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February 27, 2013

Fun and Inspirational Book Tutorial By Jane Tregenza: Part 8!


Hello G45ers,

Are you ready to be amazed and inspired? Today we'll be sharing Part 8 of Jane Tregenza's gorgeous book tutorial! That's right, Jane is going to take you step-by-step through the creation of another glorious page in her handmade book. Today's page features our superb new Secret Garden collection! Plus, we've got big news! ATTENTION, all designers and creative types! Tomorrow we will be making one of this years biggest announcements on the blog! What could it be?! You'll have to stop by our blog tomorrow to see what all the excitement is about!

And don't forget to leave us a blog or Facebook comment some time this week for your chance to win this wonderful Place in Time, French Country and Secret Garden prize pack! We will choose one random winner from this week's blog or Facebook comments and announce them on our blog this Friday! Wow, there's so much to be jazzed about here on the Graphic 45 blog!


Okay, G45ers, get ready to create another exquisite page of your handmade book with Jane Tregenza! Just in case you missed the first 7 pages of this magnificent handmade book, you can check out all of Jane's tutorials here!


The tutorial begins as always with the creation of your black foundation page. You need to create your foundation page first before going on to create page 8. 

Black foundation Page

Instructions for creating a foundation page

Each month you will need to make a foundation page. For this you will need two black sheets of cardstock.

Cut one to 8 ½ x11 inches- set it aside. Cut your second one to 9 ½ x 11 inches. Please keep the left over bits as you will need them later on.


The 9 ½ x 11 inches piece needs to be scored, place it in your cutter at 8 ½ inch mark and score it, this will give you a one inch seam.


Completely fill in the one inch seam with strong tape.


Carefully adhere the 8 ½ inch piece onto the 9 1/2 inches piece. Make sure you don’t go

over your scored seam, or your page will not fold. Once you have it on, carefully fold the page over to check that it will shut.


Press firmly along the folded over piece, open up your page and check at the two pages line up nicely. Don’t worry if one of your pages is now wider than the other. You can trim it back to make them the same.


You need to add some more tape along the join of your foundation page. Adhere one strip of tape along one side of the join and about an inch of tape on the other side of the join.


A close up of the join with the tape each side. When you come to adhere your print papers, one piece will be an inch wider that the other page. The extra inch will need to be adhered over the top of the inch of tape on the foundation page.

Book Tutorial Page 8

By Jane Tregenza

Download Graphic 45 online tutorial page 8 Ready to print 

An easy page with lots of fussy cutting, using Graphic 45’s Secret Garden collection.


Please follow the instructions carefully. Read each instruction to the end before cutting. Lots of the papers are used on the tags as well as for your pages, so you need to cut them the way I describe or you will run out of paper! I have sprayed  my chipboard with Gesso Spray paint.  The flourish and the word “you” need to be inked with Paprika. All papers have had their edges inked using Tim Holtz – Vintage Photo and Colourbox liquid Chalk ink – Chestnut Roan.


Please note, I am only human and do make mistakes, I have taken every care while writing the instructions, and hope they make sense. It is quite hard to write instructions as I know what I mean; but this does not always translate into the instructions. If you are unable to work something out, then please ask a question in the comments box at the end of the post and I will answer it for you as best I can. Or email me at



Graphic 45 Print Papers – The Secret Garden

                    #4500660 May Flowers x1                    

                #4500649  Secret Garden x1                 

#4500655 Pretty Primrose x2

#4500651 Leafy Treetops x2

2x Black Cardstock

Imaginarium Designs Chipboard IDS0058 Window and Shutters in Board (Large) & IDS0067 8x8 Moroccan Shape.

Colourbox Dark Brown ink Pad,   Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink,  Colourbox Fluid Chalk – Olive Pastel

Versa Color Lagoon Blue ink, White Paint

The instructions for creating your 8 th page.


Place your 1st sheet of “Pretty Primroses” into your paper trimmer sideways and trim it back to 10 ¾  inches. Take it out and put it in your trimmer sideways and trim it back to 9 inches. Ink around all the edges.

Cover the back of your sheet of “Pretty Primrose” with double sided tape or adhesives sheets. Peel a little bit of the backing off.


 Place your “Pretty Primrose” piece onto the left side of your page. Once you are happy with your placement. Peel the rest of your backing off and adhere it to your page. Remember it will go over the middle fold in your page about an inch.


Fold your page over to place the crease in the middle of your page. This will help when you place the other piece on the right side of your page.


Place your second sheet into your paper trimmer sideways and trim it back to 10 ¾ inches. Take it out and put it into your trimmer sideways and trim it back to 8 inches. Ink round the edges.

Cover the back of your sheet of “Pretty Primrose” with double sided tape or adhesives sheets. Peel a little bit of the backing off.


Place your second “Pretty Primrose” piece onto the right side of your page.  Once you are happy with your placement. Peel the rest of your backing off and adhere it to your page. Remember it needs to be to the right side of the fold in the middle of your page.


This is what your page should look like.  Check that you can close the page. Now it’s time to put a frame around your page.


