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March 14, 2011

In Dreams: Happy Crafts by Jade Moore and New G45 Blog Contest

Hello Craters!

Thank you for stopping by today! We hope you are having a happy Monday! We have some spectacular crafts to show you today by the fantastic Jade Moore. And of course, we've got a new Graphic 45 weekly blog contest! Crafts, prizes, and inspiration: what more do you need on a Monday?

This week's contest is a simple one. Now that Spring is on its way, we want you to leave us a comment on today's blog telling us something you love about Spring. Is it the blooming flowers, the warm weather, the ability to go outside without a bunch of layers on? Tell us something that you're excited about for the arrival of Spring and you could win this great Graphic 45 prize pack! A Le Cirque 12x12 paper pad, Envelope Tag Staples, and a Geometric Metal Knob and Door Plate Staples! Imagine the beautiful creations you could make with these goodies! For me personally, I love how Spring makes me feel more outgoing. I feel like a hermit for most of winter, but once the weather gets warm and the trees start sprouting their leaves again it always makes me feel like celebrating! This week's winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Friday. Have a look at this amazing prize you could win this week!


Okay, lets get to the crafts! Jade Moore, one of our amazing Design Team Members, has created a stunning layout and card that we're sure you will love. Jade's work is always so beautiful and I love how well she combines different Graphic 45 paper collections in her projects. Have a look at this beautiful and feminine layout she created using Curtain Call, Steampunk Debutant, Le Romatique, Once Upon a Springtime and Domestic Goddess! Wow!




"Awwwww this picture looks as though she is dreaming of all of the possibilities of life!!! I combined a plethora of G45 papers to create a whimsy yet sophisticated layout!" -Jade Moore 


Graphic 45 Papers: Curtain Call: Tour De France/ SteamPunk Debutante: Ephemera Extrordinaire/ Le'Romantique : Day Dreams, Enamored Embrace, Tender Missives/ Once Upon A Springtime: Woodland Fantasy, PrimRose Cottage/ Domestic Goddess: Lady Of the House
Graphic 45 Staples: Trim
Tim Holtz: Gaffer Tape
Prima Flowers
Madame Delphine Charms
Vintage Trim

Here is a gorgeous card that Jade also created using Le Romantique. The textures in this card are to die for! It's so beautiful! And I love how the soft pinks look so gorgeous in conjunction with that striking black flower! Amazing!

Graphic 45 Papers: Le' Romatique:Tender Missives, DayDreams, Key To My Heart/ Domestic Goddess: Lay of the House
Vintage Trim
Vintage Dress Pattern

Thank you to the amazing Jade Moore for her brilliant and inspiring work! We hope you all have a terrific day and we look forward to reading your comments for this week's blog contest!

Sunshine and Flowers,

Team Graphic 45


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I love Spring because its the start of the warmer weather. No more snow. Love spending time outside.

Gorgeous projects Jade! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

I love to see all the flower buds and hear the birds chipring as a sign that Spring is on its way. The first trip to the beach is always extra special after a chilly winter.

Since we have a rather small house for such a large family, Spring, for me means the kids can finally play outside again. This makes me and the kids soooo much happier! :-D

What I love most about spring is the greening & not having to wear a heavy bulky coat!!

Spring to me is the wonderful color and fragrance of lilacs and all the colorful bulbs in bloom!!!

Spring for me is a time of renewal! Love this time of year.

I'm always thrilled when the weather begins to allow me time in the garden. I did quite a few hours edging beds and pitching winter's accumulated leaves and debris this weekend. Just the thought of little green shoots coming up and warmer weather gets me excited!


everything comes back to life in the spring and smells fresh and clean. Can't wait to get rid of all that snow!!! Seeing something green is good for the soul!

One of my favorite things about spring is the abundance of color. After the grays and whites of winter it's a true joy to see the green grass & tree leaves, the yellow of daffodils and the multitude of color offered in other flowers.

My favorite thing about spring is that it now going be to warm enough to go downtown Chicago and walk around with out freezing. I sometimes walk to the Field Museum or the Shedd Aquarium or down Michigan Ave.

