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August 06, 2014

Inspire your Next Project with Pinterest!

Pinterest tic tac toe

Who loves Pinterest? We know many of us are fans of this amazing site (including us here at Graphic 45 - the fun hours spent on this site!) We challenged our designers to use their love of Pinterest to inspire projects. Wait until you see what they dream up. They use the most amazing pins to inspire even more incredible projects! This is such a fun idea. Try it yourself! Next time you scan through Pinterest, challenge yourself to take one pin and create from the fun ideas! Nichola Battilana, Andrew Roberts, and Rhea Freitag are going to show you absolutely magical projects today using this fun challenge. Enjoy!

Are you a follower of our Pinterest page? We have thousands of pin to delight and inspire! Join in the fun!

Graphic 45 Pinterest Page

First, let Nichola show you what inspired her creation!

"Play houses and doll houses fascinate me, so THIS PIN (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/152840981078662957/)immediately caught my eye. I knew that there was some way I could make that cardboard house my own. I often post things in via snail mail and this seemed like the perfect way to send something nice to my little friends overseas without breaking the bank. Everything collapses flat (the house, the characters) and tucks neatly away inside the envelope. (Psst, I’ve used a folded banner triangle attached to the back of the characters to make them stand)  Easy peasy! I’ve used Mother Goose for my little house, but I am certain that An Eerie Tale would make for a super haunted house!" ~Nichola







This is such a fun idea using just paper! The possibilities with fussy cutting are endless.


Link to Nichola's Pinterest Inspiration



Mother Goose:

A Pocketful of Posies

Spot On

Little Boy Blue

Ring Around the Rosies

Nursery Rhymes

Mother Goose Alphabet Stickers

Mother Goose Stickers

Mother Goose Banners

Mother Goose Tags & Pockets

Next, inspire lots of family fun time with a great idea from Pinterest and Andrew Roberts!

"My inspiration for this project was the continuation of my childrens fun series I have done steampunk spells checkers, Mother goose puzzles and now tic tac toe. I have seven kids so entertaining them is is a big part of my families' life and graphic 45 collections have made this so easy and this time I had inspiration from pinterest. 

Tip:  Vintage Metal embellishments and accents coordinate beautifully with graphic 45 collections. Try changing your metal embellishments with alcohol ink." ~Andrew

Andrew's Pinterest Inspiration Link

Pinterest tic tac toe

Pinterest tic tac toe

Pinterest tic tac toe

Pinterest tic tac toe

Imagine the fun game nights your family can have! How wonderful!

Pinterest tic tac toe

Pinterest tic tac toe

Pinterest tic tac toe

Supply List

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Graphic 45 12x12 Typography Pad - Create
Graphic 45 Typography Card Stock Stickers
Graphic 45 Mother Goose 6x6 Patterns and Solids
Graphic 45 Mother Goose Banners
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Finally, we close with Rhea's brilliant idea to brighten up the home. Great for parties, decor, and fun ways to spruce up any room!

"I have a thing for vintage sheets. They are something I am always on the hunt for while out bumming at local flea markets and estate sales. Because of this love of linen, I stumbled across this Pinterest pin, which was the inspiration of this project." ~Rhea

Rhea's Pinterest Inspiration Link


I just love the sweet patterns of the old sheets. I thought that this simple idea of creating a banner would translate well with paper. Bohemian Bazaar was the perfect match in terms of pattern and color.


To start I simply started to cut circles using my fancy circle cutter. I have had this thing forever and have rarely used it, so I was pleased to get out one of my handy tools.


The large circles are 5 1⁄2 inches, middle 4 inches and smallest, 2 1⁄2. You can really play here to make what suits you best.


Once I was done cutting them out, I simply folded them in half.


Then I used a glue stick to adhere them over my twine. I really did want a brightly colored ribbon, but this was all I had on hand. It still turned out lovely. While it is a little departure from its inspiration, you can certainly see the connection! Cheers!


Supply List

Bohemian Bazaar 12x12 paper
Circle Cutter
Glue Stick
Twine or Ribbon

Don't just get lost in the Pinterest vortex, get inspired! Let it guide your next project. Many thanks to Nichola, Andrew, and Rhea for showing us how to do this. We can't wait to see what pin you try!

Happy Pinning and Creating,

Graphic 45

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Awesome projects!

Love the Tic Tac Toe.

Just LOVE the Bedtime Stories card!, I know a little girl who will love it too!

WOW! These are all so amazing!! Andrew's checker's game is fabulous! LOVE the checkers!! I just might have to make one of these for when my grandchildren are here! Thanks for the inspiration!

Holy smokes! Fabulous projects!! Love the Tic Tac Toe set!

Graphic 45 + Pinterest is a match made in Heaven! I might try the TicTacToe game too! Wonderful projects today (as always)!

Love all those Projects. Yeah! I may dare to try one or two... Thank you for wonderful inspirations.

Oooh, I LOVE that tic tac toe board.

I will be making a TicTac board. Love the circle idea - what a creative use of leftovers.

I love the banner idea...thanks for the inspiration...going to get right on that one!

I love Rhea's Banner Pennant party decoration!!! Awesome idea!

You have posted some very interesting projects today. Love how the figures can stand...nice prop idea. I like that everything can fold flat...easier to mail.

Oh, ALL PROJECTS are perfect!

Wonderful, wonderful! Especially Tick Tak Toe.

You designers are too clever! What wonderful ideas. I love them all.

How do they do it??

I love all of these projects! TFS...Bobbie

Three fun and adorable projects. Each one made me smile. I could imagine enjoying any of them.

Awesome inspiration. Nichola's project is one that I've got to try.

OMG.. Nicholas' idea is super adorable!

Great projects today. Love the tic tac toe box. The collapsable card idea was inspiring and the banner, (I love banners) was such fun

Love these especially the tic tax toe set!

You have such incredible projects on your blog! I look forward to it every day.

What great ideas!

Love ly Bohemian Bazaar Banner, Rhea!! Love your ideas of using twine + glue, nice and simple, pretty and practical!! :)

How cool. Love the tic-tac-toe box...so neat. Everything beautiful. The banner was a great idea.

The doll house and dolls are such a sweet idea! I love the design of the Tic Tac Toe board and the way the pieces are stored! The banner is such a great way to use smaller bits of paper.

I've been a fan of the G45 blog for years and the designers never cease to amaze me with their clever ideas. Each one is so creative and inspiring. At the end of each day, my treat to myself is opening up another wonderful posting of creative artful projects.

What amazing ideas here from the designers, and everything looks fabulous too, and is brilliant especially the tic tac toe game is right in the eye of ideas here at least. The girls are thrilled wiith it and want to try it right away.

I have thousands of Pins, literally! My problem is I forget to chk them out when needing inspo for a project. I have followed G45 boards for some years but they rarely come up in my feed. Don't know why?
These projects are brilliant examples of using Pins to then create yr own version/take! Also, my fave (not sure that's allowed but..) is the most simple yet most effective (in my opinion) ~ the banners! All really lovely tho. Tfs ☺

Ooh wow! What a bright and inspiring start to my day! xx

Oh my goodness! That little collapsible house is the sweetest thing I've ever seen! And I love Rhea's banner, too. I know Andrew's children must love playing tic tac toe on his ingenious board. What a fun day!

Yep - who doesn't love Pinterest? Great place for ideas, that's for sure.

Andrew absolutely love your Tic Tac Toe Game! TFS!!

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