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July 04, 2013

Graphic 45 CHA Sneak Peeks Day 4: Mother Goose


 Hello G45ers,

Welcome to more fabulous CHA Summer sneak peeks! Today we will be sharing the stunning new cardstock Banners, Flowers, Tags & Pockets from our new collection, Mother Goose! Plus you'll get to see the amazing new 6x6 Patterns and Solids paper pad! We also have two fun 4th of July tutorials by Annette Green that you're going to love! It's going to be an amazing day! 

We are going to get this party started by announcing our 4 "Win It Before You Buy It" contest winners! We are giving away 4 Mother Goose prize packs every day during our sneak peeks! You could win a Mother Goose 8x8 paper pad, Stickers, Chipboard Die-Cuts and cardstock Tags & Pockets before they arrive in stores! That's a $25 value! Just leave us a blog or Facebook comment today for your chance to win! We will announce today's 4 random winners along with more sneak peeks from Mother Goose on tomorrow's blog! And our randomly chosen winners from yesterday are...

From the Blog:

-Nancy Moore: "Wonderful projects. I love the kite! But I really want to work with the Mother Goose paper. Pick me, please!"

-Deana Johansen: "cannot get enough of any of the beautiful collections of Graphic 45 designs. This one speaks to my inner child from the 1950s and she is jumping up and down, waving her hands in the air, shouting "pick me, pick me!!"

From Facebook:

-Amy Harper: "I can't wait for these to come to stores. I can create the whole Storyland album with these fantastic papers!"

-Belinda Keller: "Be U T full."

Congratulations! Will today's winners please email us with your shipping information at info@g45papers.com to claim your prize! Prize packs will begin shipping in early August. Stay tuned to tomorrow's blog for more sneak peeks and prize winner announcements!

And now it's time to check out these stunning cardstock embellishments from Mother Goose! These superb embellishments add gorgeous color and breathtaking designs to any craft creation! Just think of how much fun you'll have crafting with these amazing new products!

Mother Goose Banners

Mother Goose Graphic 45 Sneak Peek CHA Summer 2013 cardstock banner flower tags & Pockets embellishments


Mother Goose Flowers

Mother Goose Graphic 45 Sneak Peek CHA Summer 2013 cardstock banner flower tags & Pockets embellishments


Mother Goose Tags & Pockets

Mother Goose Graphic 45 Sneak Peek CHA Summer 2013 cardstock banner flower tags & Pockets embellishments


Here we have the splendid Mother Goose 6x6 Patterns & Solids paper pad! These vivid colors and whimsical designs give you so many options for creating the perfect work of craft art!

Mother Goose Patterns & Solids 6x6 Paper Pad

Mother Goose Graphic 45 Sneak Peek CHA Summer 2013 6x6 paper pad patterns & Solids

It is Independence Day in America today and we are having so much fun! This is such a special holiday when friends and family gather to celebrate! Barbecues are happening along with colorful fireworks displays! We thought we'd share some marvelous 4th of July craft ideas just in case you are looking for some last minute inspiration for your 4th of July festivities! We begin with this amazing Place in Time July calendar page that Cara La Vera shared on the Graphic 45 Ning site! The Graphic 45 Ning site is the perfect place to get amazing ideas, uploaded your Graphic 45 creations and connect with a wonderful community of G45ers just like you! We encourage you all to check out the Graphic 45 Ning site for lots of fun and boundless inspiration!

Graphic 45 Ning:




Next we have two amazingly fun 4th of July craft tutorials by Annette Green! These are wonderful ideas for handmade holiday home decor! Plus these tutorials are easy and fun for the whole family! We begin with Annette's gorgeous Place in Time 4th of July Treat Holders! Follow along to create these adorable treasures for your 4th of July festivities! Take it away, Annette!







Place in Time 8 x 8 paper, July Cut-Aparts

Tin Buckets

Super Thick Tacky Glue

Vintage Photo Distress Ink

Signature Series Cardstock



  Tutorial :

1. Cut a ¾” strip and a ¼” strip from July Cut-Aparts paper. Layer the ¼” strip onto the ¾” strip and fringe the edges with scissors.



2. Ink edges of strip and fringes then adhere to a small tin bucket. (Craft store)



3. Create five tri-color rosettes from Signature Series cardstock in red, cream and blue.



4. Cut apart a 9 ¾” die-cut strip into three equal pieces.



5. Join a red, cream and blue piece to create a multi-colored strip.



6. Join into a circle and glue a circle medallion to center to hold the rosette in place.



7. Glue rosette to the bottom of tin bucket using Super Thick Tacky Glue. Let dry.



8. Cut apart the postage stamp images from the July Cut-Aparts, ink the edges and adhere to skewer sticks. Add a number four, if desired. Tie tan ribbon to skewer below postage stamp.



