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January 11, 2011

Curtain Call: New Graphic 45 Collection Sneak Peek!

Hello You Lovely Crafters,

A very happy day to you all. We are so excited to present another sneak peek of one of our newest collections "Curtain Call" today. We welcome you to the world premier of this gorgeous new collection that is sure to inspire and captivate.

Take your seat center stage for the classiest show in town! Ladies and Gentleman, we are proud to introduce “Curtain Call,” an elegant paper collection that harkens back to the golden age of entertainment. Inspired by the birth of jazz, lavish stage shows, and the silent film era, this razzle-dazzle paper collection will have you swinging! Soft creams and striking black colors give this collection an authenticity of old Hollywood. Immerse your imagination in the glitz and glamour of times gone by. With “Curtain Call” all of your crafts will get top billing!

"All That Jazz"


"Lets Dance"


"The Cinema"


Stay with us all week as we present more images from our new collections "Le Cirque" and "Curtain Call" as well as other fabulous new products you're sure to love.

Have a Glorious Day!

Team Graphic 45


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OMG!!! I have to have this collection

I think this is my favorite collection so far!

Are you guys KIDDING ME?
I know I said it before.... but THESE...
you could knock me over, with a feather! They are without a doubt, the classiest, yet! I can see "Fred& Ginger" dancing in"Top Hat"!
Love THEM the "MOST-EST"
As ever, Moe

oooh, la la! Love this collection,

Perfect collection!!Love!Love!!

oh my my...... more deliciousness, I so love your papers. Now to quit hoarding them and use them ;)

This is so great!! Love the paper, Give a reason for a night out on the town, get all dolled up and everything, just to use these papers!!! cant wait to see them in person!!

very unique---that's what i love about G45

I can't wait to create with this yummy paper. I am dying to see the CHA samples! Awesome!

gorgeous collection! I'll be stopping by your booth at CHA!

GREAT collection! Anne, yourmainestamper

Omg! You people are awesome! I love this paper, too. There is not a single Graphic 45 line made that I have not liked.

WOWZA!!! Stunning!!!! Perfect for those theater photos!

OMG! Now this line is my favorite. I am a JAZZ freak and I LOVE THIS!

Another perfect collection... love that Jazz!

Oh thats lovely!!!
Julie xx

I love these, they would go perfect with my vintage printing blocks of movie ads. Ideas are being formed in my brain.

Another wonderful collection!

I'm surprised there aren't more comments on this collection. This is fabulous! And long overdue! Love, love, love this classy line.

The possibilities will be endless with this collection. Looking forward to seeing more. Nancy in So Cal

GET OUT!! Super cool!!! *squeal*..cant wait to have these in my hot little hands!!Gorgeous G45!! as always...*clapping**

love it! And all that Jazz.

I love them!

Oh, I Love this! This line is amazing... as is all of your lines. Wow!

Wow These papers are awesome I Can hardly wait to get my hands on them.

AWESOME COLLECTION!! I can't wait to see more of this!! I am so EXCITED about what I have seen so far!! THANKS so much for the seak peeks, I hope there is more in store for us this week?? Have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)

OMG! This is truly incredible-to me your best yet-this one speaks to my Soul!

Another winning combination. Absolutely love Louis Armstrong. Very Classy pages!

Whoa, I love this! It is so glamorous and I love Jazz!

Gorgeous, and announcing it on my birthday too! Must be an omen! LOL!

Wow! So bold!

what fun!
Sandra ltb

This paper is just outstanding! Love these Jazz images. Graphic 45 always out there with the things we need. This is just beautiful.

Elaine Allen

I don't know which one I love more today's or yesterdays---bravo bravo!!

WOW! This is beautiful. I love the color palette of this collection. I am sooooo going to buy it! lol.

oh FABULOUS! This will be a MUST have!!!

I love what I see so far!

The contrast is great and the font pages are to die for. I can't wait to use this design line.

OMG these are to die for I can not waqit to see these lovelies in person wowowoiwo

fabulous! Love this collection.

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