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November 27, 2012

Place In Time Calendar Tutorial Series: Part 2 January

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step20

Hello G45ers,

Welcome to part two of our calendar tutorial series! Today we're jumping into the January tutorial for a 2013 calendar featuring Place in Time and Graphic 45's 12x12 Easel Album! We're bringing you this amazing series just in time for the holidays! From now through December 12th we will be bringing you a new calendar page tutorial each day from our talented Design Team Members.  When we are finished you will be left with a tutorial for each month and a cover page.  Get ready to be inspired, learn some new techniques and use our product in ways you have never thought of.  Today we bring you Sharon Ngoo's January page tutorial.  Plus, we have a winner to annouce from yesterday's contest!

The winner of this beautiful prize package is: Cheryl Hutcherson

Here is what Cheryl had to say: "Love this collection! Jane's cover page tutorial is awesome!" Cheryl, please email [email protected] with your shipping information, so we can get your prize pack in the mail. 

G45ers, be sure to leave us a blog and/or Facebook comment each day for your chance to win! We're giving away a $25 Place in Time prize pack everyday from now until December 12th! That's 13 chances to win! Each prize pack contains a Place in Time 8x8 Paper Pad, Alphabet Stickers, Cardstock Stickers and chipboard die-cuts! We will also be giving away a grand prize pack worth $150 of Graphic 45 product to one lucky winner who posts their finished Place in Time calendar to our Facebook page! So be sure to upload images of your finished 2013 calendar to our Facebook page when this tutorial series is done so that you can be entered to win the grand prize! Now, let's turn the blog over to Sharon. Take it away Sharon
"Hi everyone! I'm January!  (no, actually I'm Sharon...haha)  And here's the calendar page that we will be making:
Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - final
Instead of having the calendar fill the whole page, I've decided to use the smaller calendar and instead have space where you can highlight the main things happening in the month, and even tuck extra notes and reminders in if you need.  Ok, so, let's get to making the page!

* Remember to save the first page for your cover and start on the SECOND page of your Easel Album instead.

Here's all the items you'll need (not everything shown in picture)

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - materials
Of course you'll need your
From the awesome Place in Time collection:
Other items:
1.  Kraft card stock
2. ribbons (reds and neutrals) - mine are from May Arts and Graphic45
3. brads (about 24 - mixture of colours - blue, red, brown, metallic)
4. Elastic string
5. Distress ink - red
6.  small tags

Ok, here we go!

STEP 1:  Cut the January Foundation paper in half, at the 6" mark.

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step1

STEP 2:  Trim the pieces such that there is no 'extra paper' around the frame. (this is so it will fit better on the Easel Album)

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step2

STEP 3:  Turn the January Cut Aparts paper to the side with the patterns, and cut just above the red "happy new year" border

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step3

STEP 4;  Now turn the lower portion of the January Cut-aparts paper over to the image side and cut just below the red border that says "ice skates" and "frosty"

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step4

STEP 5:  You should now have a piece that looks like this.  The rest of the Cut-aparts paper can be used for fussy cutting images.

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step5

STEP 6:  Trim the paper from STEP 5 such that it is the same width as your January foundation piece.

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step6

STEP 7:  They should look like this when lined up side by side:

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step7

STEP 8:  Take the half of the January foundation paper that has the "January" on it. Flip it to the back and fussy cut along the flourish in the corner (start from the top edge of the paper)

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step8
STEP 9:  Fussy cut to this amount:

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step9

STEP 10:  Glue the two halves of the January foundation paper onto your easel album page. (remember, it's page 2).  Arrange them to fit on the page. They will overlap a little in the centre.  Make sure not to glue down the fussy-cut flourish.

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step10

STEP 11:  Now glue on the piece of paper you cut from the January Cut-aparts in STEP 5.  Tuck it behind the fussy cut portion.
Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step11
STEP 12:  Cut a piece of kraft coloured card stock 4 1/2 by 9" and ink the edges with red ink (I used Barn Door Distress ink)

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step12

STEP 13:  Cut out these items from the Calendar Foundation paper (small january calendar) and the leftover January Cut-aparts paper (all other items except tag)

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step13
STEP 14:  Tie a ribbon around the kraft cardstock (about 1" from the base), glue more ribbons above the red "happy new year" border, and glue the items onto the calendar as shown.  (only the kraft cardstock is popped up on foam dots). Make sure the kraft cardstock is tucked behind the flourish.