9. Fill the tin buckets with candy, small favors, nuts, etc.


Wow, wasn't that great?! Here we have another fun and clever piece of holiday home decor by Annette! She created this adorable Place in Time Americana Table Display with a few simple household items! This is sure to bring style and vintage elegance to your 4th of July party! Follow along with Annette's wonderful tutorial to create this dazzling holiday craft! 






Place in Time 12 x 12 July Cut-Aparts

Signature Series cardstock

Burlap ribbon


Jute twine

Silver brads

Silver eyelets

Photo clips

Walnut Stain Distress Ink

Soup cans (2)

Wooden dowels, ¼ inch

Floral Foam

Red floral gems

Tutorial :

1. Start with two soup cans, washed with soap and water and dried well.



2. Using Place in Time July Cut-Aparts, create four small tags with pinwheels and brads.



3. Create pinwheels by cutting squares from Signature Series cardstock. Two at 1 ¼” and two at 1 ½” then cut in from all four corners to the center of the square, stopping just before you get all the way there.



4. Pull the tips in toward the center and secure one by one with a dot of clear glue.



5. Repeat these steps to create four pinwheels.



6. Create more tags and elements from the July Cut-Aparts page. Add embellishments such as burlap ribbon and fasteners to join the two tags together.



7. Create border strips from Signature Series cardstock at 2 ¼” and striped side of July Cut-Aparts at 1 ½”. Layer stripe onto cardstock, curving the paper to get it ready to adhere to the soup cans.



8. Use Scor-Tape to adhere burlap ribbon to soup can.



9. Add punched stars to strip.



10. Adhere the strip to the can and add a large red satin bow using strong glue. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit into the soup can snugly. A dot of strong glue with hold it into place.



11. Cut strips 2 ½” of various reds and blues from the July Cut-Aparts page. Score in half at 1 ¼” and fold in half. Snip a v-notch and ink all edges. Apply adhesive to notched strips and fold them around the dowels, alternating colors.



12. Thread jute twine through all the decorative tags and elements you created, securing them with glue on the back so they don’t slide. Add decorative ribbon between each tag, alternating red and blue.





13. For added stability, fill the soup can with rocks, shells, or colored gems.

We hope you all had a great time exploring today's Mother Goose sneak peeks and 4th of July craft inspiration! We want to thank Annette for her splendid creations today! We hope you all enjoy your 4th of July! We will be right back here tomorrow with more sneak peek fun and prize winners! Don't forget to leave us a blog or Facebook comment today for your chance to win Mother Goose before it arrives in stores! Have a safe and happy day!

Your Pals in Paper,

Team Graphic 45


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These are adorable, and I think that I could actually do most of these projects!! Great job on the blog. The papers are terrific!!

Love G45.....especially the new Mother Goose!

I always enjoy seeing the wonderful projects featured here each week!

Oh wow such festive projects! this is why I love this blog....you guys always have such awesome imaginations!
the Mother Goose collection is just so wonderful,I love the humpty dumpty images are just awesome I smile every time I see them!

Banners, so many ideas! Love the July 4th projects also.

I'm already lining up projects to work with the Mother Goose line the minute it's available.

What great project ideas. Can't wait to get the Mother Goose paper I have 5 grandchildren waiting to see what Mamaw is making them.

There once was a girl named Lish. She only had one simple wish. To win this new paper, find out one day later, and craft again once more.

As always todays projects are beautiful and creative. It's hard to pick a favorite.

Great home decor products. They are beautiful.

I'm looking forward to that new release. Mother Goose is so fun!

Cheri - John 3:16

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the kings horses, and all the kings men. Couldn't have created a better design among them! LOL

keep them comin'! FANTASTIC!

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Bunting and flowers and pockets, oh my! Happy 4th of July!

Amazingly creative projects!! Woo Hoo...Happy 4th of July America!!

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Cant wait to play with this collection!

Love the banners. so cute. love the 6x6 pad too.

Love Mother Goose! Can see several altered items waiting for this paper and the embellishments!! Thanks G45 for such awesome-ness!

Awesome projects. And could I just order all the new line now please?

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What a wonderful new collection! I love Mother Goose - thank you for bring such a great new collection to us, and HAPPY JULY 4TH TO YOU ALL!

Can't wait till I have Mother Goose! The designs are divine! Happy 4th of July!

I'm hoping this is my lucky day. I so love these papers.

Mother Goose brings so many happy childhood memories.

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