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May 31, 2012

Get Beautifully Organized With Graphic 45!


Hello G45ers!

Thank you all for stopping by our blog today! You are in for such a treat! Today is all about fun ways to get organized! We've got two gorgeous creations by Arelene Cuevas and Jim, The Gentleman Crafter! There's a magnificent altered cigar box by Arlene and a super fun organization station by Jim! We could all use some organization in our lives! Maybe you've got a pile of crafting supplies that could use a little spring cleaning. Or perhaps you're just looking to add some style to your home or creative space! These are two great ideas that will bring beauty and order to your world! First up we have this stunning Olde  Curiosity Shoppe altered cigar box by Arlene Cuevas! This box is so lovely and has such a wonderful sentiment! Here Arlene explains her inspiration behind this piece and also gives some great tips for making one of your own! Take it away, Arlene!

I love altering boxes. There’s something therapeutic about it, I can’t quite put my finger on it! I found this wooden cigar box at my local craft store and thought it would be perfect to alter and gift to my husband for Father’s Day (which is literally around the corner!) My husband always has a lot of little knick knacks laying around his home office, perhaps this box can give those little guys a new home! I decided to grab the Olde Curiosity Shoppe papers for this project – what FUN!
In lieu of painting the box, I opted to stain it using my Lindy Stamp Gang Starburst Spray in Dark Chocolate Truffle. After staining the box, I adhered the papers down. I like to use Scor Tape or Golden Gel Medium to adhere design paper to my altered boxes, especially when I know I will be layering a lot of heavy embellishments to the box. The Scor Tape and gel medium just adhere very well and can withstand the elements of time.
I altered all the metal embellishments on this box using Pitch Black alcohol ink by Ranger. TIP: Before the alcohol completely dries, wipe the excess off with a paper towel for a distressed, antique look.




I used the black Staples trim and the small metal brads to create a “stopper” so when the box is opened, the cover holds without flipping all the way open. I used one of the new metal clothespins “Remember” to clip some self-inspiring proverbs from the Kraft Collection that my husband can take out and read. These are a perfect reminder to take care of oneself! Yup, and here’s my husband (photo on the inside of the box)! He is framed in a chipboard frame from Tags #2. Thanks for letting me share my latest project with you!
Staples Metal Clothespins
Tim Holtz Ideology – Metal Book Corners
Tim Holz Ideology Metal Keyhole
Tim Holtz Ideology Muse Token
Recollections Key brad
Lindy Stamp Gang Starburst Spray – Dark Chocolate Truffle
Wow! Die Cut – Penny Farthing Tricycle
Ranger Distress Ink – Vintage Photo & Walnut Stain

Wow, that was wonderful! Next up is this incredible organization station by Jim, The Gentleman Crafter. This is a super fun project that you're going to adore! Jim created two versions of this great organization station, one with Olde Curiosity Shoppe and one with Little Darlings! Both of them are totally unique and adorable! They would look amazing in any room and also make wonderful gift ideas! Want to know how these were made? Jim has created a fun tutorial that takes you step by step through the creative process! Wow! Take it away, Jim!


A wonderful unit to make that fits in a small space yet holds a ton of tools, pens, etc. I have done two
versions of this station. One in Graphic 45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe paper and one in Graphic 45’s Little
Darlings collection. The directions below are for the Olde Curiosity Shoppe VOS.

• Graphic 45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe Paper Collection
Graphic 45 Metal Tags
• Graphic 45 Clothes Pins
• Graphic 45 Door Plate
• Graphic 45 Metal Film Canister
• Graphic 45 Mini Brads
• 36’’ piece of 1x2 lathing strip (more than likely your lumber store will cut this for you.)
• Black Acrylic Paint
• Red Acrylic Paint
• Old candle taper
• Cork
• Plastic headed pushpins
• 1” wooden ball
• Wooden Craft Frame (baby version)
• Graphic 45 Metal Flowers (baby version)

Let’s Get Started…

1x2 Wooded Base PieceStep

Step 1: Paint entire 1x2 wooden base piece with black paint.


Step 2:

Using the tapered candle, rub the candle around the edges, sides and top randomly. Making sure some
of the way is adhered to the paint. This will be a resist.


Step 3:

Paint a topcoat of red over the entire piece.

Step 4:

With a fine grit sand paper, lightly go over the edges, sides and front pulling the red paint up where the
wax acted as a resist.


The Boxes

Step 1:

All chipboard pieces will be doubled meaning, double the thickness by cutting two of
everything and gluing them together.
Cut chipboard to the following:
12‐ 3x4
12‐ 2‐3/4 x4
6‐ 2‐3/4 x 2‐3/4
Cardstock Mats sizing:
Box Exterior‐ 2‐7/8 x 3‐7/8
Box Bottom‐ 2‐7/8 x 2‐7/8
Box Interior‐ 2‐5/8 x 3‐3/4
Box Interior Bottom‐ 2‐5/8 x 2‐5/8

Step 2:

Making structure strips. With a 12 x 12 piece of Kraft or cardstock, cut 1‐inch strips from the sheet.
Next, score the strip in half and apply Scor‐Tape to the left and right side of the score line, making sure
not to cover the score. Make several of these in advance so they will be at hand when needed.


Step 3:

Starting with the sidepieces cut 4 structure strips to 3 inches. Apply one side of the structure strip to
the sidepiece, leaving the backing on the other taped side. Repeat for all edges.

