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June 22, 2012

Graphic 45 & May Arts Blog Hop Final Day!


Hello G45ers,

We want to welcome you all to the final day of the Graphic 45 and May Arts blog hop! Wow, what a week it's been! We've had so many incredible projects that combine the vintage charm of Graphic 45 products with the beauty of May Arts ribbons. There's still more inspiration to come with today's blog! Today we're featuring incredible crafts from Jane TregenzaMaiko Miwa and Tara Orr of the Graphic 45 design team! Plus May Arts has some gorgeous crafts from their design team members Jinky and Leah! You'll love the gorgeous work these talented artists have made just for today's blog hop! Plus this is your last day to leave blog comments for your chance to win this fabulous Graphic 45 and May Arts prize pack! All you need to do is go visit today's featured artist's blogs! See their wonderful creations, get inspired and leave them a blog comment for your chance to win! We will be choosing two random winners from this week's design team blog comments and announcing them here on our blog on Monday, June 25th! So be sure to leave your comments today! You can also check this week's blog hop schedule, posted below, to see all of this week's featured blogs. Hop around and leave your blog comments for your chance to win! Hooray!


But first we want to take a moment to get to know the Graphic 45 design team a little bit more. To get you all in the weekend crafting spirit we thought we'd ask our design team about what keeps them inspired create their amazing work. Inspiration can be found in all sorts of places and sometimes inspiration is hard to find. What inspires the Graphic 45 design team the most when they're crafting? Do they form ideas for crafts ahead of time or do they just sit down with a pile of materials and see what magic unfurls? Here's what they had to say!

"These days I flick through the papers and get a feel for them, and then spend a while thinking about how to bring them to life and what I d like to make from them. That can take anything from 10 minutes to 2 weeks, lol. Then I start crafting and see what emerges. Its not always what I'd planned as inspiration kicks in" -Clare Charvill

"I usually start with the papers and then see where it leads me....usually by association (eg. "A Lady's Diary" might make me start thinking about all things Victorian and I'll sometimes search for related images on the net that inspire e.g Victorian houses / windows and it jumps off from there." -Sharon Ngoo

"I usually flick through the papers and decide the theme that I want to make using them: seasons, colors, photos and so on. After I decide about that, I select the patterns that I can cut out. I love cutting patterns. And before starting to cut them I draw the rough sketch. It takes from 10 minutes to 2 weeks. Then I start crafting." -Maiko Miwa

"Besides just Graphic 45 papers themselves, I find most of my inspiration at my local flea market. Usually I find things to alter or embellish. I also get frequently inspired by the colors and vintage and retro designs I see. Another thing that might inspire me is a particular embellishment or found object that I want to use and create around that item." -Denise Hahn

"What inspires me the most is the materials themselves. I lay the entire collection out. Then I pull from other manufactures that match the particular collection and just jump in and let the product "talk to me"." -Kristin Wilson

"It depends. Sometimes I get ideas from things around me and sometimes I take inspiration from the patterned papers. I like looking for images I can cut from the patterned papers then figuring out what project would work well with those." -Susan Lui

"Hmmmm. Of course the papers tell their own story as to what can be made from them...However, I guess I'm a bit backwards from most. (go figure!) I think about my design first: what I want to try and build, what I want it to do, what I want it to look like. Then I grab my papers and get totally inspired! When I begin to place that first piece of paper down and my project starts to come to life, that's exactly the point where I am in the "zone." Ever wonder why I trip over so many things? Fall UP stairs? Well  the reason truly is that I'm always looking and observing everything around me....Except of course what is below or around my feet! Inspiration is everywhere." -Jim, the Gentleman Crafter

"Inspirations for me come both ways depending on what I am working on. Most times I just enjoy sitting down with your papers and letting them guide my creations to form scenes, or images that really make a statement. I will look at all the little details of the papers, from borders to tiny accents that could be combined and let them be the driving force. The only thing I am sure of is what kind of project I will be making. Whether it be a canvas, layout, card, or altered project. Once I get going, it all just starts to come together, and sometimes I am left amazed and wondering how it all happened!?! When altering objects though, I try and think about the many different ways it could be changed or used to become something completely different. Once my project is in mind I will set to finding all the other objects and things needed to get started. This is where my mind just works mechanically thinking about all the objects I have available to me, and how they could be used in different ways for my creation. After I begin making it, the imagination takes over and I let your papers and objects become my guide." -Nicole Eccles

