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December 08, 2012

Graphic 45 Presents A Very Special Look at Richard's Baby Book


Hello G45ers,

Happy Saturday to you all! This is a very special blog post that we're doing today and we are so happy that you're joining us! This week a surprise package arrived here at the Graphic 45 office in Portland, Oregon. No one at our office knew that this package was on its way. It was addressed to Charee Filimoehala, our Design Team Coordinator and Customer Service Manager here at Graphic 45. Charee and her partner Sean are happily anticipating the birth of their first child, a boy who they have named Richard. After Sean's father. There has been so much excitement in the air as everyone anxiously awaits the arrival of sweet baby Richard, expected to arrive Monday! The package that arrived was from Jim, The Gentleman Crafter so we knew it would be good, whatever is was! Charee opened the box to find this beautiful baby book. Inside were gorgeous and heartfelt layouts created by members of the Graphic 45 design team. Jim had organized the creation of this amazing book by having the Graphic 45 design team create an LO for what would become Richard's Baby Book! Today we are taking you on a very special journey through this incredible book. It was such a magnificent surprise and so wonderfully made that we just had to share it with all of you! So here we go!

Here is the book cover. It's so pretty and simple. It came with a big white bow wrapped around it but Charee had to undo the bow so she could look inside. But we loved this sweet, classic look with the image from Little Darlings peeking through.


 Here is what Charee had to say about it:

"This is one of the most thoughtful and amazing gifts I have ever received.  Opening this package was so exciting to say the least.  Cracking open the album to find numerous treasures by our wonderful design team members was more than my (pregnant) emotions could handle.  This gorgeous album brings tears of joy to my eyes each time I open it, which has been too many times to count. I am so grateful to have the most incredible design team to work with.  They are inspiring, kind, creative, and have become great friends!  Thank you Jim, for making this happen, and to everyone who contributed.  Sean and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this timeless masterpiece!!" 


Here is first beautiful layout of the book. It was created by Gloria Stengel using Little Darlings and Kraft Reflections. This layout has such stunning borders and charming embellishments! Gloria left a perfect space for placing a 5x7 photo of Richard! It's so sweet!



Here is page two of Richard's baby book. This amazing layout was created by Tara Orr. This has Tara's classic style all over it! Beautiful paper layering and lots of paper distressing create gorgeous textures in this LO! That is a photo of Sean and Charee, the proud parents! Graphic 45 Ornate Metal Key Holes and Ornate Metal Keys look amazing with Little Darlings papers and chipboards. This LO is so wonderful!



Page three is an adorable LO by Clare Charvill. This precious creation was also made with Little Darlings! Can you see the recycled Graphic 45 Staples packaging near the top of this LO? It is decorated with Metal Button Staples and it looks so sweet! Pretty embellishments and chipboards also add to the charm of this LO. It's a real treasure!



Here is a super sweet LO from Denise Hahn on page four. Denise used An ABC Primer for this dazzling creation. The Graphic 45 Black Policy Envelope is perfect for storing little notes, photographs or other sweet sentiments. You can also see the new Graphic 45 Ornate Metal Label Holder that has Richard's name inside! How cute! It will be very exciting to add photos of the baby to this lovely LO!



Here we have a special LO on page five from Joanna Hardy, the Graphic 45 Social Media Coordinator. She did such a wonderful job layering and distressing Little Darlings paper. This LO contains a beautiful and heartwarming poem. It is a such a marvelous statement about motherhood. What a gorgeous creation!



Here is a stunning layout on page six by Susan Lui. Just look at all of that gorgeous fussy cutting combined with beautiful floral embellishments. It creates so much dimension in this LO! The colors and textures in this layout really pop! You can totally feel the love in this precious work of art.

Susan LuiPage1


Page seven of Richard's Baby Book contains a brilliant layout by the one and only Jim, The Gentleman Crafter. Jim spearheaded the creation of the baby book and his contribution is absolutely superb! Just look at those stunning handmade flowers! Jim added a few fussy cut elements from Little Darlings to give this LO even more delicate beauty. It's just remarkable!



Here we have page eight, a delightful LO by Maiko Miwa. The joy of a baby's first year comes to life in this adorable creation. Sweet embellishments dance around this LO, coupled with wonderful chipboard sentiments. This is such a precious addition to this delightful baby book!



And last but certainly not least is page nine of Richard's Baby Book. This is a dazzling LO by Sharon Ngoo. Fabulously layered embellishments give this LO such an enchanting look! Flowing ribbons, gems, Little Darlings designs make this LO so adorably heartwarming. It's such a precious gift!

RIMG2098 1


There you have it, G45ers! We are so happy to have been able to share this amazing book with you today. We want to sincerely thank our incredible design team for their contributions to Richard's Baby Book. Every single aspect of this book is an absolute treasure which will be cherished forever! Special thanks to Jim, The Gentleman Crafter for organizing this amazing surprise! And thank you to all of you G45ers out there for all of your kind words and hopes for baby Richard, Charee and Sean! From our family to yours, thank you so much! We wish you all a fabulous day! Join us again for more fabulous crafts and inspiration from Graphic 45!

Happy Papercrafting!

Your Friends at Graphic 45


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What a thoughtful and beautiful gift. Thank you very much for sharing it.

It is absolutely adorable! None of my kids have a baby book. I think if I had started with one of those I would have kept up on it. Lovely! Congratulations on the new little one!

Ths is just too much for words, its wonderful !

What a wonderful & thoughtful gift.

WOW!! That is just beautiful!

What a great keepsake. There will never be another 2012 DT and this book is amazing. What a wonderful gift you all did. -ID Amy

What a beautiful book! Thank you for the inspiration for me to get one done for my Grandsons!!

Wow! What a beautiful book! Congrats to the proud parents to be!

Gorgeous book. What a wonderful, caring surprise. Good wishes sent your way for the birth of Richard.

Incredible. Just found out I'll be a grandma soon and this is perfect inspiration. Thanks so much.

Beautiful book and I especially love it because it is for a boy, usually all the pretty/nice stuff is for a girl. This is fantastic ~ TFS!

Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations. Lanna

What a beautiful keepsake...love it!

Oh my goodness, this has nothing to do with me and I am crying, I can only imagine how you all felt seeing it! This is such a lovely and heartfelt gift. I know it will be treasured forever. What a fantastic design team you have, and Jim lives up to his name of "Gentlemen Crafter", even after leaving he still put this together, that's class!

Enjoy and God bless you on Richard's upcoming birth!

This baby book is absolutely adorable.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

These have to be the most beautiful pages I have EVER seen!

What a treasure! An heirloom masterpiece for sure!

How lovely!!!!!! This album will be cherished for many years to come. Congratulations on the upcoming arrival, and welcome sweet Richard.

Wow! Stunning. It's a very special gift. They will sherish it all their lives. I'm so happy for them.

How very special!!!! Your team is amazing!!!

What a treasure--beyond beautiful !! You can just feel the love and good wishes in every page. What a talented group but more importantly-- what a loving gift.Thank you for sharing something so very special with us.

Astounding and so varied. What a treasure for the wee lad & parents.

What a great gift. Beautiful...

Beauty & Talent beyond words!

Cannot wait to attempt making this Master piece to.

This is just stunning!

This is so amazing! I love it, love all your papers!!!!

Such a gorgeous month. So much color. What a beautiful calendar fit fir framing. ths Tami

Breathtaking project, girls! Thanks for letting us see the beautiful pages!

Such beautiful work, and so talented. Thank you for sharing.

What a beautiful book & incredible gift! You are truley blessed!

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