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January 07, 2012

Make those Resolutions a Reality!

Creative Organization

From bottom left to right: Magnet Organizer/Storage Board - Jill Davis, Altered Storage Box - Butterfly Kisses Designs, Box caddy - Marla Venette, Gentleman-ly Organizer Boxes - Maria Cole

If you are anything like us at Graphic 45, one of our New Year's Resolutions is to get organized. We pinned some really clever ideas to make this a reality! Another week to click on our Graphic 45 Creative Organization Pinterest board and follow the blog trail to find all these ideas to make organization fun and just plain beautiful! So many uses and ideas, we cannot see what strikes your organized heart strings!

CHA Sneak Peeks start January 9 through January 25! Make sure to join for fun images, contests and more!

Organizer Tips for January, 2012:

Dispose It Before you Closet! Upcylce or dispose those old linens and broken ornaments before you completely put away the Christmas decorations. Organize those scrapbook scraps, ribbon, and embellishments you used for cards, wrapping, and gifts. Then, it will be so easy to get out the decorations next year, knowing your do not have tangled messes and stacks of holiday scraps to fight with!

Take our "Extra Boxes" challenge! Do you have lots of big packaging from the holidays? Take the challenge to fill each box with old toys, clothes, and items and take it to a local charity! You could really help someone in need with your extra boxes of goodies!

With these few steps, 2012 is already set up to be an organized year!




Happy Papercrafting,

Your Friends at Graphic 45

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Loving the organization ideas and the sneak peeks - I can totally see adding some colors with mists and all sort of mediums, I just love neutral pp like that!!

I love these daily emails sharing ideas not only of the products but layouts, color combinations and design concepts. Very inspiring! Appreciate the time you take doing this! Just beautiful!

I may not make it at 5am but looking forward to seeing G45 new products!!

Awesome organization proojects!! Can't wait for Monday's start to the sneak peeks!! Lovin' what I see so far :)

Great tips! We always give the toy box a cleaning out before Christmas to give to the local food pantry so we have room for the new stuff.

Thanks so much for sharing those cool ideas! Love the super sneek peak! Can't wait to see what you've got! -Amanda

Thanks for the ideas.

Thanks for the awesome organizing ideas and projects. Looking forward to Monday's sneak peak.

The organization projects are just wonderful!

Nice to see a company that is thinking of others less fortunate in their blog. You all are fantastic and I know the next year will be even better for you. Thanks so much for your wonderful products.

Great organizing tips! Love the projects and the sneak peeks!

Great storage projects, and sneak peeks for CHA. Helpful tips too.

Love the organization projects and sneak peaks!

Great tips and love the organization projects.


great ideas

Yip...the New Year always brings a clean up and clean out! Thanks for the tips and spring clean inspiration!

WOW, I always thanks GOD by the Graphic 45 existence, you all are great and do loveable things, I loved the new collection so cute, marvelous!
Tkx people
Claudia from Brazil

I absolutely cannot stand it!!!! THIS is the line I have been waiting for!!!!! This is insanely outstanding!!! OMG!!! Every single mili inch [is that a word?!] is stunning and those stamps....to die for you guys!!!!! I HAVE to get this one!! ALLLLLLLLLL OF IT...AND IN MULTIPLES!!!!!!!

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