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August 31, 2013

Graphic 45 Presents a Place in Time Calendar Mini Album Project Sheet


Place in Time Calendar Mini Album




Magic Fold Album March

Magic Fold Album August

Magic Fold Album November






The last two instructions on page 3 have been mixed up: 

It should read for the bottom left image: Adhere each month together, making sure your months are in order with January on the top and December on the bottom.  

Bottom right image: After each month has been adhered apply adhesive to the top of your stack(January).

Download the Place in Time Place in Time Calendar Mini Album Project Sheet


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I love the mini, and this is spectacular!

This is really nice, I love the work.

Awesome!! Thanks!

Very nice mini. Great use of these beautiful papers. Thank you!

Hi Guys, I am so glad to see this posted on the website. It is by far one of my favorite projects of Laura's. It's absolutely genius! Laura and G~45 are a match made in heaven!! Thanks for posting this. :) Hope you all have a fab holiday weekend.

This is really cute! Love Graphic 45!

I love this album!! Minis are my fav!

I loved the mini album.
Thanks for the tutorial

What a great mini album! Thanks for the instructions!

I am going to make it. Love it!

Great mini...thanks for the instructions!

Fabulous mini thanks for sharing

Good afternoon from "across the pond". This is a fabulous mini and thank you for the instructions. Hopefully I can get around to giving it a "go" some time soon. Enjoy the rest of your day

I think there are some wrong instructions under the last 2 pictures on the 3rd page of the instructions. They seem to be from the page above.

Wonderful! I love it! xx

the lantern is fantastic. I would have to hang it in the kitchen - to light my way as I cook a caldron of chili for people to eat on Halloween night.

I have made several minis with this folding technique. Love that there are pockets on each page!!!
<3 J

Thanks for the tutorial.

I found the 12x12 paper pad of A Place in Time at a Michaels in New Jersey this weekend ! I would love to try this idea.

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