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March 16, 2015

Challenge Yourself with Awesome Ideas from Keri Sallee

G45_March15_Times Nouveau_Tray_Full

We love Keri Sallee and her innovative ideas. She finds such clever ways to create affordable and wonderful projects. Today, we get to get to know her a little bit better. Don't forget to stay until the end of the blog to see Keri's great project and to see this week's new blog contest!


An Interview with Keri Sallee

1. Why do you craft?

I think I craft because I like the challenge of learning new things and trying to push things...whether it’s upcycling or being thrifty or just trying a technique that looks scary. I was always  that person that LOVED school and loved learning so I think this fills that need...plus I get to make pretty stuff! Bonus. :)

2. What do you feel is your crafting forte?

I would have to say that mini-albums and altered art/mixed media are where I tend to gravitate towards when it comes to projects. With mini albums, you have the sense of accomplishment because “hey...you got a WHOLE album done!” (LOL) and I love the potential for messy-fun-craftiness that comes with altered art and mixed media.

3. What inspires and motivates you to be creative?

People! I am so inspired and in AAHH of the talent of my fellow team mates and other creators in this industry. To look at finished project and think “WOW...how did their brain get from a piece of paper or a blank canvas and come up with THAT?!” It motivates me to try new things and stretch myself as an artist.

4. What do you do with your projects once they're complete?

Random is the only word I can think of. :) I have some shelves in my studio where a few projects live...a few live on the shelves in my living room...some live on my buffett. My most prized project (My altered ruby red slipper that was part of my G45 audition) has a prominent place on my buffet that I walk by all the time. It lives there because it makes me happy.

5. What is the funniest craft disaster you've ever had?

OH to only choose just one…..here are 2…

  1. One of the funniest ones was actually kind of small, but made me laugh hysterically. I had made a mini album for another company I was working for and the back had a BIG Tim Holtz grungeboard keyhole on the back. I was so proud of it because it looked good and it was posted all over this company’s website. I thought “how cool!?” And then someone noticed it….the stickin’ keyhole was upside down...I hadn’t noticed...the company hadn’t noticed...the people who took that class didn’t notice. It was a random comment I think on a blog post where someone pointed it out and we were all like “What? No it’s...oh wait...ya it is!” #fail lol

  2. When I had just started getting into mixed media, I was working on a canvas project and I was painting away and having fun, but I kept noticing these extra bits of color on different places on my canvas. I was like “WHAT IN THE WORLD?” So I covered it up the best I could but it kept happening and I was getting so frustrated! This went on for probably 30 minutes or more until I found the culprit...I had gotten paint on the cuff of my long sleeve shirt and every time I reached over my canvas, my sleeve was “painting” my canvas for me. Lesson Learned: by careful where you lay your arm down on your messy desk!

We love these hilarious stories! Good warning words. Thanks, Keri!

Now, see Keri's beautiful printer's tray using Times Nouveau. Amazing job!

"To Celebrate National Craft Month, we were asked to think about what makes our craftiness tick and I think for me it is all about challenging myself. I like to constantly challenge my brain to think of new techniques, new ways to be thrifty and just to think outside the crafty box.  So...I decided to challenge myself to make a printer’s tray using ONLY paper (and a few stickers), while still making it dimensional, fun and interesting. I chose the Times Nouveau Deluxe Collector’s Edition because I am OBSESSED with the cherries and the crossword themes."~Keri

Beautiful Times Nouveau printer's tray by Keri Sallee #graphic45

Love the layering and details on this awesome Times Nouveau printer's tray by Keri #graphic45

Love these handmade flowers by the amazing Keri! See more of this handmade Times Nouveau printer's tray #graphic45

This Times Nouveau printer's tray is smooth, spiffy, and keen! By: Keri Sallee #graphic45

G45_March15_Times Nouveau_Tray_Full

Times Nouveau printer's tray by Keri Sallee #graphic45

Supply List

Times Nouveau Deluxe Collector’s Edition
Papers Used:
Hey You

Sitting Pretty
Glad Rags
It’s the Berries
Bees Knees
Hip to the Jive
Cardstock Stickers
Other Supplies:

Hot Glue Gun
Aleene’s Tacky Glue
EK Success Spiral Cutter
3-D Foam Squares-Thermo Web
Tray- Paper Studio (Hobby Lobby)

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Thanks for joining us today to get to know Keri better. We have more great interviews and projects this week, join us for another week of National Craft Month!

Your Pals in Paper,

Graphic 45

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I love Keri's project and I love everything about G45!

Great project Keri! xx

Awesome and so inspiring!

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Keri has made me think about pushing myself rather than thinking "I can't do it" (probably won't actually work but... lol)
A lovely tray & I can totally relate to the story of adding colour with sleeves. Tfs : )

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Took one of your classes and am not afraid to cut up they pretty paper now.😊

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