You need to cut both of your sheets of “Leafy Treetops” the same as the photo. I used a craft knife to remove the middle of both my print papers. Each side of the border needs to be 1 1/8 inch wide when you have finished.


Now you have to cut the first one of your frames to fit on your page.  Measure up from the bottom left corner about

 3 ½ inches and cut the border, then measure from the left corner of the piece you just cut off to 9 inches. Measure across from the top left corner and cut it at 9 ½ inches.


Place tape on the back of the first strip and adhere it to the bottom left corner of your page. It will go over the join in your page for about an inch.


Put tape on the back of the second border piece and adhered it to your page in the top left corner of your left page.  It will go over the middle of your page for about an inch. It will also overlap the one you placed in the bottom left corner.


The left side of your page should now look like this. Fold your page in half to set the fold in the border. This will help when you come to do the right side of our page.


Place your second border piece on the right side of your page. Use a pencil and place a  mark to the right  of  the middle of your page. Cut it off there. Measure up 3 ½ inches up from the bottom right corner and cut it there.


Place adhesive on the back of your border piece and place it in the right hand bottom corner of the  right side of your  page. It should not go over the middle of your page onto the left side of your page. Place the second piece onto your page in the top right corner and mark where you need to cut it at the top and near the middle of your page. Once you are happy with how it fits, Adhere it to your right page. Keep your leftover bits of border as you will need a little bit later on.


Paint your Imaginarium Designs Moroccan Shape chipboard white. I use spray Gesso for mine.

Cut it in half. Make sure you line up the borders so that when you place both pieces on your page the pattern will line up across both pages.


Place one half on your page and cut it back to about 7 ¼ inches wide. Check that you can fold your page in half. If you can’t fold your page over then you may need to trim it back some more. If  you can then glue your  Morocccan Shape down to your page.


Place your second piece onto the right side of your page. Trim it back to 7 1/8 inch. Again check that you can fold  your page in half. If you can then glue it down.


Your page should now look like this. You will have a large space between the two pieces of chipboard in the middle of your page. This is important,  as if your chipboard is too close to the middle of your page then your page will not fold over.


Paint your Window and Shutters chipboard with white paint. Remove the middle of your arch.


Place the three peices of the Window and Shutters chipboard frame onto your page as shown. Glue them all down


Find a photo to fit into the middle arch of your window. Glue it onto your photo and trim around the arch.


Glue the middle arch back into your frame.


Cut your piece of “Secret Garden” to match the photo. This will take a bit of time but well worth the effort.


Place your “Secret Garden” onto your page and place a mark where you need to cut it.  You will need to cut it about ½ to the left of the childs elbow.  You will be placing this piece on the left side of your page. Keep the other bit for the right side of your page.


Turn both your ‘Secret Garden” piece over.  Place lots of tape along the  bottom bit of your pieces and foam at the top. The photo shows the piece for the left side of your page.


Adhere the piece with the child on it, on the left side of your page. Line up the left edge of your piece of cut paper with the left border and the  bottom of the cut piece with the bottom border on your page. Adhere the second cut piece onto your page. Butt it up against the first piece you put on the page. The second piece will go over the join in the middle of your page.


If you need too, glue any loose bits of your cut out piece onto your page/chipboard.


Fold your page in half again. If anything is getting caught in the fold, glue it down. You may need to remove your foam tape if it is too  close to the fold.


From the middle of your sheet of “Leafy Treetop”. Cut out some of the flowers and leaves.  It doesn’t matter what flowers you use. You just need some to place onto your arches.


Use the photo as a guide to placing the vines up and around your arch. I used foam tape to build them up onto my frame.


Choose a bird cage and bird from your sheet of “Leafy Treetops and cut them out. Make sure you leave some of the chain on your bird cage. Glue the bird cage onto your page. It needs to go on where your two pieces of “Secret Garden” butt up against each other. Add a bird on with foam tape.


Add a small piece of your border under your chipboard

Moroccan shape.


Place your “May flowers” print paper into your cutter sideways and cut it in half (beween the two rows of cards, ) . You can use the top strip of three cards or the the bottom strip. I have used the bottom one. Score it  between the 1st print and the second print, second print and the third print. When you fold the three cards, they should fold nicely on top of each other. Add a photo in the middle of the top card.


Find your leftover bits of “Secret Garden” and cut the bow with the key. Glue it over your photo and onto the front card.


Fold your card up. Tie a ribbon around the whole card with a bow at the front.


Add your folded card onto your page. It goes in the bottom right corner of your right page.

Ink your three chipboard words with Lagoon Blue, let it dry then ink it with

Olive pastel over the top. Glue them to the top of your page.

To see more of my work visit my Blog

Jane Tregenza


That's all for today, G45ers. Definitely come back and see us tomorrow for our huge announcement! It will be worth the wait! And be sure to leave us a blog or Facebook comment for your chance to win this week's amazing blog prize! Huge thanks to the amazing Jane Tregenza for her gorgeous tutorial! Join us on Tuesday, March 26 for the final page of Jane's wonderful book tutorial! Have a delightful day!

Happy Papercrafting!

Your Friends at Graphic 45


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