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May 09, 2013

Graphic 45 Sneak Peeks Day 7: Steampunk Spells

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Hello G45ers,

The joy and enchantment continues on this very special day of Steampunk Spells sneak peeks! We are so excited that you are joining us today! We have so many treats in store for you! First we will be announcing today's winners of the "Win It Before You Buy It" Steampunk Spells contest! Then we will share a sneak peek of the brand new cardstock embellishment Banners, Flowers and Tags & Pockets from Steampunk Spells! We also have a gorgeous French Country creation by Alberto Juarez that you are sure to love! Today is going to be so much fun! So lets get started with today's Steampunk Spells contest winners! Remember that there's still time to enter to win Steampunk Spells before it arrives in stores! Just leave us a blog or Facebook comment today for your chance to win! And the winners from yesterday are...

From the Blog:

-Phyllis Howard: "Love this Steampunk Spells so much, I feel compelled to beg. It is a spectacular collection and any one of us would love to have it. Thanks for the opportunity to Win Before You Buy!"

-Nancy Lorenz: "Really awesome papers! Would love to win!"

From Facebook:

-Pat Shaw: "I so love this new Steampunk collection and really hope I can win it!! Thanks for the chance."

-Robine Savert: "I need this in my life."

And one more winner just for writing us this wonderful poem! 

-David Carlile:

"Gorgeous geat graphics
Rich in theme and beauty, so creating an
Amalgamation of vibrant colours and
Potent patterns to
Help crafters 
Create eclectic wonderment, be they aged 95 or

Congratulations! Will today's winners please email us with your shipping information at info@g45papers.com to claim your prize! And now it's time for more superb sneak peeks! Behold, the gorgeous new cardstock embellishments from Steampunk Spells! Just imagine all of the wonderful crafts you'll create with this enchanting new collection! 

Steampunk Spells Banners



Steampunk Spells Flowers



Steampunk Spells Tags & Pockets



Next up in today's inspiration extravaganza, we have this gorgeous gift set featuring French Country! This astonishing creation was made by Alberto. We previously featured this gorgeous altered radio a few weeks ago on our blog. Well it turns out that the radio opens up to reveal a precious mini album and handmade jewelery gift set! What a clever idea! You can also see more pictures of this altered radio here:


Alberto Juarez Graphic45 FrenchCountry 1

Look at this beautiful gift basket inside the radio! You can see the gorgeous altered journal, handmade bracelet, and pretty flowers made out of the French Country cardstock Flowers! This would make the perfect gift for someone special in your life! Get inspired with Alberto's imaginative and vibrant creations!

Alberto Juarez Graphic45 FrenchCountry Gift Journal Mini Jewelery

Alberto Juarez Graphic45 FrenchCountry 3

Alberto Juarez Graphic45 FrenchCountry 4

Alberto Juarez Graphic45 FrenchCountry 5

Alberto Juarez Graphic45 FrenchCountry 6

Graphic45 French Country Paper:
A la carte
8" paper pad

Wow, what a great day! We hope you all had fun exploring today's sneak peeks! We also want to thank Alberto for his awe-inspiring French Country creation. Don't forget to leave us a blog or Facebook comment today for your chance to win our "Win It Before You Buy It" Steampunk Spells prize! We will have more winners to announce tomorrow along with more amazing inspiration from Steampunk Spells. We hope to see you then! Have a beautiful day, G45ers!

Your Pals in Paper,

Team Graphic 45


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Love this paper! Would love to create with this. Thanks for your generosity!

Amazing!!!! I have so many ideas including jewelry and even hair accessories!

Can't wait to get my hand on Steampunk Spells paper. So many ideas, so little outlet to buy this from. Would be nice if I can win. Happy Graphic45

Oh this steamy spooky collection is absolutely fabulous!! A must have me thinks!! Thanks G 45 team!

The radio gift is brilliant! I can't wait to get the tags and flowers!


Absolutely amazing!! Love the Steampunk Spells!!!

wow loving those tags and pockets would really love to win this

Every glimpse of this collection is more and more fun - G45, you have taken care of everything !

I am so in love with this collection. I needs it as much as I want it, and these florals are to die for!!! It's got me under a spell!

These colors and patterns are FANTASTIC! They just scream out to me to get creative!

I would love to make a banner to dress up the house for Hallowe'en. Not many Australians really celebrate Hallowe'en, so you have to make your own decorations. And these would be perfect for our house!

Absolutely LOVE this collection and love love love all the creations today! That old fashioned radio is AMAZING!!

Love it

This paper just keeps getting better and better. Would love to win some.

wauw!! i see little banners with tags and flowers in a little album. or making a train from the paper. i have a great idea for my sons album. i think i found the paper.
i only need a lot of time now!!
thnx for the great inspiration.


I love the flowers and the tags and also the banners...oh i love them all.This is such a great collection

I love all the tags, banners and flowers!

I am so in love with this collection! The tags, pockets and banners are amazing!

Steampunk Spells is the sweetest collection of papers and embellishments i've ever seen. I have thought of so many exciting projects I can make with it that i've gotten a sketch book out to start recording my ideas! Thanks .. i'm so inspired now. I would love the chance to win some before it's released!

Loving these sneak peeks..the steampunk spells has left me in ore..I so want to fussy cut that lady out for a project..she's beautiful

Oh the chippies are fabulous!! Loving Steampunk Spells. Thanks for a chance to win it!!

Graphic 45 are truly the best when it comes to putting colours together, really bright and cheerful, I would love to win this collection x

Wow! Where to start today?! The fun poem? Great banner and flower pieces? Utterly amazing juke-BOX? Lovely bracelet?!? It's all fabulous today!

I love everything graphic 45 and anything steampunk!! Thanks for the chance..:)

This does not disappoint! Just gets better every day. Thank you all for the sneak peak and the chance to win!

This Halloween is going to be so much fun AFTER the 31st when using this new collection! Love Alberto's radio - WOW.

I love this colours ! It's so beautiful !

That is fantastic!!! So beautiful!!! Gonna have to try that one out!!!

Holy Cow! LOVE all the papers in this line so far! I need...I WANT! LOL Thanks!

Love todays projects!!! Great!!

This just keeps getting better and better!!! I HAVE to HAVE IT ALL!!!!

I just love everything G45 has!!!! This collection is a must have...The owls are great!!!! I could really go crazy with altering cigar boxes with this paper collection, and of course other things....I would love to win this....woo hoo....
thank y'all

I love this collection! Your designers are the best!

Oh the lucky people who have won these papers! They will have them, while the rest of us drool for months, before we get our hands on them. Your tags and stickers are the best. And, love the wonderful names for your steampunk people, like 'Iam Fraid'. By the time you show the Christmas line, I'll been done for.

What amazing designers you have !!!!! Love this new collection, looking forward to creating some fun things with it !!!

Love the flowers, the banners, the tags, the everything! Really want to win for a JumpStart with this paper. Thank you Graphic45 for all your work and talent to bring this paper to us.

I don't know how you manage to always design your lines around my favorite color combinations! Another WINNING line!

I love it! The tags and pockets are too cute!! I would love to be a winner!

Oh my gosh, Alberto is so incredibly talented...what a wonderful way to showcase your paper line!

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