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December 08, 2011

Blogs We Love & Part 2 of Gloria's December Daily Journal

Hello Gorgeous G45ers,

We've got another fabulous day of craft inspiration to share with you today! Thank you all for stopping by! Today is very special indeed. You all know how much we love to see your Graphic 45 creations on our Facebook page, Ning site and website gallery. Well today we're going to share the work of two very talented Graphic 45 fans: The Gentleman Crafter and Linda Cain. They have both created some astonishing work that you're sure to love! Plus, Gloria Stengel of our design team has another edition to her December Altered Journal Tutorial!

This first featured artist and blog is from Jim, The Gentleman Crafter. He's quite active on our blog and Facebook pages and you can't help but notice his awesome and clever crafting style! Jim was introduced to Graphic 45 products by our very own design team member, Laura Denison. Laura always has so much going on with her blog called Follow The Paper Trail, Ning site, YouTube channel and weekly Ustream classes. It's impossible not to get hooked on Graphic 45! Jim has created this amazing masterpiece, a Graphic 45 traveling wine case! Here he describes his inspiration for this awesome craft and gives some fun tips for you to enjoy! We also highly recommend you check out his blog. You wont believe your eyes!

"It's a fully functional Traveling Wine Case.  Fitted with a "Graphic 45 wine cork", cork screw/pull, napkins, wine journal, two glasses and a bottle of wine!  LOL!  Something that one could give as a gift for so many things.  Hostess gift was what I originally thought.  I always see the romantic side in things and thought how cool it would to receive this, find a beautiful spot with a view, open the wine with someone you love and just relax soaking in the beauty of the countryside. And everything you need is there.  Just grab some cheese, grapes and a crusty loaf of bread. I had a blast coming up with new ways to use Graphic 45." -The Gentleman Crafter

Gentleman Crafter Wine Case, Graphic 45

The Graphic 45 paper used for the lid and the base are Globe Trotter and Transatlantique.  For the interior I used, Bon Voyage, Timely Point of View, A Fine Specimen and Globe Trotter again for the straps. For the lid I used several Graphic 45 staples: For the handle I used the Metal Hinge Staples. For the lid the Ornate Metal Door Plate and Knob Staples. On the corners of the lid, I once again used the Metal Hinge Staples to not only decorate the corners but add extra support to the box lid.  I uses the Metal Button Staples for added interest on the door plate.

Gentleman Crafter Wine Case, Graphic 45
Gentleman Crafter Wine Case, Graphic 45

For the interior fitted lid I used, the the Metal Flower Staples for the cork, and the Metal Tag staples to adorn the napkin pocket. I used the Globe Trotter paper and wrapped it around TYVEK to strengthen all the straps exterior and Interior.   

Gentleman Crafter Wine Case, Graphic 45
Gentleman Crafter Wine Case, Graphic 45

I think one of my favorite things was the use of the of Graphic 45 Envelope Tag Staples.  I used them as straps and then threaded the eyelets with the Trim Staples to hold the wine bottle in place.  It really holds it quite securely!!

Gentleman Crafter Wine Case, Graphic 45

As an added touch to the glasses I glued a Metal Flower Staples and button to the outside of the glass.  The box sits on four of the Metal Button Staples as feet.  When I added the straps to the base,  the box needed to be raised up to accommodate the brads and the thickness of the straps.  The buttons were the answer! I just had so much fun designing and creating this.  I hope you like it as much as I do.

Gentleman Crafter Wine Case, Graphic 45
Next we're featuring a lovely Christmas Emporium 5x5 Altered Art Box and coordinating mini album by Linda Cain. Linda's work is just marvelous and her blog is full of great tips and lots of eye candy. We totally love her warmth and talent! Definitely check out her blog called Friends in Art and behold some magnificent crafts and lots of inspiration. Check out this festive altered art box! It's a holiday dream!

Graphic 45 Linda Cain ChristmasEmpoiumBox 005
Graphic 45 Linda Cain ChristmasEmpTagDtl
Graphic45 Linda Cain SantaPage 008

Next up is part 2 of Gloria Stengel's super fun December Daily Altered Journal! Gloria is a beloved member of our design team and her blog is full of gorgeous inspiration and tips! Last week we featured part 1 of this festive daily journal. Now Gloria continues the fun with more fabulous tips to creating this holiday treasure. Be sure to hop on over to Gloria's blog for all the fun details! Here Gloria explains a bit about what's entailed in this week's tutorial. Take it away, Gloria!

