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January 11, 2011

Curtain Call: New Graphic 45 Collection Sneak Peek!

Hello You Lovely Crafters,

A very happy day to you all. We are so excited to present another sneak peek of one of our newest collections "Curtain Call" today. We welcome you to the world premier of this gorgeous new collection that is sure to inspire and captivate.

Take your seat center stage for the classiest show in town! Ladies and Gentleman, we are proud to introduce “Curtain Call,” an elegant paper collection that harkens back to the golden age of entertainment. Inspired by the birth of jazz, lavish stage shows, and the silent film era, this razzle-dazzle paper collection will have you swinging! Soft creams and striking black colors give this collection an authenticity of old Hollywood. Immerse your imagination in the glitz and glamour of times gone by. With “Curtain Call” all of your crafts will get top billing!

"All That Jazz"


"Lets Dance"


"The Cinema"


Stay with us all week as we present more images from our new collections "Le Cirque" and "Curtain Call" as well as other fabulous new products you're sure to love.

Have a Glorious Day!

Team Graphic 45


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Oh My World! That is simply AMAZING! Can't wait to buy the whole collection!!!!!

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