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July 30, 2013

Delightful Ideas For Handmade Home Decor


Hello G45ers,

Are you looking to add some pretty pizazz to your home decor? Well today we've got some amazing ideas for handmade home decor that are sure to have your imagination spinning with inspiration! Did you know that handmade home decor also makes a perfect gift? We've got three incredibly gorgeous crafts to share with you that are guaranteed to brighten your day! There's a wonderfully shabby chic Ladies' Diary hanging sign by Miranda Edney. Then we've got a stunning French Country altered washboard by Rhea Freitag. Then Nichola Battilana will share her breathtaking Bohemian Bazaar matchbook box house! These crafts are going to take your breath away! So lets get to it!

We wanted to begin by giving a quick shout-out to all of our friends on the Graphic 45 Facebook page! If you want the latest news on Graphic 45 products, daily inspiration and a way to connect with your fellow G45ers and upload your Graphic 45 creations, check out the Graphic 45 Facebook page! Here is an amazing piece of Olde Curiosity Shoppe home decor by Debbie Lewis that was recently uploaded to our Facebook page! We just love this breathtaking altered letter tray that Debbie created! We encourage you all to check out the Graphic 45 Facbeook page for fun and fabulous inspiration!

Graphic 45 Facebook:


Olde Curiosity Shoppe Tray Graphic 45 Facebook

And now it's time for more fun and fabulous home decor ideas! First up is this superbly shabby chic hanging sign by Miranda that features A Ladies' Diary! This is such a beautiful and inventive way to create timeless home decor! Fussy cut elements, Graphic 45 Metal Key Holes and pretty ribbon add to the irresistible charm of this sweet creation! Add a few fun photos and you've got a perfect heartfelt gift idea! Whether you're creating this piece to add beauty to your own home, or giving it to a friend or family member, this adorable work of art is guaranteed to please! Here is what Miranda had to say about it!

"I am a huge fan of anything that has movement to it! So i love to create hanging signs of sorts. This is meant to house at least one photo in the frame at the bottom. But has space at the top for more. I wanted to have a vintage look, that was very feminine. So of course A Ladies Diary had to be used. I also added some Place in Time as well. I just love how you can find pieces to coordinate with anything you are using. I also just loved the big rose fussy cut at the top. I could fussy cut these papers all day!" -Miranda

A-Ladies-Diary-Hanging-Sign-Graphic-45-Miranda-Edney-home decor, gift







A Ladies Diary-Ageless Beauty

Place In Time-July Foundation

Place in Time-April Cut Aparts

Graphic 45 Staples: Ornate Metal Key Holes

Ornate Metal Keys

Wooden Frame by Kaisercraft

Bird Cage by Prima

May Arts Ribbon

Pink Lace

Handmade Wire Hanger


Next up is another classic piece of handmade home decor. Behold this gorgeous altered washboard by Rhea! This is such a fun way to add new life to an old object! The rustic charm of French Country is just perfect for this beautiful project! It would look amazing in any room of the house! Rhea's creation also highlights some wonderful uses of the French Country cardstock Flowers! This amazing piece of home decor would be so much fun to create! Here Rhea explains how she made this glorious work of art!

"When I came across a collection of old washboards at an estate sale, I just knew I had to have one to alter.  Ever since I became a part of the Graphic 45 team, I have been on the hunt for vintage items with flat surfaces to alter with their scrumptious paper.  You will be surprised at what you can find at thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales if you pay attention. Since this was a very well used washboard, the surfaces were quite warped.  This caused me to have to embrace imperfection a little bit and also use a very wet glue application to get the paper to adhere.  The flowers were placed strategically to also cover imperfections in the piece.  With just a little bit of creative thinking you can alter just about anything to create a simple home décor piece." -Rhea

French_Country_Washboard_Rhea_Freitag_home decor, gift idea








Old washboard from an estate sale

French Country 12x12

French Country Patterns and Solids

French Country Sticker Sheet

French Country Flowers

Staples Stamped Brads

Distress Ink Brushed Corduroy

Modge Podge, matte finish

May Arts Ribbon (burlap and printed)

Here is another exquisite home decor creation that you're sure to love! Here is an amazing Bohemian Bazaar house that Nichola created with the Graphic 45 Small Matchbook Box! Don't you just love the bright and beautiful colors of Bohemian Bazaar? The joyful designs really shine in this hypnotic work of art! Look at how Nichola used the Graphic 45 Ornate Metal Keys to create a cute little fence around the house! Such a marvelous idea! This superb creation would add incredible cheer to any room! It is filled with so much imagination and vintage charm. Here is what Nichola had to say about it. 