"I have to say the inspiration flows from a photo or an item that I plan to alter. I choose my design papers from there and then again... inspiration builds from the images/designs on the paper. I don't do a lot of planning with my projects, but always start off with a general idea of what I'll be creating. I pull out product and embellishments as I go. I love to do a lot of layering so I "try" things on the project (without adhering down) until I get the look I'm trying to accomplish. Because I do a lot of layering, sometimes I have to remind myself "less is more!" LOL! Once I get in a creative zone (or trance LOL), it's difficult for me to stop!" Arlene Cuevas

"I get huge inspiration from new products. I'm a major paper person and when I see gorgeous papers it just gets my creative juices flowing. I'll start matching papers and patterns so that I end up with at least 4-5 papers that 'go' together. I'll then get a jump start on a layout and to ensure I can use that papers I've selected without any competing colours or patterns, most of my photos will be converted to black and white." -Tara Orr

And now it's time for even more inspiration! Here is a sneak peek of a gorgeous Graphic 45 and May Arts project by Maiko Miwa. You are going to love this splendid creation. Hop on over to Maiko's blog to see the full project. Be sure to leave a blog comment while you're there for your chance to win!



Next we have this ultra sweet creation by Tara Orr. Hop on over to Tara's blog to see the project in its full glory. Have a look around at Tara's stupendous blog and be sure to leave her a blog comment while you're there! Have fun and enjoy!



And finally, we have this gorgeous Ladies' Diary Layout by Jane Tregenza.  You're going to love her coffee dying technique. 


Jane Tregenza Graphic45 Ladies' Diary Layout May Arts

Here we have the full schedule from this week's blog hop. In case you missed a day or two you can still check out this week's wonderful projects and blogs and leave blog comments for your chance to win!

Monday, June 18th:
Alberto Juárez : http://vintageodyssey.blogspot.com/
Gloria Stengel : http://gloriascraps.blogspot.com/
Nicole Eccles: http://www.nicoleeccles.com/
Jingle: http://www.justjingle.blogspot.com/
Charlene: http://www.paperandinkplayground.com/

Tuesday, June 19th:
Arlene Cuevas: http://butterflykisseswithlove.blogspot.com/
Jim, The Gentleman Crafter: http://thegentlemancrafter.typepad.com/
Betto Cesare: http://scrapguys.blogspot.com/
Vera: http://www.lingshappyplace.blogspot.com/
Latrice: http://www.latricemurphy.blogspot.com/
Karen: http://thebalddragonfly.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, June 20th:
Clare Charvill: http://mycreativespirit.blogspot.com/
Kristin Wilson: http://www.kristinwilsonhandmade.com/
Sharon Ngoo: http://glooshmoo.blogspot.com/
Jenifer: http://stitchcutcreate.blogspot.com/
Tiffin: http://www.linwoodavenue.blogspot.com/

Thursday, June 21st:
Denise Hahn: http://www.inmyblueroom.blogspot.com/
Laura Denison: http://www.followingthepapertrail.blogspot.com/
Susan Lui: http://luv2scrap-pages.blogspot.com/
Jen: http://jenshearsdesigns.blogspot.com/
Candy: http://candyscraps.typepad.com/scraps/
Kimberly: http://serendipityvintagestudio.blogspot.com/

Friday, June 22nd:
Jane Tregenza: http://janetregenza.blogspot.com/
Maiko Miwa: http://shiny-scrap.blogspot.com/
Tara Orr: http://eachmoment-onlyonce.blogspot.com/
Jinky: http://jinkyscrafts.blogspot.com/
Leah: http://1alabasterowl.blogspot.com/

About Graphic 45:

Graphic 45 an award-winning scrapbook and paper crafting company­— owned and operated by a mother and her two daughters.  Together we create vintage inspired crafting products that capture the flamboyant style of the 1920's and 30's - with vibrant color, irresistible texture and imaginative design to create products with decades-old appeal that's both fresh and familiar. Let our products inspire your next scrapbook layout, card, album or home decor project.

About May Arts:

May Arts Ribbon was founded in the early 1980’s in Riverside, Connecticut. The original products were high-end silk flowers imported from Taiwan, which were decorated using quality ribbons. The decorative ribbons proved so popular among customers that the business gradually evolved into a dedicated ribbon wholesaler. 

