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November 21, 2013

Fun & Easy Ideas For Handmade Holiday Decorating


Hello G45ers,

It's hard to believe that the holiday season is already here! This is such an enchanting time of year! We love the tradition of decorating the house with sentimental decorations from years past. It's also so much fun to create some new handmade decorations to help commemorate another amazing year. Today we're going to share some marvelous holiday craft ideas that are sure to inspire you. There's a fun and easy holiday tree that Miranda Edney created using our 12 Days of Christmas collection. Then we will share a gorgeous altered 12x12 Matchbook Box advent calendar by Maria Cole featuring 12 Days of Christmas. Both of these sweet creations come with a tutorial so you can create them for yourself or someone you love this holiday season! Lets get this holiday party started!

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Graphic 45 Typography prize contest win

First up is this beautiful and easy project by Miranda that's just perfect for adding vintage charm to your holiday home decor. This is a great craft project that the whole family can enjoy creating together! Just gather up your 12 Days of Christmas papers, Graphic 45 Metal Keys and Keyholes and follow along with Miranda's fun video tutorial! This sweet flower tree is also a great idea for a festive handmade gift! Take it away, Miranda!

"I came up with another easy peezy project using flowers! This time a bit different! I used the 12 Days of Christmas line (YUM) and created this tree! Graphic 45 Staples Keys are the perfect “ornaments.” Follow along with my fast tutorial to create your own! Takes only about an hour." -Miranda

Video Tutorial:


Floral-Christmas-Tree-Tutorial-Graphic-45-Miranda-Edney-home decor, gift, tutorial




12 Days of Christmas-Ladies Dancing

12 Days of Christmas-My True Love

Graphic 45 Staples

Ornate Metal Keyholes

Ornate Metal Keys

Styrofoam Cone


Stick Pins

Next up is this amazing advent calendar that Maria created with 12 Days of Christmas and the Graphic 45 12x12 Matchbook Box. This is the perfect project for a cozy afternoon. Let the beautiful papers of 12 Days of Christmas get you in the holiday spirit while you enjoy creating this gorgeous work of art for your holiday home decor. Advent calendars are a perfect way to bring classic Christmas cheer to your holiday season. They also make great gifts! Follow along with Maria's amazing tutorial to create this treasure for yourself or someone you love. Here Maria explains her inspiration behind this elegant work of art!

"If you’re a Christmas fiend - or know someone who is, this is the perfect project to get you all excited and ready for this festive holiday! I love Christmas countdowns and Advent calendars, and of course, Graphic 45’s newest Christmas line! If you have a 12” x 12” matchbook box and you’re not sure yet what to do with it, this could be a great project for you. I took one of these fun boxes and turned it into a Graphic 45-inspired Christmas Countdown / Advent Calendar! The back of the box is actually the “front” and contains days 1 - 25, which are made from a combination of little pockets, banners, and fabulous 12 Days of Christmas Stickers. If you flip the box around, you have a lovely display that can hold two of your favorite 4” x 6” Christmas photos or one 5” x 7”! You can keep your box pretty basic and family friendly, or you can add more G45 embellishments to add even more Christmas magic!" -Maria








12” x 12” Altered Art Matchbook Box

12” x 12” 12 Days of Christmas 12 Days of Christmas (2)

12” x 12” 12 Days of Christmas 12 Christmas Rose

12” x 12” 12 Days of Christmas 12 Pear Tree

12” x 12” 12 Days of Christmas 12 My True Love

12 Days of Christmas Banners

12 Days of Christmas Stickers

12 Days of Christmas Alphabet stickers

Tim Holtz Distress Ink - Iced Spruce

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Feet

May Arts – 1 yard olive silk ribbon, (2) 16” ivory ribbon




Note: Ink all paper and banners with Iced Spruce Distress Ink (or other green ink) before decorating or adhering.




Step 1. Take the lid off of your matchbook box; set the tray aside. Note: Your papers are 12” x 12”, but the box itself is almost 12.5” x 12.5”. Because of this, the edges of your box will show. Ink all the edges of the front, top, bottom, and back of your lid about .25” - .5” deep with Iced Spruce Distress Ink or other green ink of your choice.