"A sweet little house created from the G45 Staples: Small Matchbook Box. The inside drawer of the matchbook becomes the base for the piece and the exterior boxed sleeve is transformed into a peak roofed house. I was going to create a scene inside the box, to be viewed through the ‘back window’, but I think there’s enough going on outside in the little yard where ‘Proud Priscilla’ stands. I love the idea of a giant keyhole door and the upsidedown ornate keyholes were just begging to be windows." -Nichola


BohemianBazaar_ProudPriscillas_altered_box_Graphic45_Nichola_Battilana_home decor, gift idea












Bohemian Bazaar:

Vivid Splendor

Jasmine Nights

Opulent Sunset

Dazzling Delights

Bohemian Bazaar Stickers

Bohemian Bazaar Tags & Pockets

Graphic 45 Staples:

Small Matchbook Box

Ornate Metal Key Holes

Ornate Metal Keys

Ornate Metal Label Holder

Antique Metal Door Pull

Antiqued brass brads

Petaloo flowers and greenery

Vintage lady portrait

                                                                            Vintage book page


Wasn't that fun, G45ers?! We encourage you all to try creating some splendid home decor with your favorite Graphic 45 collection! You'd be amazed what a new handmade work of art can do to cheer up your space! We want to thank Miranda, Rhea and Nichola for their gorgeous work today. We had so much fun sharing today's marvelous crafts with all of you! Come on back and see us tomorrow for more amazing inspiration and cheer! Have a great day!


Happy Papercrafting!


Your Friends at Graphic 45


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I'm inspired once again by today's projects. They're all beautiful but my favorite is the washboard, it's gorgeous!

OMG! I love the altered washboards! So inspiring! I want to alter one myself now :) Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!

Such clever altered things! Love the washboard,very cool!

Great ideas!

Wonderful projects! Such beautiful and inspirational pieces!

Gorgeous ideas for home deco, ladies! These projects are all amazing.

I was going to say I like this one or that one of the projects, but there is no way to pick one over the others. they are all so very pretty! your designers are amazing! :)

Love that washboard and Proud Priscilla is adorable!

Thanks for the home decore inspiration!

Yes, thank you. Everything is amazing!

Lovely projects...beautiful products...talented artist!

What beautiful projects. So much talent!

So many beautiful projects but I especially love the Cherish hanging. I tend to make these for my Mother in law and this is so inspiring!

Gorgeous... love everything!

Very interesting projects today!!

Graphic 45 paper lines make it so easy to do home decor. The inspiration today is fabulous...I love it all.

Love, Love, Love! I am so inspired by all of these amazing projects!

Very pretty house! That would brighten up my own! A great idea. Thank you.

Fantastic projects! What a creative design team!

Great projects, especially love the washboard!

Beautiful projects today! Love them all.

wonderful creations...love the vibrant colors in the Bohemian Bazaar!

Every day just gets better in Graphic 45 Land. I need to uproot everything in my garage because I know I have an old washboard. The projects were so inspiring today!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Wow! such fabulous works of art. Beautiful all! TFS

Amazing projects. Thank you.

Loved all the projects featured today! I have an old washboard, too! Hummmm...Now my mind is gearing up to alter and embellish it. It looks so plain just standing there all of a sudden.

Very inventive projects today! I never would have used keys as a fence. Loved the Cherish wall sign...very soft on the eyes. Thanks for all the inspiration! Each day brings such paper crafting joy!

so great and inspiring want to try all the wonderful projects i see on the blog and the page and on everyones youtube. really nice

Love the washboards.

Outstanding projects today. I knew Miranda's project before even reading her name. Stunning work by a talented artist.

Beautiful projects!! Love the little matchbox house!! Such fabulous ideas!

I adore these projects! Thanks so much for the inspriration.

Such amazingly creative projects!

That house is so cute. Miranda's hanging is gorgeous (haven't seen your wire words for a while, brilliant). The fb project is amazing?! I need a washer board now too. TFS :))

My Grandma used a washboard and would have loved this one

Love all the projects! They are amazing!

I have a vintage washboard and have been wondering what to do with it. Now I know, this is a great idea!

Hi G45! I have always been a big fan of Miranda's work and she has outdone herself with these gorgeous projects, those hangers that she makes are delightful. I also really love the altered washboard by Rhea, wow what a cool idea, there is so much to take in with all these amazing projects. Such fabulous inspiration.

Hugs Jan x

Simply wonderful. Nuff said :)

Gads, I am in crafters heaven! Eye candy everyone of them. Thanks so much for shareing.

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