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June 16, 2014

The Whimsical Art of Nichola Battilana


It's going to be another wonderful week of Design Team introductions! Are you excited to meet more of this fabulous team? Today, we spotlight the wonderful and whimsical art of Nichola Battilana. With a flair for humor, beauty, and fun - her projects are always a standout! We are so excited she will be on our team for a second year. She always makes gorgeous projects. As a believer of fairies and "maker of messes" (as she calls herself), her spirit and creativity invites you to get creative, use your stash, and try something you've never tried before. And who doesn't love that about an artist? Nichola's inventive spirit shines through every single one of her projects and we are huge fans of her work. We are so excited to welcome her for another year on our design team!

Before we see the wonderful work of Nichola, it's time for a blog contest! Do you want to win this Come Away with Me prize pack? If so, please comment here or on our Facebook page to be entered to win. We will announce our randomly chosen winner on Friday!


Let's get to our spotlight on Nichola Battilana!


"I am a British born, Canadian raised, maker of messes living in small town Ontario.  I live in an old crooked house on two beautiful acres (along with my husband, kiddo, dog, chickens, ducks and small menagerie of other critters) where I also work from a home based studio dubbed “Pixie Hill”.

I have a background in fine arts and earned my pennies as a graphic designer for years and years (and years). Today, my focus making ‘stuff’. Collage and mixed media, painting, papercraft, miniatures and upcycling… I dabble in everything! It sounds a little scatterbrained but it’s all pulled together with a running theme of whimsy and absolute passion.

Crafting for me is more than a hobby. I create on a daily basis and get a wee bit ‘grumpy’ if I don’t. Also, being more than a little socially awkward, crafting really and truly helps me to connect with others. When I create, I feel like I am doing what I was meant for."

Nichola Battilana's Blog

These ATCs are bursting with blooming inspiration. We love the layering, the fun elements, the ribbon, and more! She shows off the joy of mixing and matching G45 collections. Love Nichola's description as well.

"I admit this is project is a little bit whacky… but it’s whacky in a good way (like a kooky auntie). It’s cheerful and fun and although it’s been raining for 2 days, this project made my grey afternoon a little brighter. ATC’s are one of my favourite types of project. They are fast, fun, and a great way to use snippets, tiny bits and scraps. I’ve used the Artist Trading Tags-Ivory as my base and went nuts on my Graphic 45 stash using snips from Place in Time, Secret Garden, A Ladies' Diary, and Botanical Tea. It’s ok to mix and match! Go ahead… give it a try :)"









Supply list:


Artist Trading Tags-Ivory
Place in Time > foundation paper
Secret Garden > May Flowers, Posy Patch

A Ladies' Diary > Garden Stroll, Lasting Impression, La Gazette
Botanical Tea > Botanical Tea, Flora, Fauna, Spring Duet, Herbal Infusion, Sweet Chamomile

Various fibers, yarns and ribbons
White Foam Stamen

White Pearl Stamen
Petaloo Flowers and Trims

This was the wonderful Punch and Judy theatre Nichola created for her final Design Team audition. It perfectly represents Nichola's fun and brilliant style! Enjoy the video tutorial she included!



Punch and Judy 'By the Sea' Theatre Video




Supply List

 Graphic 45 By The Sea
By the Sea

Set Sail


Pier 45

By the Sea Stickers

By the Sea Chipboard

By the Sea Tags & Pockets

Ornate Metal Key Holes

Corrugated cardboard
Thin wood doweling
Coffee stir sticks
Drinking straw
Jute twine
Tiny Real Seashells in Tin

Tim Holtz Clock Keys

Metal Hands

Metallic Mini Brads

Wood Mini Spool
Hot glue & adhesives

You may not know this about Nichola, but she has a artist studio that people from all over can come visit called the Pixie Hill Studio. She created this amazing Typography postal station for her visitors!

"When children visit my studio, they sometimes discover that the fairies who live here have left them notes, postcards or miniature mail. For a while now I’ve been thinking that perhaps my little helpers need their own little post office to work from. With construction supplies from Graphic 45 and Gina’s Design, I am proud to say that Postal Station No. 45 is now processing fairy and elfin mail.

I’ve used Ginas Designs Mini Album Display Case as the base. By upturning the drawer and attaching with a hinge to the top, I’ve created a spot for super secret messages. The piece is embellished using Typography, which is perfect for giving the look of old time billboards and classic advertising and design.

Turn the box around and you can peek inside the mail operations. The bottom floor is a mess with letters and parcels. The second floor might be a bit tight but it’s the perfect size for fairy storage.

I really love this project and I think that it could easily be adapted to personalize for gift-giving to your favourite people. Instead of a post office, design a garden shop with Secret Garden, or a boutique with A Ladies’ Diary. Mix and match collections to create a fire hall, auto garage, castle or toy shop! Just imagine the possibilities!"










 Supply List

Graphic 45 Typography
• Typography
• Inspire
• Celebrate
• Create
• Inscribe
• Dream
• Journey
• Typography Tags & Pockets
• Typography Stickers
• Typography Chipboard
12 Days of Christmas > Pear Tree (totally snuck in!)
Graphic 45 Staples
• Antique Metal Door Pull
• Ornate Metal Keys
• Ornate Metal Key Holes
• Ornate Metal Label Holder
ColorCore Cardstock - Heritage Kraft
Ginas Designs
• Mini Album Display Case
• Steampunk Shape Set
Faux Metal Hands
Small Square Brass Hinges
Small wooden table
Metallic Mini Brads
Red Thread
Miniature Books and Scrolls
Pen Nibs
Tacky Glue

Another great project from Nichola using Typography. She uses so many great found objects on this project and the vintag photo is just fantastic. A Steampunk masterpiece!

