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March 05, 2015

Focus on Gratitude with Your 2015 Scrapbooking with Jane Tregenza

Janurary Layout

G45 Ambassador Jane Tregenza has created gorgeous monthly Time to Flourish layouts that we will share here on the blog. The theme is gratitude, and we couldn't think of a better theme! We will let Jane take it away this amazing day. Prepare to feel grateful and inspired!

January Layout

"When I saw Graphic 45’s 'Time to Flourish' Collection, I just knew I needed to do a layout for every month!

There were so many lovely images and cut outs on the papers, just waiting for me to set them free. But they were all month related.  So what else to do with 12 beautiful monthly papers and 12 beautiful floral papers? I decided to do 12 double layouts and to make an album of them. But I still wasn’t sure what theme I should use. There isn’t always a special event every month, and even if there is, all the layouts in an album need to fit together smoothly.

After a lot of thought – the idea of a gratitude album came to mind. Each month I am going to take photos of the people, places and events for which I am grateful.

I am going to do a double layout to help me remember and celebrate. Sometimes we lose track of just how blessed we are and forget those in less fortunate circumstances than our selves. Our life can seem to be hard, people can let us down. Things crowd in around us and it is easy to feel it’s all getting too much. This album it to celebrate those moments, that lift the soul and help us appreciate how grateful we are for what we have.

So for January – My husband’s family have a small property in the south east of South Australia. Over the years we have spent many happy weekends with our kids down on the 'Farm'. Activities have included chasing sheep for sheering, picking veggies for tea, sharing  BBQ’s  with  flies,  traditional full Roast dinner with the works, dark inky nights with millions of stars and much more.  I am grateful that my children have had a link with the country, and seen just where their food comes from. Been able to pick, prepare, and partake in a way that city kids often miss out on. It was with this in mind, that I took a walk around the yard. Re-visiting and looking with a grateful heart at the family 'farm. I took a stack of photos for “old time sake”. One day this will no longer be in our family, my husband’s parents are looking for a smaller property to spend the latter years of their lives.  It will become the thing that 'remember the time' stories will be told off for the next generation to hear about.

So hopefully I have inspired you to consider joining me and creating  your own gratitude album for 2015.


Each month Graphic 45 will be sharing my layout for the month with you. I am a bit slow in starting this so you get to see 3 months this month.

Anyway enjoy." ~Jane

Janurary Layout by Jane Tregenza using Time to Flourish #graphic45

Supply List

2x G450129 January Cut Apart
1x G4501030 January Flourish
2x G4500916 Globetrotter
4x Black Cardstock
2x Brown Cardstock
10x black photo corners
Assorted ribbons, brads, metals and charms from Seriously Scrapbooking.

February Layout

"I decided to do a double layout for each month of the year using Graphic 45’s 'Time to Flourish' papers. They are month themed and after a lot of thought I decided to make a gratitude album; in other words I am creating an album of layouts. One for each month, and I will be adding photos about people, events, places or things for which I am grateful.

February is a good month for me, there is my wedding Anniversary, Valentine’s Day and my very beautiful daughter’s birthday.

Anna arrived February 16th – 30 years ago and has been a delight ever since. I was only 22 years old, and with a 14 month toddler as well. She was very sick and not expected to live. But what a fighter she was,  with major surgery at only 5 days old, she went on to beat the odds and was able to come home 2 weeks after she had arrived.  It hasn’t always easy being a Mum with a child like Anna. Sometimes it has been downright frustrating as much as for her as it has been for me. But the rewards have been amazing. I am a better person for having Anna in my life and I thank God for her. She has taught me more than I have ever taught her. She is a joy and I love having her around. She is funny, bright, and so quick – there are no flies on Anna (an Aussie saying). She works with me every day and there is never a dull moment when she is around. She keeps me on my toes. " ~Jane

February Layout by Jane Tregenza using Time to Flourish #graphic45
Supply List

2x G4501031 February Cut Apart
1x G4501032 February Flourish
4x Black Cardstock
2x Red Cardstock
4x black photo corners
Brads from Seriously Scrapbooking
IDT0014 Butterflies
IDW0091 “Precious Darling”

March Layout

"I am loving creating my monthly layouts, and March’s 'Time to Flourish' Papers are just beautiful. I think the combination of purples and greens, are so fresh and so pretty together. This month’s 'Grateful' photos are of an event.

