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February 15, 2014

Introducing our Monthly Make-a-Mini and February Challenge


Happy Saturday, G45ers!

Today we're introducing our fun new 2014 challenge: Take part in our new Monthly Make-a-Mini! We also have instructions on how to make the base of this album below. It is made with something we all have around - File Folders! How exciting. We also have a challenge this month to make your own mini. See details below!



See the Mini Album Tour

ProjectSheetSneakPeekGraphic45_2 (1)

Download the Typography Mini Album Project Sheet

365 Book Base Instructions

Download the File Folder Book Base Project Sheet

Graphic45Feb2014challenge_4 (1)

We hope you take part in our fun new February challenge!  Have a great day, and happy papercrafting!


Happy Mini-Making,

Your Friends at Graphic 45


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I am really pleased you posted this today as I am confused by challenge. It says make 'our' mini using instructions.
Does the mean we all end up with same album or is it just the basic structure that would be the same? My guess is you want to see everyone personalise theirs.
I also guess it must be using Typography. I only have a few individual pprs so would be limited.
As I am only comment so far, taking advantage to ramble on, lol. I don't expect a response, not from such a busy company.
Also just realised I probably won't enter as not of high enough calibre.
So why did I write all this??? Wish I knew... Hey ho. Tfs :))

Thanks for tutorial ;)

I am also wondering if we are all supposed to make the album using Typography and just personalize it to our taste or can we use any collection?
Thanks for your help!

Lovely tutorial and awesome mini! Can't wait to see what the next beautiful prize pack is! Will HAVE to make a file folder mini album! :)

Thanks sooo much for the great tutorial, but like the rest, I would like to know, a bit more about the rules too, and how we´re supposed to do it? This here looks fabulous.

I don't have any file folders but do have the 8*8 stack. Can I just make a typography mini based on using punched tabs to make the file folder tops?
Hazel xx

I cannot wait to try this

Awesome project! I'm wondering the same as everyone else, is it using the Typography line or can we use another G45 line? I think this would look awesome with French Country or Secret Garden too! Thanks!

I love this idea and I love the look of the minis when they are done. It appears to me that each book will be quite similar with a few added elements for interest, but they will be covered with the specified G45 papers.
I think it will be fun!!! Thank you!

Thanks so much for the tutorials, I really appreciate them - and am inspired to have a go as I have never made a mini before. You guys do an awesome job. I love all of your designs.

Sorry to ask you again, but for exemple we in Portugal don't have file folders like the EUA, so can I constructed the page with cardstock? And the color of the pages should be white? (like its show in the pictures?). Does my project has to be a replica (decorations, colors, embellishments, journaling spots) or I am allow to use my imagination?
Thanks again for your attention.
Kind Regards

Hi everyone.
When I post my question here I didn't read the others post before.
So I email my questions and have the answer.
So to help everyone that has the same doubts as I had here are some guidelines:
- Just follow the basic guidelines and just use Graphic 45 papers
-embellishing and details are up to you!
Hope this help
Kind Regards,

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