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June 01, 2011

The Craft Life: Amazing Creations by Dana Parlevliet

Hello Crafters,

Happy first day of June! It's hard to believe that summer is just around the corner. It seems like just yesterday that I was writing about bundling up with a cup of hot chocolate and crafting by the Christmas tree. Where did the time go? We thought today would be the perfect day to bring you an extra special treat; something to dazzle, amaze, and inspire you. I'm sure many of you out there are craft divas with day jobs. Well today's featured artist is not only stupendously talented, but she's also a career gal, dedicating half her life to her job and the other half to her passion for crafting. In a perfect world we could all devote our lives to our art and have all of our needs met, but even the greatest of artists still have to make a living. Today we are thrilled to introduce you to the spectacular Dana Parlevliet of Portland, Oregon. Dana's beautiful paper flowers have been appearing on the Graphic 45 Facebook page for a while now and we thought it was time to bring her talent into the craft community spotlight.
Her creations are akin to paper sculptures: combining clever form, lavish color, and perfectly placed embellishments. Dana is an artist who is ceaselessly in motion, crafting and creating with her boyfriend Lee Dickerson at every chance they get. When Dana and Lee are hanging out at home, they almost always have paper and a glue gun in their hands. Dana sells her beautiful creations at her Etsy site called Danamazing's Paper Flowers. Her bouquets have walked down the isle with many brides on their big day, and her intricate paper ornaments hang in houses from sea to shining sea. Not only is Dana an amazing artist, but she's also hilarious, fun, and has impeccable tastes in documentaries and science fiction. We are thrilled to introduce you to the spectacular Dana Parlevliet!

 Lee Dickerson and Dana Parlevliet.

"I wouldn't say I ever "started" crafting, it was just something I've always done. Every year as a kid I'd spend months hand-making everyones christmas gifts, whether it was pillows i'd sewn after picking out fabric for each family member or paper flower decorations dipped in wax and covered in glitter (and always topped with a handmade card!) handmade has always been my way. My artistic inspiration has always drawn from my mom and grandma; I grew up going to grandma's to sew my "first day of school" outfit for 5th grade or painting for the afternoon because that's what mom was doing. Now living in the amazing and beautiful Portland inspiration is thrown at me everyday and my fingers just can't keep up! I work full time at a non-profit in downtown Portland raising money to fund Legal Aid and help those in need in my community. It's an amazing organization and as my business started my bosses have been completely supportive of my crafting dream ...as long as I still make it in by 9! But by 5 I jet out of the office, walk across the river to home and the crafting begins. None of this would be possible without my silent partner, Lee. My boyfriend, best friend, business partner and origami extraordinaire behind our flower biz. He holds down the business on the home front while I'm away at my day job, this mostly includes cleaning up after me and the giant mess I made the night before. From daily trips to the post office, completing rush orders and essential hand massages he is the ultimate partner.

I discovered Graphic 45 in my constant search for incredible specialty paper and what a treat to find something local! And you know it's double sided, right? Amazing! Everything from the size, texture and the richest colors have inspired so many of my creations and make late nights at the paper cutter just plain fun. If ever paper could come to life it would happen at Graphic 45." Dana-Parleviet

Here is an example of a bunch of Dana's Graphic 45 flower creations. She has even prepared a tutorial for us today that explains how to make these little wonders! So awesome!


Here is one of Dana and Lee's beautiful wall hangings. It's hard to believe that this piece began as a single sheet of Life's s Ball from our Playtime's Past collection. Talk about paper magic!


Here are some of Dana's famous paper hearts. I recently featured these hearts at a baby shower that I threw for a dear friend of mine. They were a huge hit and they made perfect party favors! Everyone got to go home with a beautiful hand-made paper heart. Brilliant!


Here are the amazing paper hearts on display. So pretty!

Not sure if i like this picture...

Here is another beautiful wall hanging. This one was creating using Communique. I love the perfectly placed coin in the center of this piece! It's so stunning.


This is a gorgeous Graphic 45 paper bouquet that Dana created using Fashionista and Domestic Goddess Alphabet. Not only are these flowers beautiful, but you never have to worry about watering them!


Here is a side view of this awesome bouquet!


Another fabulous wall hanging, this one made with Domestic Goddess, set against the beautiful Oregon outdoors.


Another bouquet to brighten your day. This was was made using On the Boardwalk and Fashionista!

This wonderfully fun wall hanging features Communique and Le Romantique


A lovely ornament wall hanging that's perfect for summer. This one features On the Boardwalk, and Fashionista. This would look amazing hanging in a sunny window.

Dana was nice enough to prepare this great tutorial on how to create one of her beautiful flowers using Fashionista! Check out this beautiful process! It's pure paper magic!


1. Cut 5 matching squares, any size will do as long as their square.


2. Fold in half, this will make a triangle.


3. Fold the right and left corners up to the middle point.  This makes a square.


4. Fold the same points down. The folded edge will line up exactly on top of the outside edge of the square.


5. Open up the flaps you have just created and flatten them.


6. Fold the top triangles away from you so they fold over the edges of the paper.


7. Fold the triangles back using the crease you made earlier.


8. Make the additional 4 petals and get your glue gun ready!


9. Glue each petal individually before gluing together into the flower.


10. Glue one petal to another, letting the glue dry in between each petal. Adding a button the center covers any un-evenness you may have encountered while you're gluing.

Many thanks to the awesome Dana Parlevliet and Lee Dickerson for their amazing paper creations today. Be sure to check out Dana's flowers at her Etsy page Danamazing's Paper Flowers. Thanks so much to all of you for joining us today. We hope to see you here tomorrow for more spectacular craft ideas. We wish you a wonderful day!

Happy Papercrafting,

Team Graphic 45


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UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks so much for sharing these and
converting me over to a 'flower lover'

I love flowers...these are so great!

magnifique, merci pour les explications


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thank you, thank you!

I have never seen such amazing paper creations!! Your wall hangings are UNREAL!!! WOWWOW!! I am TOTALLY doing your tutorial for those gorgeous flowers - you are such an amazing talent - thank you so much for sharing your work with us!!

An AMAZING tutorial...gotta love the talent she has. Thank you!

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thanks for this tutorial and congrats for these amazing flowers !

Stunning work! That bouquet is gorgeous! I'll definitely have to try making one of those flowers.

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These are AWESOME! I so appreciate Dana's willingness to share a tutorial for them. I'm a little confused between steps 8 and 10, but hope it will become obvious when I try them.

Truly works of art. Dana your creativity and vision is a GIFT. Even with the awesome tutorial, I would never be able to make these beautiful flowers and hearts.

I am such a flower person and these are amazing!

This work is amazing. Have to try it!

I am just amazing by what Dana can do with paper! Very creative and very beautiful! TFS

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Beautiful creations!

These are great flowers. Michaels had a tutorial on Facebook about a month ago. I still have to make some and I love the way they look with G45 papers!

So fun! Thank you!!!

Dana & Lee
What a wonderful team you two are!! I love your story and your flowers are simply amazing. I'm off to try them for myself. Thanks for sharing.

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Astonishing! I am pulling out my stash and giving this a try.

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These are amazing - I definitely want to try this!

If you use glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids, keep them nearby. If The Rapture happens a few minutes ahead of schedule, you'd hate to be caught unprepared and have to spend all of eternity squinting to read and asking people to repeat themselves.

Maravilhoso! Obrigada por dividir conosco!! Beijos!

These are amazing thank you so much for showing us these! You should write a book (maybe you have) :-) New to this! Fabulouso!

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