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February 28, 2013

Announcing the Graphic 45 Design Team Call 2013!


Hello G45ers!

Are your ready for one of the biggest Graphic 45 announcements of the year! Here it is!

Attention G45ers, now is your time to be in the spotlight! We see your talent everywhere and we want you to be a part of our 2013 Design Team! Below, you will read all you need to know to submit your creations to become a part of our exciting, fast-paced, creative team!


What are we looking for?

Graphic 45 paper and products are unique and vintage inspired, so we are looking for a variety of team members that can produce high quality cards, layouts, altered art, videos, and home decor projects that show off our papers and embellishments.

Our team is education-based, so we will need you to have good photography skills, the ability to create tutorials with instructions and size images for blog and website use.

This call is open to International and domestic applicants. Current design team members who have been on the team for one year and want to re-apply for a second year are eligible, but you must resubmit. You cannot resubmit if you have already been on the design team for two years.

How do I apply to be on the team?

Our design team search will consist of two rounds. Please read the entire contents of both rounds, as there is quite a bit of information.


Click the link below to download a printable version of the Graphic 45 Design Team Call Terms & Conditions!

Download DTcallG452013

We look forward to seeing what you submit. We know we will be blown away! So get busy creating and most of all, have fun!

In other exciting Graphic 45 news, we are celebrating a very special Graphic 45 birthday today! It's the birthday of Meggan Howell, Graphic 45 Customer Service Agent extraordinaire! If you attended last year's Scrapfest at Mall of America or CHA Winter 2013 in Anaheim then you may have met Meggan in the Graphic 45 booth! She is a superb member of the Graphic 45 team and we are so happy to be celebrating her birthday today! Get to know more about Meggan in this fun birthday interview!


Meggan, welcome to the Graphic 45 Team! What is your new role with Graphic 45? Have we seen you on G45 trips before?

I guess my new role at Graphic 45 is customer service.  I'm not sure what my official tital is.  What's important is making sure everyone is happy and getting their questions answered when they call or write in.  Luckily, everyone is extremely kind and patient.  I've been to a few shows and helped with a few classes here and there (shout out to Scrapbook Nook! You guys were incredible hosts!)  Hopefully, I'll get invited to help on more trips.  Who doesn't LOVE playing dress up and traveling?!

You have a history with Diane Schultz, Charee, and Aimee Filimoehala. We've also heard you are a good friend of Henry, the Graphic 45's brilliant Wire Fox Terrier mascot. How long have you known them?

The Filimoehala sisters are two of my favorite people!  Charee and I have been friends for 10 years now.  I wouldn't have survived my 20's without her support and love.  They're truly two of the most talented and intelligent women I know, and it's very clear they've inherited it from Dianne.  What a family!  Henry is everything you'd expect and more,  a proper gentleman.  And let's not forget, I've know Joanna for ages as well.  If you don't know how to do the Harlem shake, she's an expert.

Here is a great photo from last year's Scrapfest! There's Joanna, Aimee, Charee and Meggan!



You have a very unique birthday - on Feb 29! What's it like to be a Leap Year baby? How old are you in Leap Years this year? (Or should a lady never tell...?)

Being a Leap Year baby is awesome.  Most people have a general reaction of astonishment when i tell them.  It's like having a magic trick for a birthday.  I'm proud to say this year I will be turning 7 and 1/4.  Hopefully, I don't look a day over 6.

How are you celebrating your birthday this year?

I'm keeping it nice and simple this year.  Dinner and drinks with my favorite people.  Followed by a long weekend of drinking red wine and quilting.  It's my dream come true.

You're quite creative yourself! What are your favorite creative endeavors?

I have too many creative endeavors!  I was blessed with the most talented and creative grandmother growing up.  Everything I know how to do, I've learned from her.  Right now, I'm super passionate about embroidery, quilting, making jewelry, and leather working. If I can squeeze in a little knitting or sketching, I'm a happy lady.

Here are some of Meggan's glorious embroidery and jewelry creations!


And now for fun - If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

Hands down, HORSES!!!  I grew up with horses.  They're the most incredible animals.  I have a very strong emotional reaction to them. Anytime I see a commercial or movie with horses in them, I start crying.  Seriously.  Tears running down my cheeks.

We are so happy to have Meggan on our Graphic 45 team! Happy Birthday, Meggan! You are so super!

That's all for today, G45ers! Thank you all so much for joining us for today's huge announcement! We are so excited to see all of your 2013 Design Team auditions! We can't wait to see what a new year of inspiration will bring! It's going to be incredible! We wish you all a very happy day!

With Love and Pretty Paper,

Team Graphic 45


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how exciting what great fun

Good luck to all the entrants.

Today is the day I've been waiting for for over a year. I wanted to try out for DT last year but couldn't get my hands on your paper fast enough. I will try out this year as I'm your number one fan, and almost all my creations are with your lovely paper. But if I don't make it this year I'll be working hard towards it next year. As I tell my friends, "Every day is an audition for me." I love crafting and altering projects.

I've been waiting for this... Exciting news indeed! :) And... Happy Birthday, Meggan!

Good luck to you all!!

Happy Birthday Meggan! Good luck to all those entering the design team call!

Oh my what an awesome opportunity!! I am doing a quick ship on some papers to apply!!

Happy Birthday, Meggan! You sound like a really fun gal...which is why you are such a good match for G45! Enjoy your fun weekend!