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step14
STEP 15:  Using a ruler, mark 1/2" intervals along both sides of the kraft cardstock (mark on the page, not on the kraft card stock).  I left a bit more space on the top (about 3/4" instead) to accommodate some words.  These are going to be the spacing for the 'lines' (NOTE:  The next few steps can be quite time consuming, so if you'd like a quicker version, consider drawing lines in pen, or just gluing string onto the cardstock to create lines, or even cutting out a piece of ledger paper to use in place of the cardstock.)

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step15

STEP 16:  Put brads along the sides of the kraft cardstock according to the spacing you marked.  Its nice to have them spaced at different distances from the kraft cardstock.  TIP: Don't fasten the brads tight. It will help later.

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step16

STEP 17: Create lines across the kraft cardstock using elastic string. wrap the ends of the string around the brads. No need to tie, just wind it around.

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step17

STEP 18: Tie ribbons to the tags as you wish, then glue them onto the page as shown.

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step18
STEP 19:  Glue on the other images with foam dots

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step19
STEP 20:  Add in the word "JANUARY" using the alphabet stickers - I glued mine on with foam dots.  For the word "IN", I matted the letters on spare pattern paper before gluing it on.

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step20
STEP 21:  Use the alphabet stickers to spell the word "What's UP".  Mat it on spare pattern paper before gluing onto the kraft card stock

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step21

STEP 22: Write numbers in the January calendar and Use small buttons / bling to highlight special dates.

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step22

STEP 23:  Add chipboard elements

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step23

STEP 24:  Use stickers and handwriting to record important January events

Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step24


Graphic45 Sharon Ngoo Place in Time January - step25

I hope you had fun! :)  Its gonna be awesome to see the calendar coming together page by page!"  -Sharon

What a fun and fabulous tutorial. We hope you enjoyed learning new techniques and ideas as much as we have.  Remember to leave a comment here and/or on our Facebook page for your chance to win!  And join us tomorrow, Arlene Cuevas will be providing the joyful February tutorial.  So exciting!  Big thanks to Sharon for sharing her inspirational ideas, and to each of you for joining us! 

Happy Papercrafting!
Team Graphic 45


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I saw this on Sharon's blog earlier today and just loveeeeee it!!! Sharon is amazing! Congrats to Cheryl! :)

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This makes the special Place in Time papers even more beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

Okay, so today's tutorial was a huge help to me. cutting the background and then putting it back together so it fits the easel was genius, I had no idea how to get it to fit. Also love the string and the buttons on the page. Lovely. -Idaho Amy

Sharon - Love your January page - it is totally awesome. Love the idea of brads and string for the lines on your paper - so very creative. Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

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Another GREAT tutorial!! Love the use of buttons to mark the dates and the "lines" made from string!!

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Each day is better than the one before! I finally received my Place in Time pad yesterday, so hope that I can begin work on this project soon. I love the idea!

LOVED the cover, and love this January layout as well. Thank you so much for the inspiration, the ideas, the creativity. Don't like to rush my life away, but am eagerly looking forward to see the rest of the year.

Beautiful page! I love the idea of using the string and brads to make the lines for the "whats up" section. Cant wait to see February!

It's terriffic. Loved it. The papers are so nice.

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I love the soft and muted colors of the Place in Time series..clever way to layout the calendar

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Wonderful idea!! This gave me so much inspiration. Love G45. You have no idea how much I need you each day for inspiration!

As we move into a new year, this is the perfect project! I have wanted to create my own calendar for 2013 and I can see that using the new G45 Place In Time collection is the perfect place to start. I especially love that one can really 'use', and personalize, the calendar.

Love this page! A great tutroial! Love the what's ups tag idea!

How very cute. I really like the look of the lines made from string.

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Wow! This is beautiful! I can see using a different colored pen for scheduled events with room to jot down things that come up during the month! This is already a beautiful calendar!

January is my birthday month (born on the 13th), so I just love this layout. I like how you used the elastic. You could get the small clothes pins and use it to hang any invites or important notes. Thank you for sharing.


Oh this is going to be so much fun! I missed yesterday's post - I was getting inspiration for my files from all of the Graphic 45 blogs I could find and I missed THE Graphic 45 post! This a wonderful first month page for the new year and the tutorial is great! Thank you Sharon! Wishing you a sunshine day today - we have lots here in this part of WI and I love it!


Barbara Diane

Beautiful! I love the concise instructions.

This daily tutorial from very talented people is the best! When I first viewed today's page, I totally missed the fun detail of the brads and string. So fun! And, so glad I read through each step.

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