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May 25, 2013

Graphic 45 Presents an April Place in Time "Memories" Card


Place in Time April "Memories" Card




Download the Place in Time April "Memories" Card Project Sheet


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Thank You!!

Thanks' love these project sheets :-)

Wonderful! Thank you for the project sheets. I love your projects!

what a beautiful card...as they say "a picture says a thousand words"

I had to do a closeup to see where the postcard was used...turned out it was just the cancellation circle that was used! Surprise! I never would have thought of doing that...very interesting. Thanks for this tutorial.

Lovely card. Thanks so much for the template!

Beautiful card. Thank you for the inspiration.

I just love the card! Thank you so much for the download!

Thanks for the tutorial.

Love tall these projects. So much fun to look at and WOW & AMAZING!!

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