Aroung my house spring means


my son had his first tournament this weekend!

Loving these projects.

The thing I love the most about Spring is the snow melting away and green grass starting to grow. Bring it ON!!!!

I really love the weather this time of year- high of about 85... my husband would prefer the cooler, AZ winter weather, so don't tell him I said this! ;)

Outstanding creativity Jade!

I love spring time...it just seems like you can breathe easier and deeper. It clears the mind. The creative juice flow due to the exordinary colors and bright colors all around. I also love Spring Fever!!

Jade, that layout is so beautiful...just stunning work! So many layers and lovely things to look at. Great photo as well!

I traded my scissors for Hedge trimmers and pruners and went Edward Scissorhands on the shrubs and trees yesterday!
I love to see the signs of the trees blooming, but spring is usually short here and and then it is Hot summer in the south , so I'll hide in the AC this summer!

Love these projects just beautiful! I love the sunshine and warm wind it makes me feel free like the birds ahhhh just thinking about it makes me
feel better living in NE Ohio lots of snow yuck LOL. Also hearing the birds sing is awesome!!

I LOVE the smell of spring, the cheerful chirping of birds, beautiful flowers blooming, and saying hello to the sunshine......
Jade, those projects are so gorgeous!!!!
Anyway, thanks for the chance to win!!;D

Such beautiful projects... love them! My favorite thing about spring is the flowers -- love all the colors and how good the air smells from them. Makes my heart soar after the long, dark days and dull colors of winter.

I love being able to open the windows to Spring's fresh breezes, literally and figuratively! Jade's projects are beautiful!

I love spring because it means baseball and motorcycle racing start, lol! My husband and I watch more sports on tv this time of year than any other! I also love the flowers that are starting to bloom and the longer days!! Yay!

Great projects from Jade!...love the feeling of renewal that spring brings!

What I like about spring is the easy going clandestine moments that you spend with your family. The taste of homemade iced lemonade poured from a full pitcher as I'm reading a classic novel of love and romance. Watching the kids run and play in the fields to the sound of the springtime breeze float over the tall grass.

(i'm with vicki ^ - up there)

Baseball and spring training are on my spring agenda!

Love to hear the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd... graphic 45, you can do it! How bout some baseball papers?

Springtime means going fishing with my boys and walking on the beach!

Oh, how beautiful!! My favorite things about spring is seeing nature springing to life - flowers sprouting, the scent of lilacs in the air, grass turning green - I love it all! (Even the lovely thunderstorms!!)

I love gardening in the spring. any other time of the year I hate it, but in the spring it's great!

I love spring for the anticipation of flowers in the garden. All the rich colors waiting to show off for me.

I love spring! I can't wait to get outside for some long walks with the baby - its been far too cold this winter to take him out!

I love the smell of the blossoms in the spring! The lilacs are the best.

I love spring because the snow melts and the weather becomes warmer! The grass & trees turn green and I can actually do some activities outside and be able to stand it.

Like you I am a hermit in winter, but what I love about spring is the smell of spring rain-and getting to open my windows again to greet the fresh air!

I love fall and winter but have to say that driving down a road and seeing all of the flowering trees is a great thing.

Hmm, we don't really have seasons here, lol. So I'll say spring break - so we can get more family time in!

What I look forward to most about spring is the hope that it brings. Renewed life - lambs gambolling in the fields and the vibrant colours of daffodils, crocus and budding blossoms. It's a new beginning for me. ~Glen~

I love spring ))
The spring is sweet and special because this season's my birthday season ))

For me,spring is start of new life!
In this march I'll leave for Australia with my boyfriend)

I love Spring because of the beautiful flowers and warming temperatures.

Carol B

Spring is palm trees waving in warm breezes, crop pants and flip flogs, and beautiful flowers. it is a time of hopefulness and renewal!


In spring I get to open up camp and start planning trips there. It's a great place to go to craft and to enjoy the great outdoors! Anne, yourmainestamper

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