that."

Behold this endlessly fascinating and marvelous wall hanging that Sherry created with our Steampunk Debutant collection. Wow! Just wow! I can't get over how great this is!




 "I am so excited to have different shapes now that will work for wall hangings . . . way too much fun.  Anyhoo, there is much to talk about and to look at here.  First that hanging itself. The back is Grunge Paper and then I die cut the Graphic 45 Paper to fit the Nestie.  I had some wood rope trim that I cut down to size and painted black to separate the two papers (flip side of the top).  While we are talking about the paper on the top, check out the lady in the background on the right.  I point this out because I had already picked the sentiment I was going to use for this project, this inchie from Artful Illusions. The flowers were die cut with the Blossom Nesties, and then curled and glued together. Vintage buttons were added to the center of them.  Everywhere I saw open space something else was tucked in . . . like the trinket pins." -Sherry Cheever


This is a glorious piece of holiday decor that Sherry created with our Deluxe Edition Christmas Past collection. She packed this piece with so much fabulous color and texture, it's just amazing! She has such an incredible eye for detail!





"To start the process, a sheet of Graphic 45 paper was adhered to Grunge paper with matte multi-medium and die cut with the Grand Calibur and LF-126 Grand Squares. The little black shelf was made with a piece of hobby wood that was painted with black acrylic paint.  Some sanding here and there, highlighted with Vintage Photo Distress Ink and we have a shelf that looks like it has been loved and used. For the background, I chose one of the Santa images from the 12×12 paper which was die cut/embossed with S4-138 Petite Ovals-Large.  The edges were sponged with Vintage Photo and then distressed with a Paper Disresser. To add some substance to the back of the image I cut an oval from rectangle coasters so that the image could be layered and raised up on mounting foam." -Sherry

 Have a look at this amazingly beautiful card that Sherry created with our On the Boardwalk collection. So bright and full of adventure!



"The image is colored with Copic Markers and the paper, from Graphic 45, is sewn to a base of cardstock.  I did, however, change up my normal layout.  I was in the mood for a change . . . go figure!  Oh and I used some new twine from The Twinery. Oh my BADness . . . I LOVE it!"  -Sherry


If you brose through Sherry's blog, you'll know that she's the queen of finding old boxes at thrift stores and turning them into magic! This is just one of many examples of her craft mastery. Have a look at this gorgeous box she created with the Graphic 45 Fashionista collection. It's a treasure unto itself!







"I had this idea to make a flower out of some new May Arts Ribbon, but the style of flower called for wired ribbon.  I ended up stitching a small seam down one side, ran some craft wire through it, and pulled it all together to make the flower.  The center is an old button I had in my stash.I took on the ladies from the Graphic 45 Fashionista collection and put it in a memory frame for some added embellishment.    The back layer on the top was made with Spellbinders Labels One.  I know it’s hard to tell in the photos, but I added some feet on the bottom of the box with black wood beads from an old necklace." -Sherry 


This is just a small fraction of pieces that Sherry created using Graphic 45 papers. You really need to check out her blog to get the full scope of her creativity. We want to sincerely thank Sherry Cheever for her boundless imagination and creative energy. We hope she helped give you some great ideas today and we can't wait to see what else she has in store for us in the future!


Don't forget to leave a blog comment today for your chance to win this week's blog prize! Share with us one of your hopes for the new year! Lets cultivate or collective well-wishes to make this the best year ever!


Happy, happy, happy!


Team Graphic 45



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Wow! Wow! and Wow! I love seeing Sherry's art here today! This is without a doubt, one of the great artists of our time!

I don't know what 2011 will bring for me. It is a time of change for sure. I quit teaching (altered art and techniques) in order to craft for myself. I hope to find my house just a little nicer each and every day, whether that means cleaner, or new decorations, or painting, or whatever. Baby steps all the way.

sherry's work is absolutely stunning. my plans for 2011 are to travel more, and to create more scrapbook/crafting items for my friends and family. i'm going to take all the techniques i've learned in 2010 and apply them to my 2011 projects. thanks for a year of inspiration. i'm looking forward to a new year with graphic45 as well. happy new year.

One of my hopes this coming year is that both my husband and I stay healthy. Than out of the way...one of my scrapbooking goals is to keep trying to think outstide of the box and not be aftraid to try something new. Isn't that why we keep our scraps? And I want to have one of my projects published this year. Thank you Graphic45 for the inspiration you have shown us in the past year. I can't wait to see what you will show us this year.

Gorgeous projects Sherry! I LOVE how you incorporated so many pretty ribbons and buttons in your work. I never know how to use mine so I appreciate the inspiration! My scrappy goal for 2011 is to step out of my comfort zone and try some new techniques.

Sherry is BRILLIANT! She can put together pieces like no one else.
My goal is to spend more time going back to basics...which I love..using more paints and vintage treasures.

Be Well,

Always enjoy Sherry's take on things!

Wow, her work is breathtaking. My wish for this next year is that things go better! Been a rough year for our family on so many counts. Could use a break. :)

I already follow Sherry's blog. She's incredible! My crafting goal for 2011 is to try new techniques and try to design some of my own creations.

Always love Sherry's work. She is soooo talented. For the coming year I hope to learn more and stay healthy.

Love, LOVE, L O V E Sherry's work - the is amazing!
Sandra ltb

Sherry's projects are gorgeous! Thank you for the introduction, will have to check out her blog for sure. my hopes are for health and love for my family--hope to keep the kids close even though they are entering the teen yrs and want to be independent.

Wow, gorgeous projects!!! Stunning. I am hoping to get in more crafty time, including scrapbooking for my son's albums!

