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July 13, 2012

Graphic 45 Sneak Peeks: Graphic 45 Staples Projects!


Hello G45ers,

Happy Friday and welcome to another wonderful day of sneak peeks and prizes here at Graphic 45! This is going to be such a fun day! We've got some gorgeous crafts to share with you that feature our new Staples and Bird Song collection! These stunning crafts were created in Diane Schultz's workshop and will be appearing in our beautiful booth at CHA Summer! You'll get to see fabulous ways to use some of our amazing new Staples that have been premiering all this week on our blog! Plus we've got more Staples prize winners to announce as well as a great announcement about a new ongoing tutorial blog feature from Jane Tregenza! Today is loaded with lots of great ideas that are sure to inspire you for some weekend crafting! So lets get to it!

First we've got some prize winner announcements! Today is the last day to leave a comment for your chance to win a $25 Staples prize pack! The 4 winners from today's contest will be announced on Monday's blog on July 16th. So be sure to comment today for your chance to win! Our randomly chosen winners from yesterday's blog are...

-Debbie Russes: "Love, love, love the card sitting on the teacup! Of course it is beautiful...it used G45!"

-April W: "Just fabulous!!"

-Amy Kluchesky: "Yeah I love the easel, I am going to make you a card. Love card challenges. Thanks and posting soon. -Amy"

-EmeralDQueen: "Awesome Albums, love the projects those cards are beautiful :)"

Congratulations! Will our winners please email us with your shipping information at info@g45papers.com to claim your prize. Hooray!

We're very excited about CHA Summer. Our office is packed with design team projects and lots of incredible new Graphic 45 product as we prepare for the big show! Here's a fun photo of a huge shipment of the new Staples that just arrived here at our office! It's so exciting! We can't wait for you all to get your hands on these incredible new Staples!


And now it's time for some more fun sneak peeks! Here we have some wonderful works of altered art from Diane's workshop. These gorgeous pieces also feature our marvelous new Bird Song collection! Here is a beautiful shadowbox that highlights our new Metal Key Holes and Metal Key Staples!

Graphic 45 Bird Song Altered Art

Graphic 45 Bird Song Altered Art

Graphic 45 Bird Song Altered Art

Graphic 45 Bird Song Altered Art

Graphic 45 Bird Song Altered Art

This lovely piece of altered art features the incredible new Metal Label Holder Staples. You can see how beautifully these new Staples work with Bird Song!

Graphic 45 Bird Song Altered Art

Graphic 45 Bird Song Altered Art

Graphic 45 Bird Song Altered Art

Here is another incredible piece that also features Bird Song and the new Graphic 45 Metal Key Staples.

Graphic 45 Bird Song Altered Art

Graphic 45 Bird Song Altered Art

The new Graphic 45 Metal Door Pulls work wonderfully as box toppers! You can see how beautiful this box looks when decorated with Bird Song and these amazing new Staples!

Graphic 45 Bird Song Altered Art

Graphic 45 Bird Song Altered Art

And now it's time for a special announcement! Starting this month, we will be sharing a one-of-a-kind, step-by-step tutorial by Jane Tregenza on how to create and decorate one of her incredible books. Jane's amazing books have been featured on our blog throughout the years and it's always such a treat. Well now you can learn how to make one of your very own with this amazing tutorial series!  The tutorials will happen on the last Tuesday of every month right here on the Graphic 45 blog! Here is a great introduction by Jane about this inspirational blog series!

"Over my three years on the Graphic 45 design team I have made lots of books using the wonderful paper collections from Graphic 45. My books have been published in scrapbooking magazines, featured on the blog and been on display at CHA. I get many emails from all over the world from people who have seen my books and loved them. Lots ask for instructions on how I make them. To rely with detailed instructions is too hard as I need to write pages of instructions and send millions of photos!

As this is my last year on the Graphic 45 design team, I asked if I could do a book as a monthly tutorial. They replied that I could, so this is how it will work. Each month Graphic 45 will post a tutorial on making a page in my book. The book is going to be about 8 ½ inches x 11 inches and will consist of 9 pages, covers and a box to keep it in. I will be doing a page for myself, my husband/partner or male. A page for babies/grandchildren, a page on school days.  A beach page/holidays. Along with other pages to suit males or females. You will be able to choose the order in which your book will go once you have all the pages finished.  It will be a cross between the “People I love “book and my “Great Grand Mother” book. I am quite excited to be creating a new book and sharing it with you all, although I must confess to being a bit apprehensive about the amount of work involved, but it should be fun and I am looking forward to hearing from you all as we take this journey together.

The 1st tutorial will be on us and I will be using a Ladies Diary collection, which is now my favourite collection. You will need a baby photo + some of you growing up and an up to date photo as well. Don’t worry about the size of the photos, our page has a mini book on it, so there is lots of room for photo." -Jane Tregenza

Here are some wonderful photos of some of Jane's amazing books. You may recognize a few of these from past blog posts. We are so excited about this tutorial series. We just know it's going to be a lot of fun for everyone!

