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March 16, 2011

Victorian Visions: Steampunk Debutant Creations by Gloria Stengel and Jenny Svensson

Hello Crafters!

Thank you so much for joining us today! You are in store for such a treat! Today's crafts are so unfathomably amazing, I don't think the English language will do them justice! For days like these, I think we should hire a poet to write the Graphic 45 blog. This entire post should be one long love poem to the talented ladies who created these gorgeous works of art. But alas, I'm no scholar. I shall try my best to give these amazing products the prose they deserve. Today's creations, by Gloria Stengel and Jenny Svensson, were made using our Steampunk Debutant collection. This hypnotizing and decadent paper collection is full of deep, romantic colors and whimsical images. The crafting possibilities are endless!

Have a look at this classic and elegant layout by Gloria Stengel. I love the amazing central image she used in this LO. The contrast of the soft black and white photo against the deep color of Seampunk is so amazing! Two world collide in this ravishing LO and the result is pure paper goodness! Amazing work, Gloria!




Mary Popovich - 12x12 Layout


Cardstock - Bazzill
Designer Paper - Graphic45 Steampunk Debutante (Fantasy Floral, Time Flies, Steampunk Debutante, Tags)
Punches - Martha Stewart
Pearls - Prima
Ink - Ranger Distress (Vintage Photo, Old Paper)
Adhesive - Scotch 3M (foam tape, double-sided tape)

This next creation by Jenny Svensson is so amazing, I can't even believe it! It's a Steampunk Debutant Paper Mansion! A few months back we featured a little Fairy House that Jenny made with our Once Upon a Springtime collection. Well, she's taken it up a notch by creating a mansion! This totally blows my mind! You really have to look closely at all of these pictures to get the full scope of how brilliant this is. There are so many intricate details in this house. I can't imagine how much time this must have taken. I have to say, it was well worth it because this is a total craft masterpiece! Jenny was even kind enough to write explanations for each of these pictures! Jenny, you are amazing! Okay Crafters, lets take a tour of the Steampunk Mansion.


Welcome to the Steampunk Mansion!: By Jenny Svensson

This idea has grown on me for quite some time. You see, my seven-year-old son is quite the little inventor, and I have used the Steampunk Debutante collection over and over again to make things for him and about him, and I have quite a fair idea what his house would look like if he could decide for himself. I have been thinking a lot about making him a proper Steampunk house. I can without a doubt say that Steampunk Debutante is, and remains until further notice, my favourite Graphic 45 collection, and the ladies at Graphic 45 have been kind enough to send me so many Steampunk papers I can literally swim in them, and thus I finally had enough to realize my dream Steampunk project. So, here it is, the Steampunk Mansion.


Here I have used a Sizzix/Tim Holts Alterations die to make a dormer window. It took quite a lot of figuring out how to get this right, but in the end it turned out pretty OK. Well, it’s not as if I’m thinking of starting a brand new career as an architect, but seeing the pieces finally come together is great. I may call myself a “paper architect” from now on. LOL. The roof tiling is made from various Steampunk papers, all punched out with the Fiskars “Seal of Approval” squeeze punch, cut in half an inked.


I have decorated the house with various metal items, and a lot of gears and other clock parts, which I was lucky enough to stumble across at the thrift shop.


Here’s the front porch roof at an angle. Here you can see how I’ve put the house together with the little cardstock “tiles” in the corners. Thanks to this technique, I could give the house the whimsy, slightly bent shape I was after.


This here is my take on a Steampunk weather vane.


Of course, the house is complete with an interior. I’m not only a paper architect, but a paper-interior-decorator as well! LOL. It has five rooms all in all, and although my son would have wished that he would be able to rearrange the furnishing, it is all firmly glued in place.

Here’s the genious’ attic study. It must be an extremely messy person working in here. Just look at how he has spread his drawings all over his desk and the floor... I’m especially proud of the little lamp in the window. I’s made from a piece of a metal badge (my son has a badge-maker, so I “”borrowed” some of his stash) and a ball chain that came attached to a pair of jeans I got for him. The basket is woven from hemp cord and steel wire, and the chair is made from clock parts and chipboard.

Here’s another lamp, just like the one on the Steampunk tag sheet. I’ve used the actual wings from the tag, and glued them onto a tiny light bulb I had in my stash. Oh, and wouldn’t this paper make the coolest wallpaper? I would definitely put it up in my son’s room if it were available as such. We are moving to a new house in a not too distant future, and the room he will be getting is an attic room, a little like this room with sloped ceiling, so it would be perfect up there!


Here’s the library, complete with a grog-table, cosy armchair (well, it’s not that soft really), crystal chandelier and grandfather’s clock.


There is also a book shelf in here, of course. It’s made from a small wooden box, which has contained miniature Easter eggs, thence the small compartments, which turned out to be the perfect book shelf size! The books are small pieces of cardboard, covered with patterned papers.


Here is the bedroom, with the little Steampunk bed. It looks a lot more comfortable than the armchair, doesn’t it? The little alarm clock on the bedside table is made from a metal button, a clock face from one of the Steampunk papers, and tiny copper beads.


Every bedroom needs a dresser, and this one is made from matchboxes, cut in half and placed on top of one another. You can open all the drawers on this one.


Here’s the entrance. Someone hung a bag there, made from a crumpled-up Steampunk tag.

