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October 30, 2013

Vintage Style For A Classic Halloween!



Hello G45ers,


Halloween is tomorrow and we can't wait! It's so much fun to get in the festive spirit of this spooky season! We're bringing you an extra special blog today, filled with gorgeous ideas for Halloween fun! One of the hallmarks of the Graphic 45 style is our love for everything vintage! Today you're going to see some amazing examples of crafts that exude the classic vintage style of Graphic 45! You'll see some incredible Steampunk Spells jewelry by Denise Hahn. Then Olga Struk will share a remarkable Halloween tag tutorial that's sure to inspire you! Lets celebrate Halloween in style with these marvelous crafts!


We begin with these breathtaking jewelry designs by Denise. She used our Steampunk Spells collection to create these fabulously festive accessories. You can do so much with Graphic 45 papers and Staples! Denise's creations are a perfect example of thinking outside the box when it comes to papercrafting! You can see how perfectly vintage these amazing creations look! Denise even gives you some fun tips on how they were made! Take it away, Denise!


Jewelry is one of my favorite things to create. The only hard part about making Graphic 45 Jewelry is it’s such a tiny canvas for such amazing paper! One the upside, it’s a great way to use up those little leftover scraps we can never bear to throw away. I used some great products from Susan Lenart Kazmer, and if making jewelry intimidates you- some of her products will have you making jewelry in no time!


Denise_Hahn_Graphic_45_Steampunk_Spells_Jewelry - 13-imp



For this necklace I used Spellbinders Mixed Media Mixage Ovals and My Steampunk Sally (I named her!) from the 8X8 Paper Pad and ICE Resin. After you cut your paper to size you MUST seal it before you pour your resin over it! Use matte medium and double coat both sides. I made the little orange lampwork bead a removable charm so I could wear this piece year round.


Denise_Hahn_Graphic_45_Steampunk_Spells_Jewelry - 02-imp


Denise_Hahn_Graphic_45_Steampunk_Spells_Jewelry - 05-imp

I layered my ICE Resin. I started by just barely filling the base- then added a little iridescent glitter, a few broken watch parts and waited 6 or so hours for it to set up. Then layered ICE resin to the top and added a few more watch parts and glitter and let it sit overnight. Then finally “domed” that last part- super important to go slow and not overfill when your pouring the last bit.


Denise_Hahn_Graphic_45_Steampunk_Spells_Jewelry - 06-imp

For this piece I used a cool Skeleton Cameo and the Clockworks print from the 8x8 Paper Pad. You will never guess what the base piece is! It’s a vintage shoji door handle! I just sealed up the paper good and poured over in layers-added some rhinestones and iridescent glitter to give her that cool spooky look. To embellish I used copper wire to attach a Graphic 45 Metal Staples Key.


Denise_Hahn_Graphic_45_Steampunk_Spells_Jewelry - 07-imp


Denise_Hahn_Graphic_45_Steampunk_Spells_Jewelry - 09-imp

Are these not the cutest little dresses? They are Susan Lenart Kazmers ICE Resin Silhouettes. I used the Mechanical Marvels print from the 8x8 Background because it has a cool vintage skate and then added orange glitter embossing powder to the edges. I cut out the little sentiment (Skate or Die was a popular catch phrase amongst skaters in the 80’s)  I made sure it was all sealed up- then used a brush to apply ICE Resin.


Denise_Hahn_Graphic_45_Steampunk_Spells_Jewelry - 10-imp


Denise_Hahn_Graphic_45_Steampunk_Spells_Jewelry - 11-imp

Tips for using ICE Resin- Wear latex gloves- it’s not easy to wash off hands. Be patient and go slow- it’s easier to add more resin than to take away or have spillovers. Did I say seal your paper? Let me say it again, seal your paper- there is nothing more disappointing than ruining your whole piece because resin leaked in. Use a plastic trash bag taped down on a tray for drying- ICE Resin sticks to everything- except plastic trash bags. Have fun and make some jewelry with your Graphic 45!


Steampunk Spells 8x8 Paper Pad

Graphic 45 Metal Staples Keys

ICE Resin

Spellbinders Mixed Media Mixage Ovals

Susan Lenart Kazmer Art Mechanique Silhouettes Dresses

Chain, mini skate- vintage

vintage shoji door handle

Copper Wire

Beads- Bohemian Crystal

                                                Vintage Dice- Serendipity Salvage on Etsy

Next up is another delightful craft that's just perfect for Halloween. Here is Olga's amazing tag that was also created with Steampunk Spells! This tag is just amazing! It displays some very fun ways to create with the Steampunk Spells 6x6 paper pad, cardstock Banners and Graphic 45 Staples! Olga even created a fantastic photo tutorial to show you each step of the tag-making process! Tags are a great way to commemorate Halloween. They also make lovely gifts! Lets have some fun by creating this spooktacular work of art with Olga!

