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October 16, 2012

Add Elegance To Your Home With A Ladies' Diary Altered Trays!

Alberto Juarez Graphic45 ladies Diary 4

Hello G45ers,

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to another beautiful day here at the Graphic 45 blog! We hope you are all enjoying your Tuesday. We've got some splendid craft inspiration to share with you all today. We're bringing you two stunning creations featuring A Ladies' Diary. Alberto Juarez and Jim, The Gentleman Crafter have created some magnificent altered trays that you're going to love! There is even a gorgeous tutorial by Jim that's sure to inspire you! These projects are so special and beautiful. They display so many unique ways to create marvelous crafts with A Ladie's Diary. Also we'll be sharing a sneak peek of a great project by Gloria Stengel on today's blog. You can hop on over to the Craft-e-Corner blog to see the full project. The season of inspiration is definitely here! Get ready for some fun with today's incredible crafts!  And speaking of inspiration, we were very excited to see the colorful new Graphic 45 ad for Nutcracker Sweet on the back page of Creating Keepsakes Magazine! Be sure to check it out on newsstands this month! Oh, joy!

RIMG2077 4

Today's first beautiful creation was made by Alberto Juarez. This fabulous tray features A Ladies' Diary as well as a wonderful use for the new Graphic 45 Antique Metal Door Pull! These trays are so much fun to make. You can really let your imagination run wild. Alberto combined fussy cut images with pretty ribbons and embellishments. The mix of the fussy cut images with three-dimensional embellishments helps to give incredible depth to this piece. This is a great technique to add some extra pizazz to any of your creations. It's a true craft classic!


Alberto Juarez Graphic45 ladies Diary 1

Alberto Juarez Graphic45 ladies Diary 2

Alberto Juarez Graphic45 ladies Diary 3

Alberto Juarez Graphic45 ladies Diary 4

Alberto Juarez Graphic45 ladies Diary 5

Alberto Juarez Graphic45 ladies Diary 6


A Ladies' Diary 12x12 paper pad

A Ladies Diary Chipboard 2

Graphic 45 Ornate Metal Key Holes

Graphic 45 Trim Staples

Graphic 45 Ornate Metal Door Pull

Next we have another gorgeous tray that features A Ladies' Diary. This one was created by Jim, The Gentleman Crafter and it even comes with a super fun tutorial! This decorative tray definitely captures all the elegance and refinement of A Ladies' Diary. It is both beautiful and functional! Jim actually created this tray by altering a picture frame! How clever! This fabulous tray is great for the home or as a lovely handmade gift! Follow Jim's wonderful tutorial to create one of your very own! Take it away, Jim!




The Ladies Diary Bed Chamber Tray is a fast and easy altered tray to serve up some beautiful memories.  The frame I used was purchased from Ikea.  It is just an example of how to take something and use it for a completely different purpose.  The basic concept such as making tiles could doll up any existing old tray or use the tiles in a mosaic of fun ways on any flat surface.  The reuse of the glass from the frame was because it was there and faster.  However, try Mod-Podge - Hardcoat for worry free cleaning of the trays surface without glass.


8x8 Graphic 45 Ladies Diary Collection

2 Sheets of 12 x 12 Graphic 45 Ladies Diary Collection

(2) Graphic 45 Ornate Metal Door Plates

(4) Graphic 45 Stamped Metal Brads

Medium Weight Chipboard

Frame-  (Purchased from IKEA) Ribba 11-3/4 x 15 ¾

Idea-ology Foundations Feet

Black Acrylic Craft Paint

Step 1:

The Ribba frame comes with a glass insert backed by a heavy particleboard backing.   Carefully remove the glass and the backing from the frame.  Place the glass aside until later.  Next, pull out the little cleats that hold the frame contents with a pair of needle nose pliers.  This is about the toughest part of the project. If you pull it to the left and right and up and down the cleats will free themselves from the frame.


Step 2: Once the cleats have been removed, apply a bead of wet glue around the interior ledge of the frame.  Next, place the particleboard back into the frame applying pressure to the particleboard and frame for good adhesion.   Set aside and allow to dry completely.

Step 3:

While the “tray” frame is drying, cut 24 pieces of chipboard to 3- 7/8 –Inches Square.  Take 12 of the square tiles and apply your choice of adhesive or glue to one side.  Next, apply a second square tile on top of the glued piece and adhere together.  Repeat with remaining square tiles.  This will form 12 sets of tiles.  This is done to make the tiles thicker.