Here’s the kitchen. The sink took me quite some time to finish. It’s made from chipboard, which I glued together to form a little box, and then I covered it in white Enamel Accent to make it look like a porcelain sink (yeah, you can tell I’m thinking a lot about kitchens right now. We are renovating a house, and I have big plans for my airy country kitchen, and I suppose some of it rubbed off on this one...) and then I made a tap from very thick steel wire. The bowls on the counter, as well as the lampshades, are parts of a bracelet of mine that I was wearing one night while I was working on the house. That bracelet doesn’t exist any more, but well, some things just have to be sacrificed in the name of one’s hobby, right? -Jenny Svensson

Graphic 45: Steampunk Debutante – 12X12 paper pad, 8X8 paper pad
Ranger: Glossy Accents, Crackle Accents, Enamel Accents, Distress Ink Walnut Stain and Distress Crackle Paint Rock candy.
Bazzill Basics: Cardstock
Tattered Angels: Chipboard clock frame
Various ribbons, lace, metal parts, beads and decorations from stash.
Tons and tons of glue!

We want to profusely thank Gloria Stengel and Jenny Svnesson for today's magnificent crafts. We hope they helped inspire all of you. Don't forget to leave a comment on Monday's blog for your chance to win this week's blog prize. Have a fabulous Wednesday, crafters!

Smiles and Paper Butterflies,

Team Graphic 45


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There are no words to describe your new home! LOL Seriously, I was tired by the end of the descriptions and in total awe of the work and ingenuity involved. Holy mackerel!

Absolutely ADORABLE! WOW! A tremendous amount of love and work in this over-the-top project!
WTG! Jenny!
And always a treat from the talented Gloria Stengel.
TFG ladies!



Wow, totally awesome little mansion, too fun!!

OMG!!! That house ROCKS!!! I love it and all the little details are FAB!! Drooling over here..LOL


Jenny, you are truly amazing!!!! I absolutely adore this house and all the beautiful details! My son is sitting here watching the pics with me, and he wants you to know that he loves it too! He says: "den var jättefin!"

Hugs, Helena and Timmie


such detail!


I want to live in the Steampunk mansion!

Absolutely wow for both projects. The steampunk mansion is outstanding.

Wow - what a fantastic creation.
Jag älskar att imponeras av dina mästerverk

WOW!!! Jenny that is amazing! I can't believe all of the wonderful details, that must have taken you forever! Beautiful work as always:)

Beautiful work ladies! You are amazing artists!

Elaine Allen

Beautiful layout but that mansion really blows me away! It's artistic genious! I hope your son realizess just how special it is and takes care of it and keeps it forever!

That house blows me away!!! So many talented artists on this blog. Always such a treet to stop by :O)

Holy cow, Jenny. I'm completely blown away by your house. The creativity it took to come up with all the little details...well, there aren't words. I'm stunned! :)

Ker-THUD!!!! That's the sound of my jaw dropping over these beautiful projects!!!

Gloria and Jenny you ROCK!!!

Jenny, the mansion ... I have no words other than completely and utterly amazing! Every detail is divine!

hummina...hummina...hummina...I'm speechless..... Jenny, how much is rent because I want to live there? Amazing work, ladies. Steampunk Debutante will never look the same to me again.

awesome inspirational projects

How fantastic. The amount of time and creativity that went into this is breath taking. Loved it!

Wow! That house is incredible!! Props to you.....that is some serious thinking and some serious work! It turned out beautifully!

This is GORGEOUS!!!!

Wow! I think I'm actually speechless! Fabulous work Ladies!

I wish I didn't over use my adjectives on the internet because I would love to say something that said how powerfully creative you are and the details show your passion. This project is incredible.

What a gorgeous layout. Gloria always distressing so beautifully. Love the Steampunk Mansion. Can I get one real size?

wow! the layout is beautiful - the house.... it is just amazing.
Sandra ltb

That layout is beautiful!
That house, oh my! I am totally at a loss for words! It is stunning!...all the little details...the furnishings...the curtains, the blanket draping out from the drawer in the dresser....so stunning!!

All i can say is WOW!

That Steampunk Mansion is absolutely amazing!

The layout is beautiful but I have to say ... that house?! OMG! The amount of time time and detail!? WOW!

I love the layout. I'm too overwhelmed by the mansion to comments on it. Wow. Graphic 45 has some of the coolest items out today. I love them. (I just got mine in and am still just ogling the papers)

beautiful house. hours and hours of work. Take lots of pictures before that move, just in case...ouch
ava g

Wow I'm speechless, I absolutely LOVE that Mansion! What an imagination you have, I love it!
((Hugs)) Theresa

I love Graphic papers but this house is just incredible!!!

You girls knocked my socks off today!! Gloria... you should make more layouts... awesome job! Jenny... what an amazing house!!

Oh, my gosh, these projects are awesome! I used to do roomboxes, so the Steampunk house absolutely inspires! The scrapbook page is a perfect inspiration for my parents' engagement pix. Thanks so much for sharing this tremendous artwork!!

GASP!!! HOLLY OMG!!! I am in COMPLETE AWWWWWW!!! This is the most AMAZING Steampunk House I have ever seen!! WOW!! All of the little touches are just too neat!! Like the little coat rack and the little books!! THe hand made hemp basket and all of the lights are just AWESOME!! I LOVE the weather vain too!! IT IS AWESOME~~ THANKS SO MUCH for sharing today ladies just LOVE IT ALL!! Have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)

LOVE this!!!!!

OMG!!! This is amazing!!! I would love to watch a video on this. It looks like so much fun! What an amazing and awe-inspiring project. Fantabulous job. Love it, love it, love it, love it!!!

that steampunk mansion is a masterpeice
looooooooove it

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