As a family-owned and operated business, May Arts began a long-standing tradition of quality, affordability and exceptional customer service. We are dedicated to carrying on this same tradition by offering high quality products at competitive prices. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer your questions or to assist you in placing your order. 

May Arts carries a wide selection of quality ribbons to choose from; such as grosgrain, silk, satin, burlap and a variety of prints and patterns. All inventory is held in stock, so we can ship orders out right away—typically the same day.

We want to thank you all for joining us this week. Huge thanks to our pals at May Arts for this super fun week of crafts and collaborations. We've had the best time getting to share this wonderful experience. We also want to thank today's featured Graphic 45 design team members and May Arts design team members for their wonderful work today. Remember to come back and see us on Monday for this week's prize winner announcements. We also have an extra special big announcement to make on Monday. You wont want to miss out! Have a glorious day and a fun weekend, G45ers!

Your Pals in Paper,

Team Graphic 45



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It has been so fun hopping around and seeing all the creativity and great projects inspired by Graphic 45 and May Arts.

It has been a great week!

Thank you so much for a wonderful week of inspiring project! The DT are so talented, I have learned so much. Love all of your collections! Look forward to what is coming next!! Thanks again!

Awesome projects on the hop this week, thanks for all the inspiration and ideas!

Carol B

It was fun and educational getting a peek into the mind set of some of your designers. Look forward to seeing today's goodies too. Thanks to everyone at Graphic45 and May Arts for a great week!

Can't wait to see the final day's projects! So far I am SO impressed!

Thanks for a really good time this week!

This week has been amazing!! I was unable to finish the blog-hop yesterday but it was the first thing I did this morning. I have never had a week with so much inspiration! What a wonderfull, incredible, beautifull and amazing projects have we seen this week! WOW!! Thank you all for sharing!

What a week! Thanks for all the inspiration :)

Great hop! Thanks for a great week.

These blog hops just keep getting better and better. This proves what a great team G45 papers and May Arts Ribbon make. Both are just gorgeous! I sure miss being able to buy those beautiful May Arts ribbons since our LSS closed. I sure would LOVE to win some though! :D

always fun on the g45 blog

Whew...it's been a wonderful week of hopping! So much inspiration. Thank you G45 & May Arts for the great blog hop. And thank you to all the designers for such beautiful and creative projects!!

Seeing someone else's creative work is inspirational! Thanks so much for providing this opportunity. I look forward to your emails just to see what someone else has created.

It was certainly the most stunningly gorgeous blog hop I have had the pleasure of following. I was eager each day to see what your amazing design team members would come up with next. Each day was just as fabulous as the one before, it was such a pleasure to follow. Your products are some of the most stunning paper collections I have seen in a very long time. Thanks for making these awesome paper collections which will make any project I do fabulous.

Everyones creations would have done you and may arts proud!!! enjoyed it all cant wait for the next one!!!

Excited for next week!

What a great week with 2 of my favorite crafting companies! I found a local scrap store that carries both of your products and I can tell you I am in heaven!!! I could just live in that store :) Thanks for the chance to win some lovely goodies and for all of the terrific inspiration all week!

I loved this blog hop.....found myself waitingggg for the next days blogs to visit.....such a talented creative bunch you all are.....very inspirational !!!!

I can hardly wait for the Christmas paper. Our 50th Anniversay is 2 days after Christmas. Every family is getting a mini-album to put Celebration photos.

What an inspiring hop it was!

I need to get the courage to actually cut into my Graphic 45 papers. They are so pretty, I can't stand to let scissors get any where near them!

Thank you so much for this blog hop. It has inspired me so much.

Thanks so much for the hop. I really enjoyed seeing all the designers projects and discovering new ways to use Grapic 45 paper!

Beautiful projects that always inspire me. Thank you for sharing all your talents :)

Beautiful collection! Love the inspiration from so many design team members! Thanks for a chance to win!

Cette semaine a été très inspirant! J'ai tout simplement adoré voir ce que le DT a créé! Les 45 documents et graphiques mai rubans Arts a fait une excellente combinaison .... merci pour l'inspiration!

The Nutcracker Sweet paper is absolutely the most beautiful, creative paper I've seen in my 15 years of scrapping. I'm blown away by all of it!
Thanks to the designers of this gorgeous group of papers.

Love the Nutcracker paper! I am having visions of paper sugar plums, can hardly wait for them

always inspiring!!!!!

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