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April 16, 2014

Craft Tutorials Made Simple with Snapguide


Good morning G45ers!

We have a new obsession here at Graphic 45. Snapguide! We have been sharing Snapguide tutorials a lot the past couple of weeks because we love this site so much and have lost so much time to getting great ideas and saving guides to try. Today, we're going to give you a fun introduction to Snapguide and then remind you we are sponsoring a great Upcycling Contest with them. We will share some of our Design Team entries and then some of our favorite other Upcycling guides. It's going to be a great day, and we totally understand in advance if some of today is lost to the fun of Snapguide. ;)

You may be wondering "What is Snapguide?" Well on their FAQ page, they have a great answer: "Snapguide, is a free iOS app and web service for those that want to create and share step-by-step 'how to guides'. We host easy to understand instructions for a wide array of topics including cooking, gardening, crafts, repairs, do-it-yourself projects, fashion tips, entertaining and more. Everyone is welcome to create their own guides, so that they can share their passions and expertise with the Snapguide community."

Snapguide is a perfect fit for the papercrafter. We love tutorials here at Graphic 45, and Snapguides are so extremely user-friendly and fun. When Snapguide contacted us to sponsor a contest with them, we jumped at the chance!


Read about the Upcycling Contest Here!

You read that image right! $900 in prizes is the grand prize. Wow! Not sure how to enter a contest through Snapguide? They have a great guide to take you through the steps.

Check out How to Enter a Contest on Snapguide by Snapguide Team on Snapguide.  

How to Enter a Contest on Snapguide

But first, you may be curious, how do I make a guide on Snapguide? They have a great guide for that too!

Check out How to Create a Guide on the Web by Snapguide Team on Snapguide.  

How to Create a Snapguide on the Web

They also have great guides of how to make them via your iPad or iPhone, if you're like us and use those more commonly.

Now, let's share some of the fun guides we love from our Design Team. So many great ideas, so many fun tutorials!

Miranda makes the best Easter decor using old plant pots. Love this idea!

516x430_ac (2)

Check out How to Upcycle Clay Pots Into Easter Votives by Miranda Edney on Snapguide.  

Miranda's Easter Votive Snapguide

Do you notice in the Snapguides, there's always a tab with the Supply List? We love that handy feature!


Next, we have Annette Green's By the Sea picnic caddy made with By the Sea! Adore this.

516x430_ac (3)

Check out How to Create a Beach-Themed Picnic Caddy From Frapp Box by Annette Green on Snapguide.  

Annete's Picnic Caddy Snapguide

What about upcycling those materials we always having lying around: envelopes! Susan makes this upcycled envelope shine. And anyone can try this one.

516x430_ac (4)

Check out How to Upcycle an Envelope by Susan Lui on Snapguide.  

Susan's Upcycled Envelope Snapguide

Lastly from our Design Team, we have Maria's upcycled salt and pepper shaker to use as storage in the craft room. Beautiful organization is one of our favorite things, so we are inspired by this idea.

516x430_ac (5)

Check out How to Make Craft Storage With Salt & Pepper Shakers by Maria Cole on Snapguide.  

Maria's Salt and Pepper Shaker Snapguide

We are loving the entries for this contest! This guide by Denise Corcoran using cereal boxes and old CD cases is such a fun project to use supplies we seem to always have around.

516x430_ac (6)

Check out How to Make Art Using Cereal Boxes & CD Cases by Denise Corcoran on Snapguide.  

Denise Corcoran's Upcycling Entry

Also, who loves beautiful, DIY furniture? We love it! Enjoy this coffee table upcycling entry by Andree of HomeShows using an old door.

516x430_ac (7)

Check out How to Make a Coffee Table From a Door by Andrée of @HomeShows on Snapguide.  

Andree's Coffee Table Snapguide

Are you hooked on Snapguide like us? Well, take part today and win big! Take another look at the Contest Details and make a guide today! What do you have lying around that needs some upcycling?

