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May 10, 2012

Get Inspired With More G45 Design Team Introducitons!

Hello G45ers,

Thank you all for joining us on this wonderful day! We are so excited to bring you another day of fun and inspiration as we introduce more talented crafters from our new 2012 design team! You are going to love today's featured design team members. Their work is incredibly gorgeous and full of innovative ideas! Today you'll get to meet Roberto Cesare, AKA Betto, from Brazil as well as Sharon Ngoo from Singapore! Both Betto and Sharon have lavish and unique styles that are going to leave you breathless! It's going to be such a great day!

Things are getting quite exciting here at Graphic 45. Diane, Charee and Aimee are in South Africa right now attending some fabulous scrapbooking events. They are having an amazing time and meeting so many incredible people. Meanwhile the lilacs are in full bloom in Portland, Oregon where the Graphic 45 office is located. As we gear up for the release of A Ladies' Diary and Happy Haunting we can't help but feel the joy of the spring season! Check out this photo taken by Graphic 45 blog writer Kelly at an actual lilac farm last weekend just outside of Portland! Yes, an entire farm devoted to lilacs! It's just as magnificent as it sounds! Talk about paradise! Obviously we love beautiful flowers here at Graphic 45!


And now it's time to meet two of our newest design team members, Betto and Sharon Ngoo! First up is Betto. There are so many fabulous things to say about him. When you first see Betto's craft creations it is obvious that he is remarkably talented. He has a lush style the incorporates delicate paper distressing, layering and inking. He also likes to make his creations look alive by creating intricate dimension in his work. His crafts tell a story and they are filled with grand emotion. His blog Scrapguys is filled with so many stunning creations and unique inspiration. What was so incredible about Betto's design team audition was the deep and heartfelt sincerity that he conveyed. If you watch his design team audition video featured below you will see exactly what we mean. He views scrapbooking as a way to celebrate life. We must admit that we were so touched by his wonderful video that it actually made us cry tears of joy! We are so happy to welcome him to our team! Say hello to the amazing Roberto Cesare, AKA Betto! 


"My name is Roberto Cesare, but the only one who call me that is my mother! I am 30 years old and I live in São Paulo - Brazil. Since childhood I found myself surrounded by stamps and color pencils, which were my  favorite toys. When I was a teenager I loved to customize my stuff, with a different and personal touch. I found scrapbooking just five years.  I saw a class in a TV show and was impressed with the techniques presented: painting, collage, paper cutting, stamps and photos together in a 12x12 inch sheet of paper. It was love at first sight.On Valentine's day I made an album with four layouts for my partner, telling our story. When I saw his reaction seeing the album, I knew the meaning of  scrapbooking, which is the preservation of memory, the moment and life. Life is too short and fast, and one important Brazilian architect Oscar Niemyer said: "Life is a blast".  Through the scrapbook I have the opportunity to write my story, a memorial about my life and my feelings. I can bring the taste and pleasure of something I've lived.  I can shine, I can give light to something that was overlooked in the past.  I can take my soul into a piece of paper and make everything alive. In my work and everything I make I try to put a piece of me. So why not always make the best and also trying to be better .... father, mother, son, brother, friend, woman, man.  We must not wasting life, good friends and great opportunities, grab everything hard and shine, shine more, and more." -Betto

More fun facts about Betto include:

Favorite movies: The Color Purple, The Pursuit of Happiness, Finding Neverland 
Favorite TV Shows : Six Feet Under, Dexter and The Walking Dead
Favorite female singers: Macy Gray, Idina Menzel, Adele, Cher an Bjork
Here is Betto's amazing video. It is guaranteed to inspire you. Trust us, this video is a treasure!


Here is an incredible Tropical Travelogue wall hanging by Betto. You can see the gorgeous color and dimension in this piece. There is so much delicate cutting that he had to do in order to create this magnificent piece! It covers a wonderful spectrum of land and sea. Betto also utilized open spaces in this piece to give it a compelling sense of movement. It is just stunning! 




The Magic of Oz comes to life with this astounding layout! Betto made gorgeous paper rosettes and used paper distressing to give this piece a timeless look. He really captured the wonder and enchantment of this fabulous collection. Wow!




Here is another magnificent work of art by Betto. It is an altered cube that celebrates the story of Alice in Wonderland using our fabulous collection Hallowe'en in Wonderland! This cube captures the fun and whimsical spirit of this classic story. You can see more details of this fantastic piece in Betto's video. It is just remarkable!




Now it's time to meet another talented crafter, Sharon Ngoo from Singapore! Sharon brings her masterful techniques and vivid imagination to our new team. We are very excited to welcome her aboard! She definitely knows how to capture that authentic vintage look that we love here at Graphic 45. Her crafting blog Glooshmoo is a wonderland of inspiration, cheer and fabulous ideas! Her crafts are full of love and charming beauty. She utilizes terrific techniques such as paper distressing, inking and delicate cutting to create unique statements in her crafts. She also has a great eye for bringing out the best in every paper collection. Her crafts have a narrative approach that is both alluring and heartwarming. We are very happy to have her on our team. Please join us in welcoming the very talented Sharon Ngoo!

Sharon b&w

"Hello!!! I'm Sharon from sunny Singapore! I am truly honoured to be a part of the 2012 Graphic45 Design Team because those who know me well would know that the awesome Graphic45 style is right up my alley! (My 2 kids are always asking me why I like making my projects look so old.  Hubby is used to it so he doesn't ask).  I love making things from scratch - especially mini books and albums, and I teach classes at our local scrapbooking store, PaperMarket  (people say they can always tell which projects are mine because they're usually the brownest / blackest ones or the ones with lots of paint on them).  If you're ever in Singapore, drop by to say hi (my house is the one covered in plants)...we can scrap on the floor while watching "friends" reruns and drinking coke!" -Sharon Ngoo

Here is Sharon's altered Metal Film Canister and Mini Album that is decorated in Kraft Reflections. You can see how she maintained the lovely colors of Kraft Reflections to give this piece a classic look. It is filled with inspiring sentiments and elegant embellishments. What a wonderful treasure!

Sharon-blessing canister

Sharon-blessing album

Sharon-blessing album inside

Next up is this sweet little Le Romantique mini journal. This creation was hand-bound and has a sweet shabby-chic look. It is beautifully decorated but still maintains a simple charm. This book is so precious.

Sharon-handbound wedding mini book

Sharon-handbound wedding mini book pages

Sharon-handbound wedding mini book spine

This next creation is just wonderful! It's a 5x8 altered art box that's decorated in Olde Curiosity Shoppe. Inside you'll find something incredibly clever. The box opens up to reveal a mini closet, complete with tiny hangers, clothes, knick knacks and little boxes all made by hand! The amount of patience and care that went into this piece is just amazing! This is a perfect example of Sharon's vast imagination and papercrafting skill!

Sharon-closet space

Sharon-closet space inside

Sharon-closet space objects

That's all for today, G45ers. Thank you all so much for joining us today. We also want to thank Betto and Sharon for their gorgeous work! We are so excited to have them on our team and we can't wait to see their next Graphic 45 creations! We will have more incredible design team introductions tomorrow. We hope you'll join us for all the fun. We wish you all a stunning day filled with smiles and maybe even lilacs!

Your Pals in Paper,

Team Graphic 45


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Such beautiful inspiration...love it all! Just to gorgeous for words!

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