I hosted an afternoon tea for a group of ladies. Some I have known for only a short time and others for much longer and are now are close friends. Our common thread is scrapbooking.  It amazes me how many people I have come to know through this wonderful craft. Lots of them, I see maybe one a year at the events I teach at. They always greet me like a long lost friend. Others I see more than they see their own families (or so they tell me).  A few have become close friends. With those, I have shared their joys and sorrows. Offered friendship and support in times of grief.  I know that for some of them I am positive and cheerful influence in their lives and they are grateful for the time we spend together. It makes we feel very special and honoured.

So my afternoon tea was special. I got up early in the morning and whipped up a batch of my husband’s Grandmothers melting moments or as we them 'Nans Yo Yo'.  Made chocolate brownie –Gluten free.

A meringue roll with fresh cream and strawberries (Anna’s Favorite). A tray of fresh egg sandwiches to finish off.  I asked them all to bring their own china cup and saucer. We all made a quick card together, then spent the next few hours chatting, eating and laughing, it was a very relaxing time.


Sometimes we forget that something as simple as getting together with friends over a cuppa is something to be grateful for. In our busy lives we can lose touch with people who are important to us. Before we know it the closeness is gone, though most of the time we can quickly pick up again were we left off. This is not always the case. Far better to keep the friendship alive, by taking the time to catching up regularly and just chat.  I am often just too busy to do this with my friends.

This month is a reminder to me. To make the time to be a better friend to those I count as my closer friends and for whose friendship I am grateful for." ~Jane

Monthly March Double Layout by Jane Tregenza using Time to Flourish #graphic45

Monthly March Double Layout by Jane - left side #graphic45

Monthly March Double Layout by Jane - left side #graphic45

Monthly March Double Layout by Jane - right side #graphic45

Supply List

3x G4501033 March Cut Apart
1x G4501034 March Flourish
2xG4500883 Herbal Infusion
2x Black Cardstock
2x Green Cardstock
2x Violet Cardstock
8x black photo corners
Metal Corners and Brads from Seriously Scrapbooking
Imaginarium Designs Chipboard - IDP0074 “Just for You”

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Many thanks to Jane for sharing these beautiful and personal layouts. What a great idea for your annual scrapbook!


Happy Scrapping,

Graphic 45

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Just beautiful. Love Jane's work.

I love the idea of a Gratitude Album! Hearing your backstory for each month is so special! I look forward to seeing what you create the rest of the year for this album! TFS!


Amazing and inspiring layouts, what a great theme. My tip with layouts is there are no rules, just tell your story and that is certainly the case there xx

Beautiful layouts and what a great way to use this collection!

Beautiful layouts!

love this paper!

I am so enjoying the narrative that accompanies this beautiful series of layouts...reminding me of those people and things for which I am so blessed to have in my life. Who knew I would find emotional solace as well as creative inspiration at the same time?! Thank you, Jane!

gorgeous layouts. Laughing as I have the same Royal Albert Tea cups and plates. Love it.

the use of thirds, threes and triangles

What a great idea for a scrapbook and a wonderful way to use the wonderful papers in Time to Flourish. They are all so heavenly gorgeous. I would really love to see a full line of papers for some months like March. The purples and greens are divine and January. I could just fall into that paper and spend the rest of my life in those colors!

Beautiful layouts, I appreciate Jane Tregenza's creations. They are always beautiful.

I love the layered layouts using Time to Flourish.

Jane always makes such creative, beautiful projects. Love the monthly layouts.

This is the most beautiful and creative inspiring paper I have ever seen. I don't even want to cut into it. That is my problem right now. So my tip is just dive into it and use it. (going to buy more so I have a set that is not cut into)

Crafting tip: when a page gets overwhelming and i can't tell whether I love it or hate it, I step away and do something else for 5-10 minutes. When I come back I usually like my page a lot more and usually know exactly how to fix it.

Beautiful layouts!

Beautiful layouts!

These are such beautiful pages.

Oh, how beautiful and what an incredible idea! I was drawn in to your story and boy did it make me think! Thank you for reminding me to be grateful today! Grateful for these precious few minutes I've been given to reflect. And, what magic! That even though you're half a world away, and we are total strangers, you've given me a gift! Thank you! :-)

What a way to show gratitude & to have a keepsake for the future. Tfs

Beautiful layouts and touching stories - thanks for sharing.

Love the shaker card. I'm working on mine right now. It's going to be for Easter.

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