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December 13, 2012

Unique Gift Ideas With Graphic 45 & Mod Podge Tutorials!


Hello G45ers,

Welcome to another happy day here at the Graphic 45 blog! We are so glad that you've stopped by to see what's new in the land of papercrafting! There is so much to discover on today's blog! We've got two incredible tutorials from Tara Orr and Laura Denison. They have combined Graphic 45 papers and embellishments with Mod Podge products to create unique and beautiful crafts. They are going to show you some splendid techniques that you're sure to love! All of today's crafts are just perfect for holiday gift ideas! To celebrate today's Graphic 45 and Mod Podge collaboration, we're giving away this fantastic prize pack of goodies! This is your chance to win a Le Cirque 8x8 paper pad, Le Cirque Cling Stamps, Metal Flower Staples, Stamped Metal Brads, Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, Mod Podge Super Gloss and Mod Podge Antique Matte! Just leave us a blog or Facebook comment today for your chance to win! We will be announcing our randomly chosen winner on tomorrow's blog so stay tuned!


Speaking of prizes, there's still one more prize winner to announce from yesterday's Place in Time contest! Today's winner was chosen at random from comments left on our Facebook page! They will receive the wonderful Place in Time prize pack that we were giving away during our Place in Time Calendar Tutorial Series. And the winner is...

-Pati Nuce: "Absolutely gorgeous!"

Congratulations, Pati. Please email us with your shipping information at info@g45papers.com to claim your prize. Big thanks to everyone who left us comments during our amazing calendar series! We are so glad to have been able to share all of those beautiful tutorials with you!

And now it's time for some crafting fun! First up is this superb tutorial by Tara Orr! She took an ordinary dollar store apron and turned it into a one-of-a-kind treasure by combining Graphic 45 papers and Mod Podge! This is such a great idea and it would make a great handmade gift! Follow Tara's easy instructions to create one of your own! Take it away, Tara!


Graphic 45 Supplies:
Cotton Apron
Mod Podge Gloss


I first purchased an inexpensive canvas apron from the dollar store.


Next, I cut out several images from the Cut-Apart pages found in the Place in Time 12x12 Paper Pad and arranged them in a type of quilt-like pattern on the apron. Once I was satistied with the arrangement I began to prepare my images.


Coat each image very generously with Mod Podge.  The side which you wish to appear on your project, is the side that you should be coating with Mod Podge.


Transfer image, face down, onto your work surface and smooth out, ensuring to wipe off any excess product.  Continue these steps until all your images have been placed on your project and let dry overnight.


With a spritz bottle, soak your images with water - REALLY soak them.  Using a circular motion, rub off the top layer of paper with your fingers.  Your image should appear.


Once complete, you can leave as is, but I found my images quite faded looking so I decided to finish with an extra coating of Mod Podge which helped to bring out the bolder colours again.



Next up is this incredible jewelery tutorial by Laura Denison! This is another perfect gift idea! Laura used Graphic 45 Metal Staples and Mod Podge to create these unique and beautiful accessories! It just goes to show you what a variety of gorgeous crafts you can make when you combine Graphic 45 and Mod Podge! Enjoy this fabulous tutorial by Laura to create your own marvelous jewelry! Take it away, Laura!

Graphic 45 Metal Staples - Keyholes, Keys, Butterflies
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Assorted beads and chain (from my stash)


A necklace made from metal Staples and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic


Here's how to make one for yourself


Step One:  Punch small shapes from G45 paper to fit on one of the Small Metal Butterfly Staple


Step Two:  Glue punched shapes in place


Step Three:  Punch Holes in corners of wings of large Metal Butterflies


Step Four:  Cut patterned G45 paper slightly smaller than Large Metal Butterfly. Glue in place.


Step Five:  Add color enhancement to G45 Metal Keyholes. Use ink, paint, or wax based metallic paste.


Step Six:  Place and glue keyholes over G45 patterned paper for a peek-a-boo through the opening.


Step Seven:  Fill in Keyholes with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic in clear


Step Eight:  Cover the entire surface of both the small and large Metal Butterflies with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic in clear.


Step Nine:  Layer Metal Butterflies, an additional Keyhole, a Metal Key, and a Metal Brad to create central medallion. 



Step 10:  Add chains and bead dangles as well as G45 Metal keys to create a cascading necklace.