Step 4:  Paint all the tiles black, making sure to cover edges with paint.  While the paint brush and paint are handy, paint the inside of the tray with the black color covering the particleboard and interior sides.



Step 5:  From the 8 x 8 Ladies Diary paper pad, pull 12 sheets of paper to cover the tiles with.  Cut the paper to 3 ¾ inches square.  Repeat for all 12 sheets.  Once cut, adhere each piece to the black tiles with tape or glue. Go over paper with a bone folder to secure bond.


Set out the tiles and arrange how you would like them laid out.  For my frame “tray”, I will have four tiles across and three down.  (The picture below shows them laid out before they were adhered to the tiles.)


Step 6:

Apply adhesive to the Idea-ology Foundations feet and adhere to each corner of the tray with Glossy accents, or your choice of wet glue.  This takes awhile to set, so allow enough time for drying.


Step 7:

Cut a 12 x 12 piece of patterned paper in half,  forming two 6-inch pieces.  Next, cut a coordinating pieces of patterned paper to 3 x 12  inches.  Starting with one of the 6 inch pieces apply adhesive to the back and adhere on to the bottom left of the tray.  Apply the 3 inch piece next, butting the papers together flush.  Last, apply the remaining 6 inch piece of paper to the 3-inch piece completely covering the bottom of the tray.


Step 8:

Once the feet are completely dry, flip the tray over and adhere the tiles onto the surface of the interior tray bottom.  I simply used hot glue for this step…fast and easy and allows for some wiggle time!


Step 9:

The Handles.  Ok, I have to go off track for a second and say this.  I completely ran out of the NEW GRAPHIC 45 Metal Pulls and this would be a splendid option for handles for this tray and so much easier than the steps following.  As such, I thought the Graphic 45 Ornate Door plates and knobs would be a fantastic option!  However, this requires making a hole in the center of the doorplate.  OK, picking up from where I left off….Find the center of the doorplate with a centering ruler and mark with a pencil or pen. 


Now, you have a couple of options here.  If you have a drill, drill a ¼ hole into the plates using the mark as your guide.  Please use care and watch your fingers!  Second option, grab a Philips head screwdriver and a hammer and bash the heck out of it until a hole is made.  It works!  I did it!  J  Be sure to place padding under the metal as a cushion, as well as, not to mar your work surface.



Finally, add the knobs to the doorplates through the new holes created folding the brad legs flat and firmly against the backside of the doorplate. 


Step 10:

With a ruler, find the center of the side of the tray.  Apply Glossy accents to the back of the doorplate.  I found some little screws from my stash and used these to apply the “handles” to the tray.  Repeat with other side.


Step 11:

Last, I added the stamped metal brads to the top four corners of the tray.


Step 12:  Apply Glossy Accents around the perimeter of the interior of the tray directly on the tiles.  Place the glass carefully back into the tray and on top of the glue, pushing firmly down to evenly distribute the glue and making the adhesion unnoticeable.

Voila, a wonderful Ladies Diary Tray!



And last but certainly not least is this fabulous sneak peek creation by Gloria Stengel. Hop on over to the Craft-e-Corner blog to see the full project. It is so beautiful. We're sure you're going to love it! For the month of October Craft-e-Corner will be donating portions of all their proceeds to breast cancer research. So hop on over to their blog for more craft inspiration and to learn more about giving to this great cause.





We hope you all had fun on today's Graphic 45 blog! Thank you all so much for joining us! Big thanks to Alberto Juarez, Jim the Gentleman Crafter and Gloria Stengel for their beautiful work today. There is more inspiration and fun in store for you all week long. We hope you come back and see us tomorrow for more splendid crafts and smiles from Graphic 45! Have a delightful day, G45ers!

Happy Papercrafting!

Your Friends at Graphic 45



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Fabulous trays! I love the way Alberto uses a simple technique, like rolling a strip of paper, and turns it into an amazing design element. I could just stare at this for hours...fabulous. Jim's tray is beautiful! I am so impressed with the final result....it looks like expensive hand painted tiles. Really smashing. And, his attention to detail really makes this piece a standout. Wow!

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