Beautiful, beautiful work, Sherry!!

My wish for the coming year is that my family will find peace - that my husband and parents can get along, that our finances become much more steady, that everyone stays healthy - all in all that would be peace to me! :)

Love all her work!...to start using more of all the G45 I have stashed!

I'm hoping to help my husband lose some weight as he is only 35 and has had to go on high blood pressure medicine. Other than that, I'd like to try to relate to my teenager more! :-) thanks!

As usual, Sherry has out done herself. I follow her blog already and love seeing what she comes up with next.

My wish for the coming year is to just go where my crafting leads me! I plan to use the things I have learned this year and apply them to my craft! No resolutions.....I just break them!

As for many, 2010 was a challenging year for me. Many family illnesses, stressful work situations and so much more. My wish for 2011 is to live more in the moment, enjoy each and every day and spend more time doing what I love, creating.

Sherry your work is amazing!

My hope for the new year is to continue to savor the moments with my kids and husband. Our kids are growing up so fast! Hopefully, I'll be able to continue to capture some of those moments with this wonderful paper crafting hobby of mine! ;-)

I'm just hoping for a good year for everyone.

Thank you Sherry for sharing your beautiful art!!! for the coming year I hope for more time with family, that the economy of this little town will finally turn around, and for good health for family and friends.
Always love stopping by to see the latest inspiration! TFS :O)

Sherry's art is WONDERFUL! My biggest craft hope for 2011 is to finish at least one project each month that I've started and not finished yet.

what beautiful work, I love seeing how people use different techniques to create.

In 2011 I would love to see the unemployment rate go down and that more people can find jobs. I have several loved ones looking for work, and I hope they find exciting and wonderful new opportunities this year!

Fabulous creations by Sherry ~ beautiful!

My New Year's resoluation is to scrap more projects and cards, participate in challenges, get more organized (full-time mom, wife, student and employee) and to learn 4 new things...like scuba diving.


Absolutely love Sherry's work and have
been one of her admirer's for awhile now. She has made some amazing projects with the beautiful graphic 45 papers. My biggest personal hope for 2011 would be that one of my card creations or scrapbook layouts would be
accepted for publication in a magazine.
For some reason, that would give me a huge validation for all of the hours I spend creating, tossing some of the not so good creations, and creating some more!

My 2011 hope is that I am able to figure out exactly what is slowing me down. My body just doesn't work the way it should be working and I don't like it one bit. Cross your fingers with me that we get to the bottom of this ill-health.

Hello there! Just when I think g45 will find "something, or someONE" to spark our delight, AND our imaginations...... along comes todays treasure! First off, I think Sherry's "works of art", are of themselves THE superlatives. Thank you! For me personally, my fondest desire for this year, and always, is to continue to love and nurture my Joe! We just celebrated our first anniversary, Dec 1. Check this out!!!!
We have been together for quite sometime, and 4 years ago, he had a big bad stroke. I bring this up ONLY to share, that we TRULY have quality of love and LIFE. He is SOOOO supportive of me, and all of my crazy endevours. So how very PERFECT for me, to get to be home 24/7 with the one I adore, AND to make wonderful treasures, for us, and all loved ones. Truly my MOST favorite job EVER! Secret desire, is to be a part of expression on the design team, uh huh, you guessed it.... Graphic 45! blush... Well I've bent your "ears" long enough! Thanks for letting us SHare, our hopes, and desires. Hugs around, Moe&Joe :-)

Stunning creations Sherry, very inspiring!

My scrappy hope for 2011 is to think out of my box more often and try tons of new techniques! I tend to do the same old, same old, so for 2011 I want to DISCOVER more of my inner talents!!

I also hope to start walking- regularly again!!! (not sporadically as I have been!!)

I am a fan of Sherry's and have been following her blog for about a year. I love her sense of humor and her strength of her character. To go through all the obstacles she has faced this last year and still laugh, create and enjoy life is inspiration in of itself. My goad for the New Year is to stay healthy, be a better wife, mother, grandmother and friend. Also to create and enjoy the process.

Wow, Sherry! I love your work,...especially the plaque hanging on that wire hanger. The Christmas image/project is nothing to "sneeze at" either!! My hope for 2011 is to try more new things in the papercrafting world. With the help of people like Sherry and the designers at G45, that should be a "piece of cake". Right?
Linda S. in NE

I've also been one of Sherry's stalkers, I mean fans, for a long time! Wonderful projects!

I've been a subscriber of Sherry's blog for some time and she is Amazing! I enjoy visting her blog often for inspiration and her sense of humor.
I hope to be more active outdoors, in the coming year.

Wow such creative art work Sherry makes. Thanks for sharing

great project!

Beautiful work Sherry!!!
You are an inspiration to me and I hope
to use some of your ideas.
I hope 2011 brings my family and friends
health and happiness!!!

Sherry - your work is BUtiful! Going to check out your blog in a few. As for Hopes for 2011: Better health for mostly the female family members (me included) with less pain - and less weight for some of us - PLUS more time to spend with those females! (Where is that TIME WARP!?!)

I love Sherry's work...read her blog and am always inspired. My hope for 2011 is that my husband is found cancer free and the rest of my family stays healthy.

Wonderful projects and inspiration! I am hoping for a year of success! My son is graduating from college and looking for a job. He has worked hard and overcome learning disabilities. I wish continued success for my daughter who is 1 1/2 years away from a PhD! I am very proud of my kids. Thank you for a chance to win.

Great projects. My hope is that 2 of my adult children will find their soulmates in the new year.

Amazing art Sherry! I want to spend more time being creative in 2011 and stop making excuses...

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