That's all for today, G45ers! Please join us tomorrow for a very special guest artist, the amazing Lyn Bernatovich! Plus we will be announcing the prize winner from today's Graphic 45 and Mod Podge blog contest! It's going to be amazing! We want to thank Tara Orr and Laura Denison for their gorgeous work today. We had a great time bringing you these fun tutorials! Have a beautiful day, G45ers!

Your Pals in Paper,

Team Graphic 45



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WOW love Tara's apron it's amazing what gorgeous things you can make with the right products unfortunately I'm unable to see Lauras necklace but I'm sure it stunning

Thanks for the apron tutorial and to share! Love it
Cant open the other photo's about the necklace, Laura made! xxxxx

AMAZING!! Now we can use all the pieces we have left over from making our calendars for something besides cards...

Love the apron tutorial. Can't see the jewelry one. I'm always trying to do things other than scrapbook with my papers. Makes for some fun crafting.

When I first started crafting I had an obsession with Mod Podge and it was the only adhesive I ever used. As I grew in my ability I discovered other glues and doublesided tape and fell away from the Mod Poge. Thanks for bringing this back to me in a new light!!

Oh my gosh. I love that apron. I have to make it. Thanks for the tut. Mod Podge rocks.

So very cool!!

Thanks for showing this great creation and offering us a new chance for another great win of G45!

Awesome I so love this ... Amazing idea will have to try this soon Ty

G45 designers always come up with the best ideas!! This is fabulous!! WOW!!

What a cool idea! I wasn't able to see the other photos that were posted.
Thanks for the tutorial.

Beautiful projects.

Wow I knew you could transfer paper to paper or glass, but never thought about fabric. Thanks.

Thanks for the apron tutorial. It's easy and the result is awesome...I love it!

Such a unique project and ya gotta luv that Mod Podge! Thank you for sharing.

I am a HUGE fan of Mod Podge. I buy it in gallons because I use so much in my art. :) Gorgeous apron.

What a great idea! I'm working on a project right now with mod podge and graphic 45 and I'm having a blast! I'd love to do more.

OMG! I've always wanted to know how to transfer to fabric. Outstanding!

I would love to see the Jewelry but can't see the pics! Help!

WOW! What a great project! You always amaze me with your original ideas Graphic45!!!

Amazing project. Thanks!

These projects are absolutely gorgeous! TFS

Wow... Never dreamed you could use mod podge on fabric...

What a fantastic apron, it looks stunning. Unfortunately I can't see the pictures of the jewellery.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Could not see any of Laura's photos .. tried several different ways to approach it but none worked.

What a cool Apron! Couldn't see Laura's photos either :(


The apron is wonderful but cannot view photos of the necklace - I will try to see them on her blog. Wishing you a great day today!


Barbara Diane

I really like the apron. it's the perfect christmas present for my recipe exchange group and I can even use up some of those scraps I collected over the years.
Sadly I can't see any of Lauras pictures. But I went to her blog and saw the finished result. It's beautiful and I never thought about using the G45 staples in that way.

Great ideas! Can't view Laura's necklace..bit Tara's apron is so great!

Too bad I can't see the necklace, but the apron is so cool! What great ideas. TFS!!!

Amazing! What a great idea...and a marvelous way to use those accumulated scraps.

Adorable apron...who could have imagined?! Very clever. The pictures of the jewelry would not open, but I'll be watching for them. Thanks for sharing.

PHotos don't show up!

Love Tara's apron...just so fun! I'll check Laura's blog...maybe her pics will show up there. G45 Designers are the BEST!

Wow! Tara's apron is amazing! I would never have thought I could make anything as beautiful & versatile as this; but now I can thanks to G45's stunning paper collections & Tara's great tutorial. Thanks G45

WOW! That apron is fantastic. :) Thanks for the tutorial and thank you so much for the chance to win the great prize pack.

I am going tohave to run out and find a dollar store apron or two. My hubby would love one with pix of his kids, grandkids and great grandkids. What a great idea... Thanks Tara...you are amazing and Graphic45 is LOVE.

I'm on my way to $$ store to find canvas apron. Loving this idea.

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! This is incredible! Love this idea. Can't wait to try it!!! :)

Wow! Super cool idea!

Awesome project - love it

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