Step 4:

Align a 3 x 4‐inch piece with the outside edge of the bottom. Pull tape backing and adhere to strip.
Repeat this for the three other sides.


Step 5:

Apply wet glue to sides. Starting with two sides align corners and edges and adhere together. Repeat
for other sides. Apply 4‐inch structure strips to all sidepieces.



Step 6:

Paint all edges, bottom and interior with black paint.

Step 7:

Cut sheets of patterned paper to mat the exterior and interior of the boxes.


Make three of these boxes….


Step 1

Using either side of the Graphic 45 film canister. Paint with copper or gold Ranger Paint Dabbers (?)
Allow to dry.


Step 2:

Apply Espresso alcohol ink to a sponge and randomly blotch the ink onto the surface of the canister
edges and front.


Step 3:

Place the canister on top of a piece of cork and mark around the diameter of the canister. Pull the
canister away and cut the cork with a craft knife on the marked lines. Glue cork to the inside of the


Push Pins:

With a little sand paper rough up the plastic ends of the pushpin. Next, cut the legs off the mini brad
pieces. Once again with sand paper, sand the bottom of the brad. Apply glue to the brad head and
place on top of the plastic pushpin. Let dry.


Putting the G45 VOS Together

Step 1:

Take the canister assembly and apply Glossy Accents to 1x2 wood strip the length of the diameter of
the canister. Adhere canister to wood.

Step 2:

Bend the doorplate over the edge of a table (be sure not to mar the surface of the table) make the first
bend at 1‐1/2‐inches from the top. Next, bend the plate around 1‐1/2‐inches from the last . Last, start
bending the long area into an arch. Once bent place the piece up to the corkboard and down on the
wood piece. Adjust any bends accordingly. Pull the piece off and apply glue to the back flat sides of
the piece and glue into place.


Next measure and mark 7” down from the Corkboard. Apply a 3‐inch zigzag line of Glossy Accents.
Center box and adhere to glue. Let set. Go on to the next box. Measure down 4” and repeat the gluing
steps. Continue to the last box and measure down 4” and adhere to wood.

Step 4:

Find a flat table surface and bend the metal tag in half. Apply glue to the backsides and adhere tag to
the bottom of the box and the wood piece. Repeat for all boxes.


Step 5:

Paint the 1‐inch ball gold or copper and just as the G45 film canister, blotch with Espresso alcohol ink.
Adhere to top of 1x2.

Step 6:

Apply glue to the back of the Graphic 45 Metal Clothes Pins and apply to face of box. Great for notes
and reminders!


Add a picture hanger to the back and….
Voila, You have completed the Graphic 45 Vertical Organizational Station.

Baby Version of the Vertical Organizational Station….

For the baby version follow the same steps for the wooden back piece and boxes.
For the top, I found an oval frame at the craft store. I painted it green, ran candle wax over the edges
and surface, applied a second coat of warm white and sanded the topcoat off to the green base coat. I
used Velcro strips to adhere the frame to the wood. This way it can easily be removed to change out

I took the metal flower staples and bent them with a pair of round nose pliers. Next, I painted them
with warm white paint and allowed them to dry. Once dry, I sanded over the raised areas. I repeated
this process for the mini brad head, painting and sanding to until I reached the desired effect.
For the wastepaper bucket, I chose to make it angled. For this I cut four pieces of 12x12 Medium
Weight Chipboard to 7‐1/4 x 10 inches. I then measured over 1‐inch on both sides of the bottom and
marked. I lined up my ruler with the marks and top corner and cut the chipboard with my craft knife.
I glued each piece together aligning the edges and corners. I then went back and applied structure
strips to the outside corners as well as the inside corners. I painted the interior and exterior edges
with green paint and matted the bucket. Once all these steps were done, I found the inside center of
the box and marked 1 inch down from the center. With my craft knife, I cut a 1‐inch opening. I bent a
small 1‐inch metal tag in half and painted it with the warm white and distressed in with sand paper. I
them glued the metal tag down to the wooden back piece. After the tag was dry I slipped the bucket
over the tag, which holds the bucket firmly in place. Easy to pull off and on as needed to empty.






Wow, such amazing pieces! Huge thanks to Arlene Cuevas and Jim, The Gentleman Crafter for their amazing work today. We hope they got you inspired to create and organize! We want to thank you all for stopping by our blog today! Please join us tomorrow as we bring you more wonderful works of craft art from our design team! We will also be announcing the winner of this week's blogs prizes tomorrow! You can still enter for your chance to win by leaving us a blog of Facebook comment today. Yay! Have a terrific day, G45ers!

Happy Papercrafting!

Your Friends at Graphic 45


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J'adore la boite à cigare de Arlene c'est vraiment bien détourné de son utilisation principale !
Merci Jim de nous expliquer "step by step" je vais me lancer prochainement j'ai craqué sur vos modèles !

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What wonderful projects yet again!!!! Of course they are wonderful...they are done with Olde Curiosity Shoppe paper....my VERY favorite...it is the most versatile paper....There is literally something for every purpose it that line!!! of course, all the Graphic 45 papers are spectacular, but this is my favorite!

Wow, what fabulous ways to use the Graphic 45 papers! I love Jim's attention to detail and trust him to come up with two ways to make a project instead of just one! Jim - you should sleep occasionally you know! I love the sturdy custom made boxes and the resist technique looks so cool too. Thanks Design Team!

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Both projects are beautiful! A special thanks to Jim for the wonderful tutorial with pictures!!

Coucou, tout est super sympa, bises

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