"Even though this piece is made up of found objects, old things, new bits, and supplies from here there and everywhere, the elements compliment each other and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I started off with a sturdy Innkeeper Signboard from Walnut Hollow, painting it black then sanding the edges to give a little bit of age. Typography’s “Journey” provides enough visual punch that there wasn’t a need to go overboard with loads of different papers and patterns. A thin slice of “Create” around the edge gives just a hint of accent colour. The copper gears in this piece are made of chipboard, painted with a metallic paint, then brushed with a hint of black. A whole lot of fiddling and fussing went into this piece, but it sure was fun and I think all that playing was worth it."









Supply List


Typography  > Journey
Typography  > Create

Graphic 45 Staples > Antique Metal Door Pull

> Ornate Metal Keys

> Ornate Metal Key Holes

> Ornate Metal Label Holder

> Washi Tape Set

> Metal Tag
Walnut Hollow Innkeeper Signboard 14”
Petaloo Colour Me Crazy Chipboard Gears

Gina’s Designs Cardstock Doily Set Steampunk
Gina’s Designs Steampunk Shape Set
Fairy Vial

Metallic Mini Brads

Metal Hands

Vintage cabinet card image
Tiny watch parts
Vintage watch spring
Burnt out mini lamp bulbs

Dont' you just love the work of Nichola? What are some of your favorite projects by this talented designer? Welcome Nichola in the comments below! We are so happy she's on our team for another year. It's going to another wonderful week of Design Team introductions on the blog!

Your Pals in Paper,

Graphic 45

 Want to try these projects out? Visit your LSS or order online today! Graphic 45 Store Locator Link Here


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Great work! Love the Postal Station!

What an incredible imagination, and such attention to detail! WOW! Would love goodies to create some whimsy!

Love her work!

I loved the projects...you can definitely see the beauty of her artistic mind! Fabulous projects!

Thanks for the chance to win the prize pack. I have been wanting to make tags for a while and this set would be perfect!

Nicola, your projects are fantastic! Love your flair for the fun and imaginative

Gorgeous projects!!

Love the post office! Love to win the beautiful prize pack!

Clever projects. I've been looking for ideas to do some boxes. Love the "Thinking Man".

Come away with me, this paper is to die for, I would love to win it.

Nichola thinks outside of the box I tend to place myself in most of the time. She inspires me to climb out of that box and be more creative. Thank you for that Nichola and Graphic 45!

There's an element of the delightfully unexpected in Nichola Battilana's work that invites giggles and and happy sighs. I adore the way her artistic mind dances along fairy-dust-sprinkled paths and am tickled that we get treated to another year with her on G45!

LOVE the post office

These projects are so very wonderful. This is what makes crafting so fun. I can't wait to try the Punch and Judy Theater

,simply amazing ideas... going to be a great week..

Come Away With Me would be perfect for my travel photos.

Would love to win the "Come Away..." pack! And so glad Nichola is back!

Beautiful projects! Would love to win the new G45 paper collection!

All of these are AWESOME, but the tags are my favorite! I'm really hooked on tags right now and enjoy making them in all sizes. There is some tremendous inspiration here! Thanks

Really creative. I loved the Typography projects.

Wow you have been busy! I love the little scenes you have created they are just so darn cute. And the boxes. I will be watching for more inspiration by you. Very creative.

Thanks for a chance to win some come away with me it is beautiful.

The tags are gorgeous and all of the projects are so creative. The talent on Graphic 45 is outstanding and I appreciate the inspiration to help me be more creative. This collection would be fun to win!

Love the projects. Can't wait to see what else you create.

Nichola is the perfect design team member! Her creative use of elements really gets the gears moving and fosters the desire to grab your G45 and craft!!

Wow! You have made me see Graphic45 in a new way. I have loved mini since childhood, and you have inspired me. Thank you!

YES! I want the wonderful Come Away With Me prize package!!!
LOVELOVELOVE Nichola's hair and her projects are all amazing! The Post Office is my favorite though! Of course the Fairies and Elves need a place for their mail to be sorted and dispersed! TFS!

Brilliant work!

As i sit here and take in the whimsy of Nichola, it makes me just want to get up and begin another project of my own...esp.if i won the "Come
Away With Me" collection..."Let Me Think" what i could create with those gems!!

Think Come Away With Me is my new favorite design set. Love it!

Okay, I admit it. I am enthralled with Nichola's whimsy and talent. G45 picked a wonderful design team member!!

Nichola just knows how to do it :)

Love the postal station...reminds me of a miniature doll house for the adults who are kids at hearts!!

So enjoy all the
wonderful creations
on the blog today.
So unique.
Carla from Utah

What fabulous projects!!!

Come Away With Me is a delightful paper collection for summer crafting! The Punch and Judy project is so interesting...especially constructing the movement mechanism. I think even I could follow this tutorial and get good results! Thank you!

Wonderful work !! I just love the creativity !!

love these projects - the details are lovely. would love to win some of these products. thank you for the chance.

Beautiful creations! LOVE G45 and all the inspiring designs by all the great designers! WOW!!

Great work, love the plack.
thanks for the chance to win some great G45

Nichola has an amazing talent! I'm glad to see her continue on the design team for another year and am looking forward to more of her fantastic creations!

Have followed this designer for a long time. She creates beautiful projects.

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