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March 27, 2015

Clare Charvill Lets Color and Texture Energize her Creativity

Artisan Style Frame 0 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

G45 Ambassador Clare Charvill is an incredible designer, teacher, and creator! You've seen her on Create & Craft TV talking about Graphic 45 and many of you have taken her fabulous classes. Today, we'll get to know Clare better!

  An Interview with Clare Charvill #graphic45

An Interview with Clare Charvill

1. Why do you craft?

I love to create and always have right from a really young age. Influenced and encouraged by my mum and grandma.  I love taking a though or idea and brining it to life through my fingers be it thread, materials, sugar paste or paper. It’s a very productive way of relaxing too.

2. What do you feel is your crafting forte?

I love making albums or memory books that showcase full sized photos, altered art projects that enable me to bring flat mediums to life especially shadow boxes and flower making.  

3. What inspires and motivates you to be creative?

Colour and textures inspire my creativity.  My mood influences how I see things and what I create, and often the theme of the paper pads I have to work with inspire an idea that starts my creative thought. The finished project develops as I work.  Projects are not always planned but seem to evolve which I love.

4. What do you do with your projects once they're complete?

I have lots of my projects displayed in craft shops around the UK and I give many away as raffle prizes at my retreats and workshops too.

5. What is the funniest craft disaster you've ever had?

The funniest disaster I’ve had was starting to decorate an album and then picking it up after a few days and working on it upside down from the back cover. A real topsy turvey disaster lol! But quite unique :)

See? All "craft disasters" just turn out to be unique beauties! Thanks for this great interview, Clare!

Now, Clare provides a beautiful Artisan Style shadowbox and tutorial! We are in love. Join the fun below!

Clare's Artisan Style Tutorial

Artisan Style Frame 0 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

"Tip: Recycle your offcuts of chipboard and use them as supports in your shadow box designs. Cut them into regular sized squares and lengths, stick them together in stacks of equal numbers and then stick them to the back of the paper pieces, increasing the number in each stack to build up the dimension.  Once dried they hold the paper pieces in place perfectly.

Tutorial: Graphic 45 give us beautiful imagery in their paper collections and all the elements you need to make 3 stunning dimensional scenes. Using a pair of scissors, the and a little creativity you can create dimensional shadow boxes which if you follow me you know I love doing.

I’ve used the Artisan Style papers for todays project.  Here’s how it all came together. Just follow the steps below to make one yourself:

Browse through the papers and chose a theme for your frame, finding an image for the focal point and others to compliment it. I chose the porch and doors from the signature paper, opted for a view through the doors, a flower garden and peacocks.

The finished piece reminds me of an amazing holiday we had in India before the boys were born. Peacocks were everywhere.  

Cover your frame with your chosen background paper (I used two 12 x 12 Craftsmanship sheets for mine). Cut out a variety of chipboard squares and strips and all the elements you want to use in your frame. Ink paper edges from the back of each piece so you don’t change the colour of the images.

Artisan Style Frame 1 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

Artisan Style Frame 1 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

From two sheets of Artisan Style paper Cut out the porch from one and the roof and doors from the second. Patch two pieces of blue paper (from Artisan Style) together so they fit inside the frame of the open doors. Trim the Cut apart as shown in the picture and cut a 1” green strip of patterns and solid paper and

Artisan Style Frame 3 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

Use a craft knife to Cut across the top bottom and down the centre of the doors on the full porch section. Stick the second pair of doors to the back of the first, fold and crease so they open.  Put stacks of 5 chipboard pieces on the back of the separate roof section.

At the bottom edge of the complete porch and door section cut down the sides of both pillars, crease and valley fold paper along the line of the bottom of the door and fold the top of each pillars forwards to lift it away from the door.  Support the top and bottom of the pillars with stacks of chipboard pieces.

Artisan Style Frame 5 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

Curve the house Cut apart slightly and stick to the blue background paper.  Add green paper to front following lower white edge of the border.  Stick to the underside of the doorframe.

Artisan Style Frame 4 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

Artisan Style Frame 4 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

Artisan Style Frame 4 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

From the second sheet of Artisan Style paper cut across the bottom of the door, following line, with ½” of cream either side of the base of the pillars.  Make small cuts down the side of the pillars and trim off.  Fold and crease paper at ½” and ¾” to make step, and join with tacky glue to the paper folded forwards at the bottom of the full porch.  Add strips of chipboard under the step below the door to support it.

Cut a 7 ½” strip of border off the left of the Artisan Style paper keeping the blue edge on the right hand side. Crease along inner blue edge, and lining up right hand edges join both steps together. Put tacky glue on the reverse of the porch section and chipboard strip under step and stick section in place bottom right of the frame.

Artisan Style Frame 8 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

Artisan Style Frame 8 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

Now you can start to add the detail.  Start with the branch and hanging flowers, using stacks of chipboard to support them. Then add two agapanthus and more flowers working from the back of the frame forwards, adding height t the flowers as you go with chipboard pieces. 

Artisan Style Frame 10 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

Artisan Style Frame 10 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

Artisan Style Frame 10 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

Artisan Style Frame 10 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

To finish add the peacocks along the bottom edge, the Artisan Style ironwork piece and two or three butterflies cut from Attention to Detail paper.

Artisan Style Frame 13 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

Artisan Style Frame 13 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

Artisan Style Frame 13 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

Then stand back and admire your crafty creation.

For more step by step pictures watch the slide show for this project below:


Clare's YouTube Video Slideshow

 Supply List

12 x 12 Artisan Style Papers
Artisan Style x 2
Decorative Flourish x 1
Natural Beauty x 1
Craftsmanship x 2
Creative Ideal x 1
Attention to Detail x 1
1” strip of solid green paper from the Patterns and Solids pad
Other Supplies:
Shadow box – my own kit
Tacky Glue
Chipboard offcuts trimmed to ¼” and ½” square and longer strips for larger supports
Black Soot distress ink and applicator
Black Paint for shadow box

Also, there's more time to enter the great contest this week! Enter below to win some retired G45 collections!

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Thanks for joining us to get to know Clare better. She is an amazing designer! We are so glad she's a G45 Ambassador. Have a fantastic Friday, G45ers!

Your Pals in Paper,

Graphic 45

Want to try this project out? Visit your LSS or order online today! Graphic 45 Store Locator Link Here


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This is truly magical! I definitely need to get this collection soon so I can try my hand at a shadowbox like this one! TFS!

Wow Clare! Lots of fussy cutting but beautiful project! Thanks for sharing your tips and technique:)

Wow, Clare!!! This gets a standing "Ovation"...yeah!! This is fantastic, I always enjoy seeing your art. But this is so fabulous and thank you so much for the tutorial. You rock girl... :)

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Just lovely and so inspirational!

I LOVE Clare's use of G45 papers! Her mini albums are so sophisticated and beautiful. I so enjoy how she creates her layers in this project...lovely placement of images to create the scene. Thanks for featuring Clare today!

Good to have Clare today, we are lucky in UK to have her! Fab 3d piece!

WOW - what a beautiful, intricate creation. This shadow box piece of art is amazing. The fussy cutting, layers, pop-up looks, I'm gobsmacked. Well done Clare.

Clare has always inspired me with her beautiful projects. She has made this collection worth buying and has given me some great ideas to create with the "Artisian Style" Collection. Thanks Clare!

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Such a lovely project. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

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