Altered Art Graphic 45 Jane Tregenza

Altered Art Graphic 45 Jane Tregenza

Altered Art Graphic 45 Jane Tregenza

Altered Art Graphic 45 Jane Tregenza

Altered Art Graphic 45 Jane Tregenza

That's all for today, G45ers. Thank you all so much for joining us! Big thanks to Diane and her fabulous team for creating today's sneak peek projects. And special thanks to Jane Tregenza for this exciting tutorial series which will begin on Tuesday, July 31st! We also want to wish a very happy birthday to Tara Orr of our design team. Tara's birthday is on Sunday and we hope she has a truly wonderful day! We enjoy Tara's incredible talents so much and she is such an important part of our design team. Happy Birthday, Tara! You are fabulous! Well G45ers, please come back and see us on Monday for more fantastic craft inspiration and prize winner announcements! We hope you have a great day and a happy weekend.

Happy Papercrafting!

Your Friends at Graphic 45



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I love the fan, and the butterfly keys. I am going to have to use those. Thanks!

So much excitement!!! CHA projects, new goodies in Staples and I can't WAIT for Jane's tutorials!!! You guys are incredible!!! Have fun at CHA!!! And I'll be dreaming of getting my hands on all the new products!!! I love the bird song papers!!! And the alterable boxes!! ... And the new staples!!!!! Whew!!!!!

So , so inspired, th eideas are running through my head at warpspeed, so excited to see video from CHA , next best thing to being ther.

Gorgeous, gorgeous projects-I love those metal keyholes-and Bird Song is so,so pretty!

Your papers are the best and most beautiful!

I only have one thing to say about the BirdSong samples = Beautiful! Can't wait for this paper!

I also can't wait for Jane's tutorials on book-making. Perhaps this will inspire me to finish my "personal story"

The samples are stunning!

AWW, I want to play with the new toys and try to make pretty things like you all do. :P

Wow, what FABULOUS projects!!! Such wonderful ideas! LOVE the use of the keys for the butterflies bodies! SO creative. I just cannot wait to get the Birdsong Papers!!!!

Amazing projects! I love the creativity & imagination that Graphic 45 brings to crafting. I am soo doing those butterflies when I get my keys, & am looking forward to the new tutorials.
I just wish I could win all staples!

Love the pagoda. With I could win it.
I'll be happy with G45 paper.

Fabulous! LOVE the birdhouse, the key butterflies and that AMAZING album!!

gorgeous projects, looking forward to Jane's tutorial

The pagoda took my breath away...so beautiful! I love how the keys have become butterfly bodies...super clever.

Can't wait for the book tutorial...sounds like it's going to be lots of fun!

Projects--Beautiful!! Design Team--Inspiring!! Graphic 45--Awesome!!

The projects are wonderful!!

Wow! The projects are all amazing. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

beautiful work by the DT! and I can't wait for the tutorials!

congrats to the winners!!!!

just cant wait until all this is in our stores. it is so exciting to see what you are coming out with. thanks for sharing.

What fabulous projects from your design team. So very creative! I can't wait for the book tutorials. Very good idea for creating a bigger project - thus will not get overwhelmed.

I can't wait for the tutorials ! Beautiful projects as always !!

how fabulous is that! i just cant wait for the tutorials!!! i love Jane's work!

The projects today are quite amazing!! Thanks for another chance to win the new staples. Judy D.

Gorgeous! I love the butterflies with the keys, just amazing! I love G45!

Lovely, lovely projects. So excited about the tutorial series, can't wait!

Love the butterflies with the Key bodies, what a cute idea. Am sooooo excited to see Jane's tutorials!

Stunning projects.

Love the new keys then again all your stuff is wonderful I'm definitely going to make a card for the 10 min card challange! Who wouldn't want $100 of free Graphic 45? A crazy person that's who :)

...fantastic way to end a Friday... all are show-stoppers.. Cant wait to see what CHA has..

UNBELIEVEABLE there is not one thing among these items that I don't like, amazing! Thanks for sharing this art and thanks to the artists.

I will deffinatly be watching out for the book tutorial! Have fun at CHA

OMG, these Bird Song projects are awesome. The pagoda is fabulous!!!!! Simply gorgeous. But, it all starts with the fabulous products that G45 provides. I love G45. Looking forward to Gloria's albums & tutorials.

All the project are beautiful. I love all of Graphic 45 paper.

Seeing Jane Tregenza's work in Scrapbooking and Beyond magazine was responsible for my love affair with Graphic45. I'm really looking forward to her tutorials.

I just love all of the new Staples, Bird Song line, & Nutcracker Sweet line!!! I am so inspired by all of the projects as well!!! I can't wait to get my hands on everything!

Wow is the only thing I can say.

Amazing projects! Will eagerly be awaiting the new products to hit the stores.

WOW! These projects are awesome. I can't wait to get the new staples. Congrats to the winners. Thanks for sharing, and have a great time at CHA.

What amazing projects.. Love it G45.. Love the new papers and staples.. Its sooooooo nice.. All the best for Cha.. You guys are gonna rock.. Love G45..

I love the pagoda!! Just amazing. I don't know how you do it---each day I think,"This might be my favorite!"

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