Happy Birthday Meggan! Good luck to

Happy Birthday Meggan! It sounds like you and Graphic 45 are great for each other! A special good luck out there to all applying to be G45 designers!

Happy Birthday Meggan hope you have a fun wknd. A design team call wow have to think hard on this one, I would love to apply.

First, Happy Birthday sweet Meggan! You are such a gem! Next, as a two year member of the G45 Design Team, I can tell you, without a doubt, that Graphic 45 is THE best company to work with!!! They are truly a family that embraces the team and makes you feel as one of the family. While it will be sad to leave the team this year, I am beyond excited to see to whom we will hand the reigns over. The talent out there is incredible....the products to work with are the best in the industry, of course....and I can't wait to see what you all come up with. Go for it!!! You won't regret it!!!

Happy HAPPY Birthday Miss Meggan—hope your day is as amazing as you are!!!

Birthday Wishes, Meggan! How exciting that it is Design Team call again - can't wait to see all the creations! Good luck everyone!

Happy Birthday Meggan! Wow, now if i can find the time to get going on projects to send in for the Design Team call. I have a wedding to make an album for (and I'm not going to submit it for the design team call) so I don't know how much time I'm going to have to get the first round done. Whew!

Happy B-day to U

Hope you have an awesome birthday Meggan! With such wonderful staff and friends to share it with, what could go wrong? Good luck to all the talented folks who enter. I will always look forward to my morning G45 blog fix!

Warm birthday wishes, Meggan! Fun to get a bit acquainted!! Judy D.

Happy Birthday! Leap year b'days rock :) I have been waiting all year for this announcement. Very excited here in sunny so cali!

Happy Birthday Meggan! Hope you have a wonderful day!

I would love, love to be on the G45 design team! Right now I am unprepared to do this ;( But now I have a goal for this year prepare for next years DT audition .. 1st I need to get a blog up and running :) and I have no proplem using graphic 45 lol that is All I use .. Good luck to those who are auditioning this year!

I would love to be on the team! Right now I do not have a blog or a good camera! I have ideas, and skills! I will be looking forward to seeing who is picked and crying over who leaves!
Happy Birthday to Meggan! I wish I was that young <3

Happy Birthday MEggan! Hope it is filled with lots of love and joy!

Happy Birthday Meggan!

Happy birthday Meggan!

Loved reading the Bio...you sound just as amazing as the others at G45...

Really wish you the best year ever even if you have to take a "leap" to just get one...

So question is based on the Chinese New Year Calendar do you have an animal...? Dah, its based on year born not month...guess I better go have another cup of coffee so my brain will wake up...

Happy Birthday!

Happy birhtday, Meggan!

And I'm so excited to read about the DT call. Graphic 45 always has such amazing products and you have such a wonderful open attitude. I will definitely apply :)

It would be wonderful to be on a design team - not for me at present but good luck to all.

Wish I were talented enough. I am happy just seeing all the wonderful things those who are more talented than me are able to share.

So exciting! I said last year that I would try this year and, well I will have to say the same thing again... Hopefully next year! Good luck to all entrants! And,

Happy Birthday Meggan... Many happy returns of the day!!!

Happy Birthday , Megan.
Also,good luck to all who wish to be part of the Design Team.

Oh how "EXCITING" I didn't know it has been a whole year already since the last DT call?? What does time fly by when you are having fun! Graphic 45 you create amazing papers to work with! It would be a blessing to be on your DT I hear so many amazing things about your company from other DT members........

Happy B-Day to the beautiful Meggan hope she will have a wonderful day with lots of love!

Hugs Amy :)))

It's nice to learn about the people connected to this company. Each of you adds to the spirit and philosophy of Graphic45. Looking forward to future posts.

Happy Birthday Maegan! Good luck to all who apply for the team!

How exciting about the call!! And Happy Birthday to Meggan!!!

I'm just curious i'm a short time scrapbooker/cardmaker and i love some G45 (at first glance) and make everything that comes out...but my curious question is why do you only get to be on the design team for 2 years? I'm assuming this is a non-paid position so maybe it's just to give others a chance but why not keep the people who are already doing a fantastic job?

Hei siellä! Olen töissä aallokko noin blogisi minun uusi iPhone! Halusin vain sanoa rakastan käsittelyn kautta blogiisi ja odotan kaikkiin viesteihisi! Jatkakaa superb työtä!

I am excited to see what projects will be submitted for the design team call. Happy Birthday, Meggan.

First off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Meggan!
Can't wait to see how many different projects I can get done. I've in a creative slump for a long time. Maybe this challenge is exactly what I needed! G45 is my favorite paper company! I've been enjoying your papers for years now.
Good luck to everyone and can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!!

Firstly, Happy Birthday to Meggan!!
As to opportunity to be on DT - What an amazing dream come true for those applying!!! I am a realist & so KNOW I am nowhere near good enough. I don't even know how to use my blog & my camera is my mobile phone (mummy dearest said she would get me a camera for my craft. Still waiting. Lol) Maybe in a few years time (good job no age limit), I will have improved some....
Loads of luck for those who do go for it!!
It will be so sad to say goodbye to current team but exciting to meet new recruits!!!
All the best. Caroline x

Now this is two 'leap year' birthday people I know!!! So cool to be able to celebrate twice, once on the 28th and again on the 1st....unless it is leap year!
Is this invitation an annual thing? If so, I will get all prepared for next year! Not quite ready at this time, but would love to try! Hugs to all, Cindy

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