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May 07, 2012

A Ladies' Diary Prize Winners & Introducing The Gentleman Crafter!

Hello G45ers,

Happy Monday to you all! Welcome to our blog today! Wow, last week was so incredible! Getting to introduce you all to our new collections is always so much fun! We want to thank you all for your fantastic comments on our blog and Facebook page during our sneak peeks for Happy Haunting and A Ladies' Diary. We were delighted to read your kind words and we cannot wait for you all to get your hands on the new collections! Today is going to be a lot of fun. We've got some prize winners to announce from Friday's contest. Plus we're going to introduce you to one of our newest design team members, the amazing Jim Hankins, AKA The Gentleman Crafter! You are going to love his dazzling creations! Today is going to be a lot of fun. So lets get to it!

First we want to announce our prize winners from Friday! Huge thanks to each and every one of you who left us comments on our blog and Facebook page last week! Our randomly chosen winners for the prize pack of A Ladies' Diary are...

From our blog:

- Arielle Berceau: "Beautiful creations! I would love to win this gorgeous collection!!"

- Gerrie Johnnic: "All the beautiful projects are divine, welcome back Gloria. I can't wait for June to come quickly so I can get some papers."

From Facebook:

- Sue Carolfi: "Lovely work by Gloria, can't wait to see what she produces over the next year, very exciting! This Ladies Diary collection is on the top of my to get list!"

- Lilian Baker: "Wow I love the new paper line Graphic 45!! You just get better and better:-)"

Congratulations! Will our winners please email us with your shipping information at info@g45papers.com to claim your prizes. Hooray!

And now it's time to meet an incredibly talented crafter that we are thrilled to welcome to our new 2012 design team! His name is Jim Hankins and he goes by The Gentleman Crafter. We had seen Jim's incredible crafts on our Ning site before he'd even applied for our design team. We were instantly struck by his fabulous knack for imaginative crafts. He has a keen eye for blending vibrant color and beautiful embellishments to create uniquely alluring works of art. As you will see with the projects we feature today, Jim's talent is quite remarkable. He not only has an incredible artistic gift but he's also eager to share his passion for crafting with others. His fabulous blog The Gentleman Crafter is filled with gorgeous crafts and lots of fun moments from his life in Texas. He loves to share and create and he's great at doing both! Please join us in welcoming the marvelous Gentleman Crafter!


"A cherished set of encyclopedias (Number Fourteen…Crafts/Games…I can still remember!), IBM computer punch cards, tape, crayons, scissors and a love of building, were the simple beginnings of my passion for crafting! From this passion, I opened a gift and home furnishings store in Georgetown, Texas, manufactured a popular line of birdhouses, Tweet Suites and have been a professional decorator for many holiday and special events. I’am currently employed as a buyer and merchandiser for a network of retail stores in Austin, Texas. I am the father of seven dogs, one cat, six runner ducks and uncle to six beautiful nieces and nephews. The long ago love of punch cards and tape has lately been rekindled and for the past two years has developed into a passion for paper crafting.

I honestly have a love affair with Graphic 45 papers, it’is pretty obvious. I love the colors, images, graphics, texture and thought that go into designing each page. I just plain love to work with it, it makes me happy. Being able to help someone find a way to do something they have never done before brings me tremendous joy. Through my blog, I have found the most incredible way to share these ideas and techniques. I cannot tell you the blessing I receive when people ask, even a single question and want more information...bliss. I love to bring a masculine edge to my pieces. From the comments I have received on my blog, it’is my opinion that people are looking for things to create for men without success and I would like to help change that. In a craft that primarily caters to females, I have started to create a niche that gives a new and fresh perspective in the arena of paper crafting." - The Gentleman Crafter

Here are the final projects that Jim submitted for the Graphic 45 2012 design team call. One look at these splendid creations and you'll understand why he was just perfect for our team. Have a look at this gorgeous Olde Curiosity Shoppe altered art piece. It contains a special altered art box and mini album inside! It's like a dream within a dream!

Olde Curiosity Shoppe Altered Art

Olde Curiosity Shoppe Altered Art

Olde Curiosity Shoppe Altered Art

Olde Curiosity Shoppe Altered Art

Olde Curiosity Shoppe Altered Art

Here we have Jim's incredible altered clock that's decorated in Christmas Emporium with lots of gorgeous Graphic 45 Metal Staples. This piece is gorgeous and so clever! There's even a little drawer that opens to reveal a sweet hidden tag. If this doesn't put you in the holiday crafting spirit then nothing will! 

Christmas Emporium Altered Art

Christmas Emporium Altered Art

Christmas Emporium Altered Art

Christmas Emporium Altered Art

Okay, G45ers, get ready to be wowed! Check out this fantastic altered farris wheel that's covered in our beautiful Le Cirque collection! This completely captures the grandeur and fun of the circus. When we saw this we were totally amazed. This is a great example of The Gentleman Crafter's fun-loving spirit and vast artistic skills. It's just marvelous!