**Update: Many people were saying they love PDFs for printing tutorials out. Did you know you can print guides from Snapguide? Here's a little peek at how!

See the print button right below the photo guide?


Then, it will take you to a screen with all the steps which you can print from!


Snapguide thinks of everything!

Euphorically Upcycling,

Your Friends at Graphic 45



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Awesome!!! Thanks!!

I'll give this a try. Nothing to lose and $900 to win! Up cycling is a great place to start.

Love the Snapguide, thanks for introducing it to us..

Great idea though not sure anyone will want a "how to" from me, lol. Will go check it out. Tf introduction :))


Cool! Will be checking it out.

i want to check this out, sounds awesome!!


A website dedicated to "How-to's", Wow!!! I'm all over that. First YouTube, then Pintrest (drooling...) Now Snapguide....gotta check it out ASAP. Thanks for the fyi on Snapguide.
"Happy Crafting"

Love this. The videos are terrific and inspiring. Thanks for introducing us to Snapguide.

Great ideas!! I always look for new inspiration. Thanks!

It's such a small, simple project, but I really love the upcycled salt and pepper shakers!

I wish I had pics of my first attempt at upcycling back in the 70's. When walnut grain contact paper came out I covered two great boxes for tables on either side of my couch in my first apartment. (They also stored by record albums.) Been upcycling ever since. Thanks for the Snapguide info.

Wow! So many ideas to check out!

Will definitely be checking SnapGuide out!! Thanks for keeping me up to date on the latest and greatest ways to create!

Snapguide is amazing. Love the ideas!

Fabulous upcycle projects! The DT produced magnificent projects again!

I love how concise a tutorial is on SnapGuide. Gotta get it!

Wonderful ideas!!!

Never heard of snap guide before. I'll have to check this out. Looks like a ton of inspiration is waiting.

Great projects!

WOW I really enjoy all the tuts today. But I enjoy that you share with all of us. Love the NEW LOOK.

Love upcycled items they are so fun !!!

Snapguide looks interesting and I will have to read more about it! Thanks for sharing it with us!

I guess I´m one of a kind, cause I must admit, I don´t like it too much, but would anythime preffer the pdf, that I can print out and bring to my craft desk with me to use there, as I don´t have my computer anywhere near my craftdesk, and I just can´t run forth and back to chceck the next step all the time, and I haven´t been able to find any place there, where I can print all the stes out to use at my desk???

Lovely projects..but I agree with Maryann.

Awesome ideas! Love it! Thanks for the chance to win.

We updated the blog to show how you can print from Snapguide! They think of everything!

I also agree with Maryann.

thanks for all the wonderful ideas

Thanks soooo very much for helping us find the way out of the printing issue here G45, I for one love that, and it really makes it a lot more attractive now, and I´m definitely going to gove it a good try here now with all these great tutorials, you´ve just shared here today.
Thanks sooo much and a very Happy easter everyone.

We're so glad to help, Maryann! Thanks so much for the kind words - made our day! Happy Easter to you as well.

Fabulous projects and love the Snapguide tutorials! Happy Easter everyone!!

This one isn't for me. My brain is chock full of Internet stuff and one more site will tip my brain into crashing!

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing

Fantastico! Love it :)

Great idea! LOVE your tutorials!!

Great upcycle projects!

I will put my project up, nothing to lose at all and everything to gain.

I just adore doing anything in G45. No matter what, it always look good x

I checked out Snapguide but didn't like what I read in their Terms of Use. It looks to me like they can take anything you put on your guide and use it any way they want! so if you post something, it's theirs to use and even redistribute elsewhere. I didn't like that idea at all... that they could take my work, my tutorial, and use it elsewhere. So for now, until I hear differently, I'm staying away.. at least as far as posting and making my own guide.. but I'll go and look at others' brave enough to give up their ideas to Snapguide.

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