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March 02, 2012

Graphic 45 Design Team 30 Finalists & Blog Prize Announcement!

Hello Fabulous G45ers,

Happy Friday and thank you all so much for joining us today. This is a very exciting day for lots of reasons and not just because it's Friday! Today we're announcing our first round of finalists for the Graphic 45 2012 Design Team Call! Plus we have a winner to announce for this week's contest! We are thrilled to be bringing you this incredible day of fun and excitement. We know that many of you have been waiting in anticipation of today's list! It wasn't an easy choice but today is the day to unveil our 30 finalists! So let's get to it!

First we want to announce this week's contest winner. Chosen randomly from our Facebook page, this week's winner is...

-Jackie Quigg Hedlund

Congratulations, Jackie! Please email us with your shipping information at [email protected] to claim your prize! Big thanks to everyone who left us a blog or Facebook comment this week. We love reading all of your terrific comments each week. They inspire us and fill us with joy. Thank you all so much!


Well, it's the moment you've all been waiting for. We want to give our deepest gratitude to everyone who applied for our 2012 Design Team. We know you all worked so hard on your submissions and we truly appreciate all the effort that went in to each and every one of your wonderful applications. Your submissions were all so beautiful and heartfelt. We appreciated every submission we received. We had hundreds of submissions this year and it was very excruciatingly difficult to narrow it down to our 30 finalists.  Thank you all so much for being such stunning and creative individuals.  We hope to continue inspiring you with gorgeous papers and project ideas in the future. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful crafting community inspiring us everyday. Thank you all so, so much.

Okay, here it is! The 30 finalists (in no particular order) of the Graphic 45 2012 Design Team are...

1.  Karen Zueger - USA

2.  Alberto Juárez Díaz - Spain

3.  Nate Da Silva - France

4.  Nancy Wethington - USA

5.  Romy Veul - Netherlands

6.  Susan Fraser - Canada

7.  Arlene Cuevas - USA

8.  Karen Foy - UK

9.  Maiko Miwa - Japan

10.  Theresa Kimbrell - USA

11.  Nicole Eccles - USA

12.  Shell Carman - Australia

13.  Kristin Wilson - USA

14.  Gloria Stengel - USA

15.  Roberto Cesar dos Santos - Brazil

16.  Melanie Forbes - Australia

17.  Sharon Ngoo - Singapore

18.  Laura Denison - USA

19.  Susan Killam - USA

20.  Clare Charvill - UK

21.  Jane Tregenza - Australia 

22.  Denise Hahn - USA

23.  Kelly Klapstein - Canada

24.  DeeDee Catron - USA

25.  Tara Orr - Canada

26.  Torill Fossum Stamnes - Norway

27.  Jim Hankins - USA

28.  Jan Hennings - USA

29.  Tracy Burtt - USA

30.  Susan Lui - Singapore

Congratulations to our 30 finalists! Here are the rules and requirements for the rules and regulations.  Please email [email protected] if you have any further questions.  

Final Round:

  • We are requiring the top 30 finalists to mail in or email a video of three projects that represent you as an artist for review by Graphic45 staff including Diane Schultz, the CEO and head designer.  These projects can be old or new.
  • If you are mailing, your projects must fit in a Large Flat Rate Box (and the equivalent size for international packages 12" x 12" x 5 1/2" or 30.48cm x 30.48 cm x 13.97cm in metric). We must receive all projects by March 23, 2012. Please note: We WILL be returning the projects to all applicants following the call.

            Ship to address:
            Graphic 45
            Attn: Charee Filimoehala
            107 SE Washington Street
            Suite 236
            Portland, OR 97214

  • The final 2012 Design Team will be  announced on Friday, March 30 here on the blog.

We are thrilled to see your final projects and we wish you all the best of luck in the final round!

We hope you all have a wonderful and inspiring weekend. We will have more fun and inspiration in store for you right here on the Graphic 45 blog. March is going to be filled with so much great stuff! We can't wait to share it with you! Thank you all again for stopping by today. Have a magical day!

Happy Papercrafting,

Your Friends at Graphic 45


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Congrats Jackie and Congrats yo the finalists! This is exciting!

congratulations to the finalists

Congrates everyone, you have all done an amazing job! Best of crafting luck for the next round!

Congrats to all the finalists- I look forward to learning from you in the coming year.

OH MY GOSH! I'm shaking and incredibly excited :) Thanks and will get to work :)

Thank you for the opportunity!!!!! I think I need some fresh air!! ♥♥♥ Congrats everyone!

YIPEEE YAHOO!!! Congrats to all the finalists!!! So very exciting!

congrats to the finalists well done

phew big sigh of relief and then panic!! Congrats to the top 30 :) Good luck :)

Congratulations to the finalists! Beautiful work!

Congrats to the 30 finialest. Good luck look forward to seeing your projects when they are posted.

Top Notch Group there...Congrats All.

Congratulations Everyone!!!

WOuld be nice if you actually looked at all of the blogs of people who tried out. Everyone put in alot of hard work to not even be checked out.

Congratulations ladies! Your work is beautiful!


Wow! Congrats!

Congratulations to all the finalist - Best of luck!

I can't imagine how difficult this decision was for you guys. The competition was and is stiff!! Congrats to all the winners, your projects are truly amazing!! Thank you Graphic 45... I must of pinched myself a dozen times. I am over the moon excited. Ok time to freak out!! ~:0)

Congratulations everyone! Thanks so much to the Graphic 45 team. I'm with Kristen above - definitely had to pinch myself and look at the list a couple of times!

Good luck on your final projects!


Congrats to the top 30!

Congrats to the finalists!!

Yayyyy!!!! Thanks so much! And congrats to all the finalists! Your work is stunning!

Congratulations to all the people on the list!

Congratulations to all in the final 30. I've had a look at all and I've picked the ones I think will go on, I can't wait to see if I'm right! lol.

Congrats to the first 30 and hope all goes well for the next round ... also congrats to Jackie for the weekly win

Congrats everyone.

Congrats to everyone!! I'm so excited and am honored to be in this company of talent!!! I will be busy creating for you this weekend!!!!!! Thanks again, Hugs, Karen

Congratulations to all of the fianalist!!! All are so talented, miss seeing my name on the list :) maybe next time.

Congrats to everyone!!! So many beautiful projects that were submitted! Woo hoo I'm so excited I think I'm going to faint lol :)

Congrats to all you lucky people on the list..........I went to each and everyone there blogs to look and you guys made some pretty AMAZING projects........I think that's why my name is not on the list....:( boehoe!!
Well I'm still a happy girl *grin*.
And thank you Graphic 45 for the chance....I would be a hard decision for you guys to pick your final design team because there all so good.
Good luck..........
Hugs Amy :)

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for this fab opportunity! Best wishes Karen x

Absolutely stunning pieces from all of the finalists...congratulations and good luck in the next round!

Congratulations to the top 30! What TALENT you all have.....I am inspired by your creativity! GOOD LUCK to you ALL!

What an incredible way to start my day....I am THRILLED to be included in this top 30 of talented crafters. WOW! Thank you so much!

Congratulations to the top 30 Amazing talent there.

Oh my, you just made me SOO excited! You picked so many talented ladies and I'm glad to see a few friends on this list too:) I feel really honoured to be one of these 30 ladies:) Thank you sooo much! Off to get some more G45 creations done this weekend:)

Congrats, everyone! I see plenty of names that I was hoping to see make the final 30 ... so happy for all of you!! Best of luck to you on the next round! :)

Congrats to all! I feel the hands trembling from here! You all deserve the call....beautiful work people!

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