Part 2: Creating Journal Pages for December 1st-December 10th

Last week we got started collecting our supplies and binding materials for our Graphic 45 inspired December Daily Journal. By now you should have your shopped your stash, picked up a few new goodies, and decorated your cover!

Figure 1

It's time to make some pages for our journals! I hope you have fun with me today as we walk step-by-step and make pages 1 - 10.

Day-1-sneak Day-4-sneak Day-10-sneak

Take a journey with me each week, for the next three weeks, as we make this one-of-a-kind mini album! Visit my blog, Scraps of Life, for step-by-step directions, according to the following schedule.

If you missed week one, see the post for December 1st: gathering your supplies, binding techniques, instructions for creating the covers

Today: instructions for creating pages 1-10 

December 15th: instructions for creating pages 11-21 

December 22nd: instructions for creating pages 22-31

Each week the Graphic 45 Blog will remind you to visit Gloria's blog  to get the next set of directions for your project!  So hop on over to Gloria's blog for the step by step directions for creating the journal pages! It's lots of fun and perfect for this fabulous holiday season!

Many thanks to The Gentleman Crafter, Linda Cain and Gloria Stengel for their amazing crafts today. We hope you all enjoyed today's fabulous projects as much as we did. We wish you all a beautiful day. Please join us tomorrow for more exciting crafts and an announcement of this week's blog prize winner! It's going to be a lot of fun!

Happy Holiday Papercrafting!

Team Graphic 45



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No kidding...these are amazing crafts today! I am always amazed at the inspiration that I find on your blog and I am never disappointed. Thank you Graphic 45 for posting what fellow crafters post.

OMGS these projects ar stunning! I LOVE the wine bottle case. I would love to make one with a matching 'wine tasting' book as it is the perfect gift! Thax so much for sharing, the tutorials and all of the inspiration!

AHHHHHHHHHHH LINDA.....wowzerooonie is your creations just daggum JAW DROPPIN!!! love every last detail!!!

These are all really special and beautiful! Very inspirational!!

A. MAZE. ING!!!!! These projects are fantabulous!!! Thanks for sharing and for all this inspiration!

Soo much creativity and versatility with Graphic 45 paper!!!

They are all awesome.. Thanks Graphic 45 for sharing the work of The Gentleman Crafter, Linda Cain and Gloria Stengel.. Happy crafting everybody..

Fantastic! Really amazing projects.These are three folks that we would love to spend a day creating with in the studio.
Love it! Talented folks!

Wow! These are amazing.

everyday I am amazed again and again!
thanks 4sharing all your lovely creationswith us

Wow! I don't drink wine, but I LOVE the box! The album is fantastic too!

What a creative way to give a bottle of wine. Someone is getting a very nice gift.

Both of these boxes would make great gifts .
And I wouldn't mind receiving either one Hint Hint

What amazing projects- I am in awe.

Amazing projects!! I can't wait everyday to see what goodies are in store for us today!!!

What an awesome wine box. At first I thought it Was from Laura. Gentleman Crafter is truly a wonderful artist. The attention to detail is amazing. Nice going...

Great work as always! Especially enjoyed the Christmas Emporium 5x5 Altered Art Box and coordinating mini album by Linda Cain!

You ladies are just to clever. That wine case is the bomb!!!!!! Great gift.
Love the mini album and card as well.

The bottle cap looks really cute on the project. Nice.

I love the old fashioned Santa!!

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stunning projects--love them all and am thrilled to see Linda Cain's art here!

These projects are so inspiring...the wine case is pure GENIUS. And Linda's box and mini just make me want to sing Christmas carols all day long while I craft :) Thank you for sharing these with us!!

Thank you so much! This is wonderful, one couldn't ask for more! Merry Christmas!

I just love Jim's Wine Case the fact that it can be used is amazing!

Love the wine case project! Very talented!

These are amazing.....The wine box would be a prefect xmas gift for the hard to fine person.....what a clever and unique gift.....
Can't wait to make Gloria's mini.....you guys rock with the creations....and of course not to mention DP....it beautiful.....tfs

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Amazing! Stupendous! Stunning!

Ultra fab on all 3 projects!

I love Graphic 45 Papers and these artists have all showcased it so beautifully in their creations. Jim's wine box is just stunning and Linda's "book-in-a-box" is too cute for words. She is a brilliant designer! I must get more details on Gloria's journal, also! This time of year seems to bring out the "artistic best" in all these designers!

LOVE the wine box, very inspirational..Thank you for sharing ....

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