Step 2. Locate one of your 12 Days of Christmas paper, plaid side up. Adhere to the back of your lid.




Step 3. Locate your other 12 Days of Christmas paper, plaid side up. Cut (4) 1.75” x 12” strips and (2) 1.5” x 12” strips. Save your 2” x 12” scrap for another project!




Step 4. Adhere (2) 1.75” wide pieces to the top and bottom of your lid. Adhere the other (2) 1.75” wide pieces to the left and right sides of the front of your lid. You will adhere the 1.5” wide pieces to the top and bottom front of your lid. Set lid aside.




Step 5. Locate My True Love paper, red side up. Cut a 4” x 12” piece and set aside for step 9. Then cut (4) 2” x 12” pieces. Take your 2” x 12” pieces and cut into 2” x 4” pieces. Flip half of them over so that you have (6) 2” x 4” pieces with the red side and (6) 2” x 4” pieces with the Christmas carol side. Set aside for step 10.




Step 6. Locate Pear Tree paper, green side up. Cut a 4” x 12” piece and set aside for step 8. Then cut (4) 2” x 12” pieces. Take your 2” x 12” pieces and cut into 2” x 4” pieces. Flip half of them over so that you have (6) 2” x 4” pieces with the green side and (6) 2” x 4” pieces with the white side. Set aside for step 10.




Step 7. Take your Christmas Rose paper, rose side up, and cut a 4” x 12” piece from the right. Set this piece aside for step 14. With your remaining paper, cut (4) 2” x 12” strips and flip over to reveal red side.






Step 8. Locate your tray. Take your 2” x 12” Christmas Rose strips and adhere to the inside sides of your tray. Adhere your Swans A Swimming paper, green side up, to your tray. Locate 4” x 12” Pear Tree paper from step 6. Cut this in half so you have (2) 2” x 12” pieces. Adhere these to the outside left and right sides of your tray.  





Step 9. Take the 4” x 12” My True Love scrap from step 5 and cut in half so you have (2) 4” x 6”. Adhere these to your tray, about 2.5” from the top of your tray. Take stickers from your 12 Days of Christmas Alphabet Stickers to spell the words CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN and adhere with foam dots beneath your photo mats. Place your tray inside the lid.





Step 10. Locate all your little 2” x 4” pieces. First, discard (1) 2” x 4” piece per design so that you have (5) 2” x 4” pieces in red, Christmas carol, green, and white. Take a 5/8” circle punch and punch a half circle on the top of each piece. Then, fold in half and adhere sides to create little pockets. You will have 20 total pockets.




Step 11. From your 12 Days of Christmas banners, locate the (4) big banners in the photo and as many of the smaller circle banners and keys as you can. For the 25th day of Christmas, you will use one of the stickers from the 12 Days of Christmas Stickers set!




Step 12. Flip your box over so that the back of the box is face up. This will be your Christmas Countdown/Advent Calendar side. Place all your little pockets and flags onto the box as shown. For the lower right corner, use the “Dec 25th” sticker from the 12 Days of Christmas Stickers. Apply circle banners, little keys, and stickers to all of the days, in numerical order from 1 – 25. Note: for day 18, I used the capital letter “I” as a number one.






Step 13. Take your 4” x 12” Christmas Rose paper and fussy cut one bunch of roses. Adhere to the bottom of the front of your lid. If you have Tim Holtz Idea-ology feet, apply some gold paint to them and adhere to the bottom of your box.



Step 14. Take your olive ribbon and tie a bow. Adhere to the top of your box. Take your ivory ribbon and tie two bows; adhere one bow onto each side of your green ribbon. 


Are you in the holiday spirit now, G45ers? We sure hope so. We encourage you all to create something special this holiday season with your favorite Graphic 45 papers and Staples. You'll be glad you did! Big thanks to Miranda and Maria for their beautiful creations today. Don't forget to leave us a blog or Facebook comment today for your chance to win that amazing Typography prize pack. We have more inspiration planned for you on tomorrow's blog. We hope you'll stop by and see us. Thank you so much for joining us today! Have a fantastic day!

Happy Holiday Papercrafting!

Your Friends at Graphic 45


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