Le Cirque Altered Art

Le Cirque Altered Art

Le Cirque Altered Art

Le Cirque Altered Art

Le Cirque Altered Art

We hope you all had fun today getting to know The Gentleman Crafter. We are so excited to see the fabulous crafts he'll create on this year's design team! We want to thank him for her remarkable work on today's featured crafts. Huge thanks to all of you out there in craft land! We are so glad you stopped by our blog today! We wish you all a warm and wonderful day!

Happy Papercrafting!

Your Friends at Graphic 45


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Welcome to Jim! I have followed his blog for a while, and I am totally awestruck by the things he makes...I can't wait to see what he does with the new lines from G45!

WOW WOW WOW all so amazing

Wow! Is the ferris wheel handmade or is it a pre cut chiip board? Either way it is fantastic!

Jim is amazing! I loveeeeee his creations! Congratulations to the winners!

Wow this totally opens up new possibilities for everything

WooHooT! You go Jim! I love Jim's work, he is a master artist/craftsman! Truly unique art!

Congratulations to the winners! I just can't tell you how excited I was to see Jim chosen for the G45 Design Team, the man is a crafting genius!

Congrats to the prize winners! Stunnig projects Jim!

Astounding, I love the attention to detail, and SO clever.

So thrilled that Jim is part of the G45 design team! I've been following his blog for a while and have crafted items inspired by the tutorials he graciously shares. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his amazing work!

The Ferris wheel is amazing, I saw it on his blog and was blown away by his talent, I've been checking out his blog since then. Good choice for your design team!

When I found this man's blog I couldn't believe what he could do with paper. He totally does think outside the box. He is one amazing crafter.

Beautiful work! Love the ferris wheel! Welcome Jim!

First, thank you, I am a winner today, a very excited, happy winner! Jim's work is just mind blowing! What fab ideas, beautiful work, just amazing!

Love Jim's work! He keeps me inspired! So happy to see him added to the design team!

Welcome to the G45 crowd, Jim. Your artistic talents are a definite WOW! Must get to your blog for more "fix".

Congratulations to all the winners of Ladies Diary last week. I wasn't one of them (SOB!!), but I know they will all do wonderful things!

I am so inspired! This is fantastic and I am very happy to see that Jim will be sharing his talent!

Congrats to winners! Welcome Jim, glad you made the design team so I can see more of your fabulous work...OVER THE TOP AWESOME !!!

Absolutely amazing work!

Wow! I'm bowled over with what he created. I'll have to start going to his blog on a regular basis.

I am so thrilled to see Jim here.I visited his blog when he made the first cut and was blown away.I love his creations and fun-loving spirit.Welcome Jim can't wait to see more.

Amazing just like all the work we have seen in the past few months from his blog. Congrats on being choosen for the G45 Team Jim. Looking forward to the next year filled with your designs. Pam Davis

Huge welcome to Jim!! Soo excited to win a prize package, thanks Graphic 45!!

Welcome to Graphic 45 Jim! I have been a fan of his for a while and glad to see his wonderful creations here!

Welcome Gentleman Crafter Jim!!! Lovely projects, can't wait to see more :)

Wow, wow, wow! I love the movement in the ferris wheel...and the intricacy in the other pieces. Yet, none of them are at all fussy. Clean, elegant, yes. Imaginative, whimsical, yes. But delightfully un-fussy. Welcome, Jim! What took you so long to get here?

So amazing! Just when you think you have seen it all.

Fantastic work from Jim, delighted he is on the G45 team and looking forward to seeing more of his creations.

Truly AMAZING work of art.
Jim THE Gentleman Crafter is going to be a inspiration to us all. Cant wait to see his next projects.
Congratulations to mister Jim for beeing one of the G45 designers for this year.

Two men on the team, definitely giving the ladies a run for the money! LOL For those out there who think paper crafting is for stay at home mom's and grammas, the 'works of art' of these two designers proves them wrong. Look forward to seeing more....

I'm blown away yet again with the magnificent creations

Jim's incredible imagination, his perfection in creating with paper and his joy in sharing make him one of my favorite Texas artists.

Fabulous work Jim. I have been stalking his blog for a bout 2 months now. I can't wait to see what he creates for all of us in "Happy Haunting" paper.

You are so lucky to have Jim on your team! He is an awesome artist and he is truly a gentleman.

Unbelievable talent! Looking forward to seeing more.

Jaw dropping is all I can say... unbelievable Jim!!

Love all the work of Jim.. It is so out of the world.. Waiting to see his other creations on this blog..

Wow and this....from a man. Who'd thunk it!!!!!

I had never heard of the The Gentleman Crafter before but am so glad that he is now part of the G45 DT! What a fabulous addition!! Congrats and looking forward to seeing more amazing stuff from him!

Holy flying pigs! Welcome Jim, your artistic talents are amazing! And congratulations to all the winners - I can imagine all the fun you are going to have. Wish ME luck today!

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