Steampunk Spells-Halloween-Tag-Olga Struk, Graphic 45, tutorial






                                                                            Regular Tag Album
                                                            Steampunk Spells 6x6 Patterns & Solids
                                                                    Steampunk Spells - Witching Hour
                                                                    Steampunk Spells -Fanciful Floral
                                                                  Steampunk Spells -Witching Hour
                                                                    Steampunk Spells -Nevermore
                                                                    Steampunk Spells- Tick-Tock
                                                        Steampunk Spells Banners- Vintage Voyage
                                                                        Steampunk Spells Banners
                                                                            Ornate Metal Keys
                                                                            Metal Clothespins
                                                                Xyron - Glue Stick – Permanent
                                        Steampunk Doily Set Black-Manufactured by Gina’s Designs 

Here is Olga's marvelous photo tutorial. Follow her step-by-step photos to recreate this festive tag for your Halloween festivities! Have fun!

Photo Tutorial:

















Wasn't that fun, G45ers?! We hope you enjoyed today's classic vintage-inspired crafts! We will be back here tomorrow with a special Halloween blog for you to enjoy! We want to thank Denise and Olga for their fantastic creations today! We also want to thank all of you for joining us. Have a delightful day!

Happy Halloween Papercrafting!

Your Friends at Graphic 45


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Love everything!!!

Wow! The jewelry & Tags are just great! Thanks for sharing!

I've never worked w/resin in making jewelry, but this has me wanting to try it out, thanks!

Wow, the jewelry is outstanding. I really lke the gears on the tag too.

I love this projects, there are amazing!!!

Oh sooooo nice! Hadn't occurred to me that jewelry started from paper could be so awesome!

I love vintage and your products are the best! They're too pretty to even use...although I do!

Halloween goodies:-)

love the tag and the vintage jewelry, wow! very nice work, ladies.



These are such wonderful projects! Thanks for the tut.

absolutely fabulous...

Love the jewelry! Wouldlove to win the prize package and make some. The other projects are also terrific. Thank you G45!

I totally love that tag! Thanks for the tutorial!

Don't think my comments are posting here but with projects as amazing as these, gotta try!!
Astonishing jewelry, thought I did ok with mine, need to up my game big time!! The tag creation is gorgeous & then some! All my favourite things here today!! :))

Fabulous work on the jewelry and the tag is awesome!!

Love it! All the gears & potential Halloween decor is lovely/spooky!

Gorgeous projects!
LOVE the kitty at the bottom of the door! Amazing work

SPOOKTACULAR GRAPHIC 45!!! Love the jewelry!!!

Love the jewelry... admire the patience and creativity! And that tag is SPOOKTACULAR!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Anything Halloween is one of y favorites. A must do today.

I would so wear these steampunk-inspired jewelry designs. They are wonderful!!!!

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Gorgeous projects, love Steampunk Spells.

Great projects from GREAT Graphic 45 paper! What a perfect match.

Now that is one crazy awesome tag!!

Awesome tags and jewelry. Love all things Steampunk.

Denise - These are breathtaking designs, Perfect for gifting.
Olga - A fantastic creation, love the colors & the details.
Ladies, Thank you so much for creating and sharing them.
alsmouse ~C8> Ratty Hugs

I adore those necklaces!!! Have to make some of those next year!!!

These are fantastic; the jewelry is amazing. And the tag so very creative !!
Love how they are displayed also ... great job !!

That tag is amazing!

Amazing artwork today!! I'm not a huge Halloween fan, but I can appreciate the creativity and talent behind these projects!!

Halloween treats early. Thanks G45

I have got to learn more about Ice Resin. Both of these projects are fabulous-pinning and saving so I can work on them for next year. Got me some Steampunk Spells on the way-going to do Halloween all year long next year.My friends will understand.

What a fantastic array of inspiration love it x

Wow! fabulous work, thank you for your inspiration, fantastic!

Love the ice resin jewelry pieces. Great way to enjoy your Graphic 45 treasures and they are really original. Great tags as well.

love the tag-card-thing so much!


Love that Steampunk doily! I'm always looking for more gears. Terrific tag!

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